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  1. M

    Tourmaster Cruiser Slants saddlebags Tourmaster has the Ver4 of their Slants bags out, in sizes M, L, XL--10, 12, and 15 liters per bag. Does anyone have these, which size, and how do they fit on the bike? Should I be looking at the Cortech instead?
  2. P

    Cruiser handling

    Hey y'all, I recently picked up an 88 max for pretty cheap. This is my first cruiser, but pretty damn far from my first bike. My other ride is a 2012 Aprilia Tuono. Question is, how do I make this thing handle a bit better. I've seen people say that tires make the most difference, but after...
  3. Fire-medic

    DC biker rams PD cruiser, cop shoots him dead

    A stupid, cop-baiting maneuver in traffic by a motorcyclist who was drunk and stoned (according to lab results) resulted in an officer shooting him dead. No charges in fatal Washington police shooting of black man Ian Simpson WASHINGTON (Reuters) - A Washington police officer will face...
  4. frank5079

    Yamaha unwraps super cruiser Venture motorcycle I wonder why they didn't use the second gen Vmax's 1700cc V4 motor? After all, it was the Venture V4 that spawned the first gen Vmax originally...
  5. G

    Project Heavy Cruiser

    I wasn't sure where this thread should go since it's not a VMax, but it has VMAx parts so this seems like the right spot. I'll take a chance and post it here and a mod can move it if needed. Last year, I found myself facing forced retirement (26 years of military SAR tends to beat you up...
  6. D

    Southern California Performance Street Cruiser owners earn $150-$200 cash

    Southern California Performance Street Cruiser owners earn $200 cash Southern California Performance Street Cruiser owners earn $200 cash We are a market research company that pays people for their opinions. We aren't selling anything we just want your opinion about your bike and how you use...
  7. frank5079

    Ducati Breaks Into the Cruiser Bike Market
  8. chillcool68

    My other cruiser :)

    Just purchased:punk: this beauty 2006 Softail Standard for cruising, Vmax for racing, hehe!!!!
  9. Fire-medic

    Honda VFR1200 cruiser?

    Reading the May 2011 issue of Motorcyclist, with its sport touring 4 way comparison, made me wonder if Honda is doing any development on a 1237 cc SOHC V-4 cruiser to contest the market with the Generation II VMax. Seeing as the VFR1200F Honda sport tourer, fully-gassed, weighs less than the...
  10. Bad_Max

    Capt'n Bob's Ultimate Vmax Cruiser

    I finally got a chance to see & snap a few pics of the bike wadejesu sold a friend of mine. Since then he has definitely added a few nice upgrades that make his "The Ultimate Vmax Cruiser". Below is a few pics showing what I thought were the best attributes of this beautiful machine.. He showed...
  11. texas-ss-tornado

    80's power cruiser shootout anyone?

    Hello fellow VMAX'ers! I'm not a "regular" here, although I have a 90' VMAX which happens to be my favorite motorcycle of all time! However, I restore Honda V65's as a hobby, and also dabble in the big ZL900 and ZL1000 Kawasaki Eliminators, have one of each of those also! Anyways, I got into...
  12. Diablotin

    CR&S Duu Cruiser inspired from Gen 2 ?? Looks more like a Confederate than a v-max Gen 2. Still nice but 20k euros, maybe just the price of a limited edition (A dozen of units each year) I really like the style :eusa_dance:
  13. tfisher65

    Custom V-Max Cruiser
  14. R

    Power Cruiser Bragging Rights

    Hello you all, has anyone run up against a ZX-14 or Hayabusa with there Gen 2 VMAX in the quarter mile? I would think the VMAX would come out on top. Raw acceleration rules and the VMAX has plenty of that. :punk:
  15. Hatter

    GF wants a new cruiser. What would keep up with the max best?

    OK, so I got my GF a little '95 Vulcan 500 for a starter bike, and she is doing great on it. The problem is now she wants a more powerful bike, the better to keep up with the MAX. Not necessarily a much LARGER bike, but a larger engine, anyway. She wants, more or less, a bagger-type cruiser...
  16. G

    Wish List... If you WANTED a cruiser

    I've owned six bikes in this order, two Honda Inline 4's, two Vtwin Honda's, two V-4's one a Honda Magna (Still have it) and the Vmax I also still have it. HONESTLY, there are very few bikes I do not like... some I like a LOT, others I don't care. After buying the Max and Magna I started...
  17. R

    all cruiser ETs and weight....
  18. Rusty McNeil

    Nutless cruiser riders...

    Now I know why.... Check out the strip of spikes on the tank of this bike I saw last night........
  19. mikemax04

    Fast Cruiser

    Met some guy on the road today and we exchanged a few pleasantries. He had a cruiser twin with flames on the tank and I could see no other identification. We raced for a short stretch and I left him but not as bad as I thought because he wasn't far behind in the mirror. Anybody have any idea...
  20. mikemax04

    Power Cruiser Magazines

    It's getting time to order some bike magazines and would like to know some of the better mags for mainly power cruisers like the Max. TIA :rocket bike: