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  1. A

    Death wobble

    Hey all, I went from a 2004 r1 to an 85 max. Its got the r1 modedfront forks, gusseted swing arm... At around 80 in a corner still hard on the gas it wiggles like its doing the mocarina how can I fix it?

    Death wobble. Help

    1997 Vmax 25k ; Lately Ive noticed when on a less than level and smooth road or go over a small bump at 40mph and with one hand on the handlebars The handlebars shake left and right extra violently till i grab them with both hands. Any thoughts on what can be the worn out part or trouble...
  3. Fire-medic

    Philly death produces competing obits: wife vs girlfriend

    Good for a laugh, if death can produce anything funny, this may be it: In the first obit, his “loving wife, Bearetta Harrison Black” gets top survivor billing. In the second, however...
  4. Fire-medic

    Wall of Death rider hits Five X the force of gravity!

    Being on the Isle of Man podium 15 times isn't enough of a thrill, he pulled 5+ G's on the 37' dia. Wall of Death, riding his own modded BSA Rocket III! It had an open primary drive, no chain guard, and looked more like a TT bike w/a big alloy gas tank than a Wall of Death ride. Jeez, that bike...
  5. Fire-medic

    Miami Beach freak accident causes death

    Speak of bad luck, this poor guy paid w/his life. I have been in that building, a huge complex right on Biscayne Bay w/the Atlantic Ocean a few blocks to the east. A man is dead after being...
  6. Fire-medic

    Death by clown-fear the painted-faced man

    Do clowns scare you? Maybe they should if they act like this: MEXICO CITY (Reuters) - A gunman in a clown costume shot and killed the oldest brother of one of Mexico's most notorious drug trafficking families in the resort of Los Cabos, authorities said on Saturday. Francisco Rafael...
  7. Kronx

    Went to scared to death to wanting her own in under 3 months...

    So when I got my VMax, my girlfriend was scared to death of motorcycles. She wouldn't even dream of sitting on one, much less ride on the back of one. But after some time and some talking, I convinced her to let me ride her around the neighborhood. She almost broke my ribs that first ride from...
  8. C

    Father Beat rapist to death and is found NOT guilty! Thank God that some people see the reality. That a man raping a 5 year old has NO rights.......
  9. SpecOps13

    My Kind of Woman, Her Reply to a Death Threat

    Just found this today, Very Interesting......... Heavilly Armed and Easily Pissed Off Woman...
  10. SpecOps13

    The Death of an Everyday Hero, Rocked My World Today

    My Dear Friend passed on nearly a month ago. I didn't find out until today.:sad2::sad2::sad2:No one's been able to contact him but that's somewhat normal. No one let us know anything had happened. He was always there when we absolutely needed him. Circumstances of his death are strange at best...
  11. SpecOps13

    Death From Space

    Worse than Gun Violence?????
  12. W

    Beat to death topic... front end clunk

    Ok, ive searched and searched, and I guess before tearing it all apart Id like to see if somebody has experienced the same thing that I'm experiencing The bike is a 99 vmax with 24k miles on it. It feels great on flat roads and brakes are solid, no clunks or anything. However, at any speed...
  13. Fire-medic

    Attempted theft results in death of accused thief

    Here's what can happen when people have the ability to protect themselves and their property: A thief who tried to steal a WaveRunner from a lawyer?s backyard was killed Saturday afternoon, Miami-Dade...
  14. dmax1

    H-D death wobble

    I am up here in northen AZ and was watching the TV when Channel 5 comes on for a special report tonight at 10:00 MST on the Harley Davidson Death Wobble :surprise:. They go on to say is H-D hiding this problem from the public. I am going to watch this tonight to see what they have to say. I"ll...
  15. 85 MAX-fan

    Illinois Abolishes Death Penalty

    This just in, Governor Quin has now made it impossible to achieve justice against those that commit the most horrific acts that can be perpetrated against humanity. Way to go PAT.:bang head:
  16. flatslide

    I'm sick to death of my mirrors

    All I see are my shoulders. I've never tried bar end mirrors, so they're a possibility, though I feel that I'd rather find traditional vertical mirrors, though a style that allows me to see whatever is behind me. Who knows what to use? Alf:bang head:
  17. gunrunner

    The Death of the Sponge Pudding

    Its been 20 months riding a stock 92 so on thursday after work i headed to Jedi-s to let him get his hands on it . 650 kms and a stopover in Taupo i met up with Kiwimax , its finally good to put a face to the name . We talk Vmax bullshit for awhile (as you do ) we leave Tirau and head to...
  18. N

    death wobble at 115+mph

    hello again all i noticed that after about 115mph i get alot of front end wobble and i just wanted to confirm my suspition that its only the wheel bearing and not the head stearing bearing. there is no clicking turing the bars, no over or under steare, and no bumps or shakes at any other speeds...
  19. Vendetta

    Project Certain Death

    Well, my Max has been in need of a little work for a while now. And then last week I hit a deer, which has added to the list. So, I've decided to just quit procrastinating and just start fixin' her up. After a lot of thought I've decided the best course is just a complete tear down to the frame...
  20. Jayhawk

    Man films death of his friend on bike

    Link here Ride safely, folks.