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  1. vmf1200

    electric fan

    Hi fellow Vmaxers, I have a question concerning the electric fan. When does it come on? and does it stay on after you shut the bike off? The reason I'm asking is, I have never heard the fan kick on since i've owned the bike now for 3 years. It's an 1988 and it died a couple of times on me at a...
  2. Bill Seward

    New Electric Harley sneak peek.

    It even has a little clicker onboard to mimic he sound of the mighty 883.. Powered by 4 AAA batteries.
  3. Fire-medic

    home-made electric receiver hitch bike carrier

    Not mine, no one I know. I'd like to see a youtube video of it working. http://fortmyers.craigslist.org/lee/mpo/5844716046.html From the CL ad: hitch mounted electric lift motorcycle carrier. adjustable to accommodate many styles of bikes,will require you to fit/ modify to your application...
  4. M

    Electric vehicles?

    Wow, can this be true?? The 75 amp circuit is a real concern. Does Jerry Brown know any of this? Still want an electric vehicle ???? As a "joke", my Chev dealer gave me a Volt as a loaner while my full-size pick-up was getting some attention. He thought it was funny to give his energy...
  5. K

    Electric question

    So I have this thing on max near battery. I just have no idea what goes where. Apparently other end goes to battery? other goes somewhere?
  6. vmaxed1989

    electric fan thermostat installation

    Anyone give a detailed break down with procedure on installing a new electric fan thermostat? I have a 1989 vmax . If I have to remove false tank etc. need to know the best way. Mike
  7. rusty

    Electric Lighting

    It sounds like everybody is getting into the worlds fastest production motorcycle http://www.gizmag.com/lightning-ls218-review-ls-218/36470/pictures#26:biglaugh:
  8. rusty

    200 mph electric sport bike now on sale

  9. 1st Shirt Maxer

    Air Vs Electric Shifter

    I am starting the upgrades for having some fun at the track. So far I found air shifters and electric shifters for track day so my question is what are the pros and cons to both. Fitment, looks and price are irrelevant I just want to make sure what I put on the bike will last as it will take...
  10. dmax1

    Electric Harley

    :rofl_200::rofl_200::rofl_200::rofl_200: http://www.nbcnews.com/business/autos/harley-davidson-plans-unveil-electric-motorcycle-n135451
  11. bazwell

    Electric R6, 120mph, 120 mile range.

    The specs are starting to get real. Would be unusual doing 120mph with no exhaust noise. No vibrations. Nothing running when you stop at the lights, just silence. FREAKY...
  12. M

    Electric question - need answer asap

    Guys, I was taking apart the bike to do the COPs upgrade, and I found something odd... those 2 plugs were upside down... the little click thing you have that slides in and locks the harness was on top and outside of the harness plug, it seems upside down... both of them are this way... also...
  13. R

    Electric oil pressure gauge

    Has anybody tried an electric oil pressure gauge instead of a mechanical? (screw a sender into the adapter instead of the hose) Randy in Phoenix
  14. S

    Electric shift

    Price?/instalation difficulty?/actual 1/4 mile improvement?/How it works exactly???? Is it worth it? plus what are some easy ways to increase acceleration? ( 1/4 mile times ) I would be willing to sacrifice some top end. According to the speedo I've had her up to 150mph twice. Only tried twice...
  15. M

    Need reliable low cost electric fuel pump suggestions

    The fuel pump took a dump on my 85 max. I was going to order a new oem until I figured out they get $150+ for one! Anybody have a good suggestions for a replacement that will be reliable and lower cost. I have seen the junk crap at the parts store that last 2 days, so thats not an option...
  16. gunrunner

    The Electric Killacycle

    Found this and its some interesting reading . Cant complain about the stats either . :clapping: http://www.stuff.co.nz/life-style/motoring/3277538/Electric-motorbike-definitely-no-drag
  17. maxcruiser

    An Electric Superbike?

    I found this site for a new electric powered sportbike - they also have a Christmas wishbook were you can buy one - for only $73,000 http://ridemission.com/ Mike
  18. gleno

    The Future Has Arrived

    TTXGP - World's First Zero Carbon, Clean Emission Grand Prix :eusa_dance: http://www.ttxgp.com/
  19. B

    electric vmax ?

    hi everyone, lately i have been seeing home made electric motorcycles made from a convetional gas powered motorcycle. i thought the vmaX frame and suspension would be great for this ,there is plenty of room for electric motor,controler and batterys. i love the vmax and would never take a...
  20. clintard

    Electric Bike Crash

    Painfull Embarrassment Los Angeles (CA) ? The inventor of the ?KillaCycle? electric motorcycle almost killed himself during a demonstration at the Wired NextFest conference. Bill Dube, a government scientist during the day and electric bike builder at night, did a ?burn out? in front of the...