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  1. g2501

    radiator fan upgrade

    Hi everybody, I was thinking about a fan upgrade and a manual switch to better cool the engine. The only supplier of aluminium fan blade for the 1gen v-max seems to be Muzzys Fan # HT-H5 Unfortunately I cannot find this fan at a decent price and the official Muzzys website has no reference for...
  2. vmf1200

    electric fan

    Hi fellow Vmaxers, I have a question concerning the electric fan. When does it come on? and does it stay on after you shut the bike off? The reason I'm asking is, I have never heard the fan kick on since i've owned the bike now for 3 years. It's an 1988 and it died a couple of times on me at a...
  3. OKCVmax

    Cooling Fan Confusion

    Catchy title, eh? I recently did a motor swap on my bike. Before doing it - my fan use to come on at the halfway mark on the temp guage. Now, after swapping, the fan won't come on at all. I've verified that my fan works. (Hooked it to the battery). I verified that there is power going...
  4. Kronx

    If you're a D&D/RPG fan...

    Check out Divinity Original Sin 2 that was release recently. It's a top down/turn based combat similar to classics like Baldurs Gate. It's really well done RPG. Deep in character and combat. It has a D&D mode where someone can build a campaign and be a DM while players are in it. Pretty cool...
  5. E

    Faster cooling fan motor?

    Hi all: I'm wondering if there are any products/mods out there to achieve a faster spin on the radiator fan. Is there any way to accomplish this? Thanks for your help! Elimax
  6. T

    Manual Fan Switch Connection

    With summer stop-and-go riding upon us, I would like to install a manual override switch for the cooling fans. I have a Gen 1 '99. However, I have searched the forum and watched videos, but there's no description or pictures of where you find the two wires to splice in the switch. This was the...
  7. frank5079

    Cooling fan issues

    Rode today in stop and go traffic and the temp gauge was almost on the red and my cooling fan didn't come on. Where can I find the temperature switch for the fan? The other thing I'd like to do is run a manual on/off switch so I can at least turn the fan on....
  8. mundmc

    Fan melted off, replacement thoughts

    After fixing some electrical issues and installing COPSs, I noted my radiator fan was making an odd noise, and it wasn't spinning. On disassembly and inspection, it appears my fan really melted off the housing that makes it spin. Sigh. My first inclination was to epoxy the fan back to it's...

    Installing the fan mod that Tim Nash does

    I'm trying to do the fan mod that Tim Nash does. I'm having a problem that I hope someone can help me with. I know that in the molex the fan wire that you have to connect the wire to should come out of the molex connector when you slide a thin object down to push down the clip that is locking...
  10. J

    another fan switch post

    1S4377 2 Male Blade Terminal M16 x 1.5 Open Makes 190f ± 6 Breaks 174f ± 6 (View Image) 1S4378 2 Male Blade Terminal M16 x 1.5 Open Makes 203f ± 6 Breaks 183f ± 6 (View Image) 1S4360 2 Male Blade Terminal M16 x 1.5 Open Makes 203f ± 5 Breaks 194f ± 5 (View Image) 1S4425 2 Male Blade...

    Does anyone with a Gen 2 know of fan switch bypass

    Does anyone with a Gen 2 know of a good tutorial for making a fan bypass switch for both fans. I had one on my 2007 but that bike only had 1 fan, the Gen 2 has 2 fans as far as I know. I would assume a bypass could be done to have both fans linked to one bypass switch. I've got my bike apart...
  12. vmaxed1989

    electric fan thermostat installation

    Anyone give a detailed break down with procedure on installing a new electric fan thermostat? I have a 1989 vmax . If I have to remove false tank etc. need to know the best way. Mike
  13. J

    Ever seen the sh!t hit the fan - literally? Kinda reminds me of Hillbillary Clinton on debate night.
  14. M

    Fan CFM?

    I have searched here and elsewhere. Does anyone know what the CFM is on the Vmax fan? The reason being is that I am building a custom Vmax and I want to change the fan for aesthetics because it will be more visible and possibly for performance if I can find the technical information.
  15. maximus speedicus

    Radiator fan motor short circuit

    Recently my max had been blowing fuses on the radiator fan circuit. I installed my own cheap hardware toggle switch to bypass the thermostat so I could kick on the fan whenever I felt like it. That was my first suspect. After going through the circuit, everything seemed to have solid...
  16. greimers

    Stock Fan?

    I was told by the previous owner that it had an aftermarket fan installed. It's wired direct to battery with a toggle switch. I found that in the fuse box there's a fan fuse that goes to the thermostat. So I'm guessing the fan is in fact factory but was just wired to a manual switch. Is this...
  17. V

    Starter not able to rotate engine when fan is on

    My 2007 Vmax-1200 starts OK. Runs OK. The battery is unable to rotate the engine when hot and radiator fan is ON. The battery seems absolutely OK when bike is cold. Do I need to change the battery or is this a normal phenomena with Vmax-1200?
  18. 8

    Radiator fan and tach issue.

    Early this summer I was well on my way to working lots of bugs out of my 86 v max. Carbs rebuilt. Exhaust change. Plug wires. Etc.. Had it running wonderfull. Was on my way to tackle the 'Hot Start" Problem. Then the voltage regulator fried. No big deal but got busy with other things an put the...
  19. donnelly317

    When does fan come on?

    Hey guys I can't remember.. today is the first day of hot weather riding. But going in stop and go traffic just a little. My temp got almost to the red line and the fan never turned on.. when does it usually come on? Sent from my SCH-I535 using Tapatalk 2
  20. R

    Manual fan switch with auto shut off

    Yes, I'm crazy. Wanted the utility of cooling the engine on demand, without having to remember to turn fan off, and without jacking with the Outlaw Sensor, rumored to have issues. So.... I went wild. In process of uploading images. Please wait.