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  1. G

    Second gear fix

    New here to this forum, lot of good info here. Have an 88 that has had the second gear problem since I purchased it. Still rideable but can stand not being able to hit second hard since it will slip out. Have the engine out and about to get it on a table flipped to access the bottom end. And...
  2. Conman

    Long Distance Back Pain Fix?

    Anyone have any suggestions for how to alleviate upper back pain on long (+2hr) trips? I tend to get burning pain in my lats the worst, with some pain between my shoulders, but definitely the worst in the lats, and usually only on one side or the other for some reason. It happens on both the...
  3. D

    How to fix 2nd gear in just 7 mins
  4. K

    Broke mirror mount, any solutions?

    I dropped my bike today :sad2:, but it wasn't as bad as I'd thought it would be. But I do have one issue: the mirror threads on the right break reservoir broke off with the mirror (I guess it was tougher than I thought). Any idea on how to secure the mirror back on? the threads left on the...
  5. D

    First problem in awhile, quick fix?

    So I've been riding the bike on the daily lately and when I left the house for my new job (Cycle Gear, whoop! Awesome so far) the bike randomly stalled out about a half mile from my house... Got home from work and this is the info I have for you. 1) I think it's most likely a "safety" switch...
  6. W

    Wiring issues after the fire damage fix.

    Hi all, I have just replaced the entire wiring harness on my Vmax after my old one nearly burned in two in the fuel pump area from a fuel fire. Haven't pinpointed the cause yet, but I did discover that tank vent valve was clogged. I did find a lot of cracks in the fuel pump diaphram, and the...
  7. jedi-

    2nd gear fix

    Here's a couple of pics of a 2nd gear fix I did today. Problem of second gears is actually 5TH gear driven dogs that mates to 2nd gear driven internal pockets. I welded the dogs with cobalt rods (tig) and even built up the dog height to give it some more engagement . Next step was to...
  8. schudaddie

    2nd gear fix advice

    I,m trying to get all my facts straight before tearing into my engine this winter. I've done a lot research on this topic and have Damon's video on engine rebuilding. I'm wondering if this 2nd gear issue was resolved in later year 1st gen maxes. If so, would buying later year parts be any...
  9. M

    Fix the fuel pump every few days?

    Last year, after many years of trouble-free operation, my fuel pump started the continuous clicking when the key was turned on. I found the fix here on the forum (What to do when your fuel pump clicks like a SOB) and tried it. The first time I did it, it worked for several months, then started...
  10. K

    Help me fix this UGLY!!

    Can someone please help me find a cleaner set of switches that may work on an '89. Also, can you have your master cylinders chromed? Thanks!!
  11. 2fear

    Crimp fix.

    I want to do the crimp fix but my dumb ass cant find the info to do it! I have been searching for a long time and I can't find it, thanks.
  12. N

    **Oversize Battery Mod** 340-CCA, *ULTIMATE* FIX for all hot / cold start problems!**

    Hey guys, just wanted to share something with ya'll... I had the notorious starting problems- So I went the usual route of replacing the battery with the oddysey 170cca, then I soldered the R/R wires, then the "crimp”, which I removed and re-soldered those wires, and various other connections...
  13. SneakyPete

    VMAX1200 Hot Start/misfire fix...

    This has GOT to be good news for all Vmaxxers with bad starting or hot starting issues. My Vmax would sometimes start first button from cold but often would require several long cranks - together with grinding starter clutch noises before firing. If run hot, the motor would misfire at low...
  14. jagco1

    Carb drain broke off, repair fix.

    I broke off 1 of the carbs drain spout, To fix it - I drill out the back off the drain with a small drill bit. I install a silicone hose size 5/32" and wire tied so I don't pull through the drain plate holder. And extended all drain hoses about 5.5" to hang out so don't spill any gas on the...
  15. PaleDeth

    Crimp fix question

    I started the crimp fix yesterday, but couldn't continue due to propane problems. I got as far as applying the flux when I realized I wasn't going to finish. So I tried the only thing I could think of, I applied heat to the tip of a screwdriver with a lighter. Futile I know, but I had to try...
  16. timscues

    led turn signal fix

    I'm installing new led turn signals and have seen the restistors to install inline but just came across a led flasher? has anyone tried running this flasher CF13JL02? thanks
  17. thundermax

    Is Crimp Fix Needed?

    Have a 2005. Is the crimp fix still needed on this year or later? Hear Yamaha fixed a lot of things but don't know if they fixed this one. Don't really seem to have any electrical issues. Have my seat off and thought if need be I'd do it. Thanks!
  18. M

    carb a/f screws seized need temp fix help

    Okay guys here's a tough question. My fuel screws are seized in carbs 1 & 2. The cylinders only fire when I blow through the fuel vent hose which forces fuel into the idle circuit. I adjusted 1&2 carbs vacuum to pull harder, hence pulling more fuel. Now all cylinders are firing but I can't seem...
  19. midmoraider

    Carb/manifold clamp fix

    Hey all. I was trying to get my bike dialed in better today and changed out my mains. Put everything back together and noticed the boot for #4 was not tightening all the way down. Tried to pull the rack back off and couldn't get it to come off that carb. Figured it must be tight enough and...
  20. D

    low oil pressure fix, need some part numbers please

    Hi guys, I've been reading a lot about the potential low oil pressure associated with that 'o' ring pushing out the siphon in the fuel pump. I've heard two stories on this: The first is that this is a result of not letting the bike warm up enought before riding it hard The other thing I...