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  1. Kronx

    Food Delivery Robots

    Between the delivery drones being tested, the self driving cars, and now little robots delivering meals in cities.... it seems like it wont be that long before those scenes in sci-fi movies/tv of droids/robots zipping all around will become a reality...
  2. dannymax

    Need a Go-Fund Me site to help buy bird food

    They're getting huge!
  3. J

    2016 Eureka Springs rally food

    Shala wants me to give a shout out to estimate how many will be attending this years' Saturday ride up into Missouri. She is ready to order the ribs, brisket & fixin's. You can post here, or PM me, or text Shala directly 417-389-1113. Hoping the 3 day weekend will allow more folks to...
  4. tothemax93

    Fast food kiosks, rising prices, job cuts coming to NY

    Minimum wage heading toward $15.00 an hr. Small business is going to get crushed. Contrary to popular belief, Everyone who has a business, is not rolling in money. Also, As stated in the second article. When an employer has to make a decision as to whom to keep over unaffordable wages, There...
  5. caseyjones955

    Who is eating fast food? Why/Why not?

    I had quite a discussion with my wife and a friend about this. Given the rising prices of fast food I realize I can go get a couple sushi rolls for around the price of a Whopper meal now. Not judging, we all know the shit just aint good for you but most of the food I enjoy would not be found at...
  6. C

    Food for thought.

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  7. M

    Food for thought

    Hmmmm . . .
  8. M

    Person of the year - food for thought

    Frontpage’s 2014 Person of the Year: The American Police Officer By Daniel Greenfield As we sit here in our homes with our families and loved ones around us, tens of thousands of...
  9. bikedave99

    Vmax with Food Vendor Sidecar.... You know you want it!!
  10. VMax-Mike

    New Irish hills michigan hoolagans ride food stop

    This is a sign from the Hooligan Gods. I wil get with Chad and Tom over the winter and plan a new Michigan Hooligans vidio for next year. This will be an all day ride and maybe overnite. I hope to see all the Michigan Hooligans In the vidio. Other's are always welcome on our ride.
  11. davidon

    Food for thought
  12. Lotsokids

    American Food in Hungary? (not quite)

    So here I am in Hungary getting used to customs, etc., some of which are really weird to me. They sell an orange cola here and printed on the label is "the new american taste." See the attached photo. I don't remember ever seeing orange cola in America. Also they serve pizza with corn on it...
  13. davidon

    NYC food rec's?

    Will be in NYC this SAT/SUN. Anyone have any restaurant recommendations..especially in Midtown East area?
  14. Thevmaxrider

    Tempted by the fast food bike!!

    Was out and about today and stopped in at the local Suzuki dealer out of curiosity. Been shopping around for a new helmet so I figured why not. Went in with the intention of only shopping for helmets, and there is was sitting all lonely and forlorn looking in the corner, an 08 B-King. Just to...
  15. KC Max

    I'm tempted to eat fast food!

    I swung by the local Suzuki dealer on my way home from work to see if they had any SV650's in stock to look at for my wife. Well, they didn't have any SV's, but they did have a big, black B-King collecting dust on the showroom floor. I hadn't seen one in person, and they look HUGE, but the...
  16. Jayhawk

    Fast food junkie, now

    Couldn't resist the allure of the Burger King any longer. Traded off the Max today, and very happy with the deal I got. Will pick up my black B-King on Monday. Pics to follow, some may need to shield their eyes. :)
  17. clintard

    Fast Food VERY GORY... Not for the faint of heart!

    This guy had to be going 150+ mph and smashed into a taco bell If you cannot handle gore do not click the link Louisiana State Police Troop – B FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE DATE: February 18th, 2006 Motorcycle Fatality in Jefferson Parish On Saturday, February 18th, 2006 at 2:23 am...
  18. Robbarrie

    Dog food diet !

    A man goes through the check out at Wal-mart with a big bag of dog kibble. The check out girl says to him. " This is a great buy, my dogs just love this stuff" The big guy replies, "I don't have a dog" as he chuckles. "Oh no" the girls says" with a curious expression on her face. "Oh no" the...