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  1. X

    Deals Gap 2017

    Deals Gap bike rally this year Sept. 15 -16. Deals Gap Motorcycle Lodge 828 498 2231 Rooms go quick soo get yours early. Some of us are checking in on Wed. 13th. for a couple days extra Vmax ripping.
  2. Shredder

    Deals gap

    Just figured id share some pictures with you guys of my last trip down to the tail and some of my old bike. If anyone has never gone down there its a blast. You should do it. Had a buddy offer me to ride his 2014 bmw s1000rr this year but ill be bringing my max with me. I sure i wont beable to...
  3. O

    Cops/ plug type / gap

    I know all this info is out there but... Can anyone help me with the recommended plug and gap when using cops with no resistors on an 85 electrical setup. Thanks.
  4. ManicVmaxMike

    Spark plug gap setting

    Does anybody know what the spark plug gap setting should be on a 2007 if you have a stage7 jet kit ?:bang head:
  5. ManicVmaxMike

    Stage7 plug gap setting.

    Does anyone know what the spark plug gap setting should be if you have a stage 7 tuned on 93 octane ? Thanks ahead of time for you help.
  6. D

    Deals gap

    Going to deals gap 6/16/15 to 6/19/15. There will be five of us anybody is welcome to join us.
  7. J

    Gap between lower triple tree and neck????

    Been having issue since had neck apart. Rough roads are really rough and bumps rougher then normal. Is there supposed to be a gap around 1/8" maybe little smaller between neck and lower triple. First time taking one apart and I'm nervous its gonna come apart! Especially with wife on back. Did...
  8. X

    Deals Gap Rally

    There is a Rally at Deals Gap Motorcycle Resort US 129 (Tail of the Dragon) Robbinsville N C the weekend of Sept 12-13. # for room reservations 828 498 2231. The Resort has a web site for more info. This is a fine time of the year to ride the Smoky Mts. of North Carolina, not so HOT. If this is...
  9. D

    Check your gaps (A long story of stupidity)

    So.... Danny built me a set of Venture carbs with the internals from my stock carbs that had been totally gunked up by the PO and apparently also by me (by mistake). I got them back and was super excited to have things running smoothly. I put them on and got terrible mileage. I changed my plugs...
  10. ZackDaniels

    Gap on bar for aftermarket grips

    So I got some driven grips for xmas and thought, rather than get the driven bar ends to match I'll take it up a notch and get these things instead: I took both the stock grips off without much trouble. Just worked it...
  11. daves86vmax

    deals gap trip sept 6th thru 9th

    we took a 1300 mile round trip from ohio to deals gap and back with some friends of ours,they had big comfy touring bikes but the max did just fine and we werent as sore as we thought we'd be.rode down the foothills parkway south down the dragon and across the cherohala skyway.
  12. vmax_nc

    Deals Gap Aug 25-27

    Me and Tom Shoot the Tail of the Dragon
  13. G

    Any needed repairs at Deals Gap

    Just a heads up for all the guys going to the Deals Gap rally this weekend. If you find yourself in need of some emergency repairs, Wheeler's Cycle Shop is a fantastic place. Mr Wheeler is the mechanic and owner. Really nice guy and won't over charge you. Located on 129 between Robbinsville and...
  14. donnelly317

    deals gap / bristol TN

    Im leaving Sunday the 19th for bristol TN for a week for the Nascar race. While im there if it doesn't rain im going to deals gap with my Max! Im so excited! Ill be there Monday then spending the night at the two wheel inn and heading back to bristol. Grimmie said he was gonna be there. Anyone...
  15. S

    For Sean...ring gap question.

    Hi Sean, it's Marc Matczak. It's been a long time since I bought my pistons, sleeves, studs, oil pump mod, 5th gear and whatever else I got from you for my vmax 1500 project. I am finally hell bent on not working on anybody else's stuff until I get my 1500 setup together. Could you please...
  16. X

    Deals Gap

    :clapping: There is a Max Rally at the Deals Gap Motorcycle Lodge Aug 24 - 26. This is at Robbinsville Nc, and is one of the finest riding events of the year. Look it up on the web and make your reservations. Once you go, you will come back for more. Tom Rouse #2939
  17. MR_NST

    Deals gap 2012

    aug 25 to 27 2012... i see on the vmoa forum that there are a few confirmed... im interested in attending, but im 1800 miles away. i gotta start planning this soon. just putting a feeler out there as its still many months, and miles away. any additional info would be appreciated. peace...
  18. D

    Carb #1 Butterfly gap

    So I understand that the butterflies should be "barely not closed" when at rest. I'm guessing this is so the bike will idle. I'm wondering if there's a prescribed amount that I might be able to check with a feeler gauge so that I know that carb #1 has its fly open the right...
  19. vmax_nc

    A Run Through Deals Gap

    Here is a vid of me following another Vmax through Deals Gap in Aug...
  20. PATMAX

    No Deals Gap report? Was it a washout?

    Just wanting to know if it happened and is there any photographic evidence? PATMAX