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  1. V

    VMax Ride height.

    Ok putting my flame suit on for this one. How low can I lower my gen 1 VMax before running into issues with the shaft angle? Has anyone ever had an abnormally low Vmax?
  2. Fire-medic

    What height would you jump-from?

    This guy is nuts! http://www.telegraph.co.uk/men/the-filter/virals/11027967/Man-lands-stomach-churning-freestyle-airbag-jump.html
  3. mabdcmb@yahoo.com

    Ride Height Measurements, Front and Rear

    If anyone is able to get some measurement from a stock bike, i would appreciate it. Tire size, fork lowering, and shock length would need to be noted if different from stock. I am thinking of a straight line measurement coming perpendicular from the floor to the upper shock mount. For the...
  4. J

    how to measure wet float height

    2001 vmax how to measure float height.
  5. ninjaneer

    Rear shocks: height and model choice

    I've installed a set of Progressive springs and internally lowered the front end an inch. I want to upgrade the rear with a set of Progressives. My first question is: what are the goods and or bads of choosing a pair of 11 or 11.5 inchers, or is it best to level out the bike with 12s? being...
  6. A

    how do i adjust my float height 1998 vmav

    iv had bother trying to get my vmax to run correct , iv done everything possable accept check the float height, i mean how can they move from the original manufactures setup , so is it just a case of bending them, i cant see and adjusting marks or anything, help me out guys on how to do this plz...
  7. H

    How to measure float height on the bench?

    I adjusted the float height on my '06 last summer - was way too high - using the bench method and measuring on the inside of the housing, but I'd like to check the actual fuel level. I tried to do this with the carbs on the bike but had no luck getting a consistent measurement. So, how do you...
  8. B

    Float height setting

    What is the best way to set the float height when you asemble your carbs after cleaning? I am aware of the external hose method but would like to get them as close as possible when putting them back together.
  9. D

    Progressive Springs Stock Height

    I just ordered some stock height progressive fork springs for my 97. Will I notice much of a difference over the stock springs? How much better is the progressive lowering kit vs the stock height progressive springs?
  10. C

    Fork height in top clamp

    Could someone please tell me where the top of the fork should be in relation to the top clamp. When I bought the bike new in '03 the forks were sitting down 1/4 " below the top of the clamp and I thought this was correct since the dealer installed it that way. Been riding it like that ever since...
  11. S

    good lowering height with progessive springs?

    my riding style is mostly cruising. I bought a set of progessive springs and a lowering kit from Sean. I got everything apart and i'm trying to decide how low should i go. I want to be able to use the center stand still without having to put the bike on a 2x4. I'm not lowering the rears. I...
  12. A

    Needle Height Determination

    Hey guys wondering if I can get some advice here on properly selecting the best needle height. I recently swapped out the cobra slip ons that came with the bike when I bought it with Dales complete exhuast. The bike had a dyno jet stage one kit on it with stock filter and dj 170 mains. I...
  13. Z

    Stock Seat Height for Taller Guys

    Hi All. I am 190 cms tall and find the stock seat quite low and uncomfortable for long rides. What do you guys suggest for someone my height. Thanks.
  14. 1FK00

    Float Height

    Does anybody on the board know what the spec fuel height translates into float height?