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  1. 3

    Darth Vader,Power Rangers,Helmets & Gear.

    Happy days are back.Spring has sprung and I get my new (used) Vmax today:eusa_dance:.This is my second Vmax as I bought an 85 back in 1990. So what do you like as far as helmets,leather coats & pants and boots.What do you guys like as far as a general look on the Vmax?I'm 67 and I sure don't...
  2. frank5079

    Helmets: normal lifespan

    I was just wondering how long do you guys keep your helmets? I had an Arai Quantum which I bought brand new back in 1995 and I think I paid $375 for it. After about 6 years, I had worn it down to the point where it was it didn't feel as snug as it did when it was brand new. My best friend...
  3. HyperPete

    Skully Helmets shutting down?

    I can't say that I did not expect this. They were WAY overpriced. Hopefully nobody here pre-ordered a AR-1 helmet from them. http://www.techspot.com/news/65759-ar-motorcycle-helmet-company-skully-looks-like-hit.html AR motorcycle helmet company Skully looks like it's hit a wall...
  4. N


    What kind of helmets do some of you guys wear when riding the VMAX? Is the full face the helmet of choice? I got away from wearing the helmet for some reason and convinced myself I would put it back on this year. The full face is the most protective but also the hottest. Does a lid just look...
  5. rusty

    Star Wars Helmets

  6. C

    Helmets... Maybe?

    First off, I live in a state with no helmet law. I'm neutral, I personally wear one 99% of the time, but strongly believe the govt should stay out of it. HOWEVER... Was at a bike night last week and some moron comes riding in with his kid on the back who couldn't have been more than 4. With no...
  7. rusty

    Cracking down on novelty helmets

    http://news.yahoo.com/u-aims-crack-down-novelty-motorcycle-helmets-154411045.html:bang head:
  8. C

    Modular Helmets

    Well after LOTS of research, I ve narrowed down to a $200 price range for a secondary helmet. I wanted a Modular so on long trips I can flip up and talk at the stop lights etc. Last big trip I took, a buddy had one and it was awesome. So I narrowed down to the 1 Scorpion EXO900X DOT and EXC...
  9. 1967vmax

    Full Face helmets Buying

    So im in the market for a new helmet it must have the inner sun shade (i am wearing perscription glasses now) and i was wondering if any of you guys or gals have looked at Kabuto Kamui this is my 1st choice i need light weight having some neck issues . How many years is a helmet good for i...
  10. frank5079

    Skully Helmets...

    https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ZdcWd594lRw#t=124 http://www.skullysystems.com/#home The cheapest model starts at about $1300 bucks.... :surprise:
  11. timscues

    Shark Helmets

    Is anyone using a shark helmet and what do you think of them. Narrowed done the search to a shoei gt air, scorpion R2000 or a shark speed R. Went with the Scorpion EXO-R2000 Bautista
  12. C

    Bell Revolver helmets anyone ?

    I am looking at getting one of these, and wondered if anyone had any input on these. Weight, noise, visor placement etc. Thanks Todd
  13. Blackjack

    Creative Helmets

    Click Here!
  14. D

    Kabuto Helmets

    If you haven't checked these out, and are interested in a new helmet, you should give them a look. They fit like Shoei. Great features for very reasonable prices... like half a Shoei. They are certainly not as high quality, but they are ECE 22-05/DOT or Snell 2010 certified. Cool graphics...
  15. ridinnoshiftin

    Motorcycle helmets getting first head-up display

    See what may trickle down in the future for helmets for everyday riding. I am sure they will not be cheap. http://autos.yahoo.com/news/motorcycle-helmets-getting-first-head-up-display-195215114.html Todd
  16. Fire-medic

    bizarre helmets

    Sure to make parents shield young ones' eyes from seeing you at a stoplight! I like the Hellbound Hellraiser Cenobite's head.
  17. F

    Unique Helmets

    So I was wondering if there are any unique helmets that are good quality and that are DOT certified. The Majoirty of helmets I have seen all seem pretty cooky-cutter to me. I am not trying to stand out with anything too crazy, but I am wanting something a bit diffrent. For example, these two...
  18. RoMax

    Bandit Helmets

    I was looking at the Bandit Helmets website and saw that Wild Hair Accessories in the US is/was a distributor for Bandit Helmets. There are no helmets on the Wild Hair website, are there any Canadian or US distributors for Bandit Helmets
  19. cgswss

    Helmets with build in blue tooth

    Has anyone bought one of the new helmets with the build in blue tooth? Just wondering if you can hear over the wind noise and If the other person can understand you with all the wind noise Thanks! Craig
  20. dmax1

    helmets help

    A friend of mine who is a LEO sent me these pics :ummm: