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  1. lastwhiteman

    Eric Holder declares war

    Is Field Marshal Eric Holder ordering his troops into battle? https://christianmerc.blogspot.com/2017/12/law-abiding-citizens.html?m=1 https://downtrend.com/eric-holder-now-calling-for-national-insurrection-if-absolute-red-line-is-crossed/ :rofl_200:
  2. R

    where do i find this license plate holder

    as the title says where can i find this at? i removed my factory light and installed leds in the grab bar but would like the plate some what in the factory location.
  3. 9

    Rear fender metal plate holder

    Hi, I am looking for the metal part of the rear subfender that the license plate mounts to. Thanks, Kevin
  4. Bill Seward

    That damn fuse holder!!

    A few of the folks who attended Thunder may remember the minor problem I was having with my '85. Ian rode it in from Buffalo on Friday, and it ran perfectly. Saturday, he went to start it and it was dead. Seems the fuse holder that I recently installed to replace the original (corroded and...
  5. CaptainKyle

    Phone holder

    Well I kept looking for a holder for my smart phone to attach to my handlebars & everything I looked at was $ 60-70 bucks. I guess I am a cheap ass & kept digging & found this & figured I would give it a shot...
  6. woodsman30

    licence plate holder fender?

    I know at one time I seen a thread about the plate holders and the inner fender and opptions to change the brake light any ideas.:ummm:
  7. D

    Magnetic Phone/Ipod holder..

    Hello all. I am looking for a small magnetic tank bag for my cell phone only. I want to be able to use the GPS (via touch screen) and have head phones coming out. I do not want a full size tank bag, I just want something small enough for my phone. Any ideas?
  8. gamorg02

    early model damper holder nut size

    hey i can't find it quick, does anyone know offhand what size jam nuts we need to hold the damper rod on the 85-92 forks? i may not be able to use the impact while the forks are in the bike trick, or it might be modified and just want that option readily available. its just a what, maybe 24"...
  9. ghostntheshell

    anyone have any cool licence plate holder?

    Anyone have any cool licence plate holders? I am looking to get a licence plate frame / cover, preferably in chrome. Any suggestions? Pics?
  10. flatslide

    Billet license plate holder

    My new / old UFO built bike has a "chopper style" frame off of the rear wheel. I'd like to learn of a way to illuminate the license plate with leds. I can't include a photo, sorry. I figure that somebody has done this mod, so where are you? he he. Alf:ummm:
  11. daves86vmax

    Axle mounted liscense plate holder

    I'm making an aluminum plate holder for the max,i've made everything for it except i bought an l.e.d. frame to mount to it.Not a huge mod but it will be a one of a kind mod.It's not complete yet because I might take the buffing wheel to it again to give it a better shine.It's still a little cold...
  12. dannymax

    Anybody need a damper rod holder tool?

    I made an extra damper rod holder. It fit my '99, not sure how many others it will fit. If anyone wants to borrow it, pm me or send an e mail to [email protected] dan
  13. S

    Damper Rod Holder Help

    Hello, Does, anyone have pictures of a 29 mm "Damper Rod Holder"? Im not able to find one locally or online, and I thought I'd make one. This is what I know about the Damper Rod Holder: 29 mm Hex Head (male) not a socket T-Handle length is 20" Directions with pictures on how to fabicate...
  14. vmx12s

    WTB Fuse Box Holder

    Anyone know where I could locate one? Part Number? I checked the online parts houses: Ron Ayers, BikeBandit, Partsfish, etc and couldn't locate this part in the fisches. I talked to the 19 yr old parts guru at the local dealer and he couldn't find it on his puter (therefore it doesn't exist!)...