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  1. henrysgmc

    Stock Horn Gen 1

    Anyone have a stock horn laying around they don't want? 845 283 6593
  2. E

    Air Horn

    Has anyone placed an air horn on the vmax Gen II. I tried search but to no avail. I'm trying to find the right spot. not that easy as it was on my VTX. E
  3. J

    hella horn wiring diagram and relay question

    I want to go with the Hella dual horn set up...does any one have a wiring diagram to hook up two horns with a relay? Can I use this relay (in pic)...I have a box of these relays....it has 30, 85,86 ,87 and 87a..if so , how would I wire this up to a two horn set up? What gauge wires and what...
  4. vmax1968

    Gen 2 easy horn upgrade

    I found a box in the garage with a Hella Strong Tone. Not the loudest but much better than stock and no mod needed to install :punk:
  5. lawman504

    How to separate a Bad Boy horn?

    I recently bought a Bad Boy horn and cant find a way to mount it where it looks decent. I saw several where it was mounted on the side of the motor but that's not for me. I also have read where you can separate the compressor from the horn itself but I cant find anything that shows how. A...
  6. F

    Fried my horn wires.

    Well, I'm obviously no electrical genius as I hooked up a new, bigger horn to my 2005 Max and somehow fried the horn wires and probably did other damage. My first indication that something was wrong was when I activated the left turn signal and the light on the instrument panel didn't blink...
  7. ga_max

    Simple Horn wiring question

    Ok, I've got 2 new electric horns that I want to mount on my Max. From reading many threads I'm planning to add a hot wire to the positive battery terminal (which is a pain to access) with a 30 amp inline fuse. This will lead directly to the horn relay. For the negative on the relay I will run a...
  8. 3

    Horn problems

    Ok, here's a good one. I recently noticed my v-boost servo wasn't cycling when I first go to start my Max so I was gonna do an oil change and try to trouble shoot it yesterday. I changed the oil and took it out for a ride to warm it up, check for leaks, etc. On the way back home, I pulled up to...
  9. K

    Blinker and horn blows it....

    What is happening that if my blinker is on and I hit the horn button, my signal fuse blows......Something is drawing too much, correct?
  10. HyperPete

    Air horn hookup & switched circuit

    I'm looking for opinions. I finally mounted my Wolo Bad Boy air horn. I tried to run jumpers from the stock horn to the Wolo, but there just isn't enough juice to make it work. The ground side is switched for the stock horn which in my opinion is unusual. I need a switched circuit to tie into...
  11. Sidecarjohn

    Horn & Battery drain ?

    Previously followed the thread on fitting alternative horn. Led to my fitting a very acceptably loud, budget horn. More than once it has gained the attention of myopic, cell phone idiots, so well satisfied. The fitting issue wasn't quite as dramatic as for other guys because due to the Max...
  12. donnelly317

    Best compact horn alternate?

    I bought a stebel last year but I do not like how big it is. Any other cheaper alternatives my stock one is shorted out. Looking for cheapest possible I've spent to much as it is on my bike this year lol. I found this but not sure how good it is...
  13. Fire-medic

    My WOLO-Stebel copy-air horn installation

    I already had rough-installed it before going to Daytona '13, but took the time to do it better today. Here are some pics. First shot is original 'proof-of-concept' fit on the left side engine V, but this blocked the thumbscrew for the carb idle adjustment. Switched it to the right, no mods...
  14. bazwell

    How to modify a Stebel Horn for easier fitment to a vmax

    You can separate the compressor from the air horn easily. Makes fitment easier. There are 2 retaining points. Then it comes apart. I'm sure you can see what needs doing. :punk:
  15. R

    Bad boy horn

    Hey guys I am thinking of putting a Bad Boy horn on my max and was wondering if anyone here has one on their bike.Harbor freight has them for 33.00 with tax and 20% off coupon.
  16. Fire-medic

    WOLO horn

    My stock disc horn was making a miserable bleat, so I decided to spring for a WOLO compact electrical/air horn. I mounted it temporarily by the left front triangular motor mount bracket, I don't intend for it to stay there, it's just to get some decent sound immediately. I lost function of the...
  17. K

    Horn blows turn signal fuse...

    Can anyone tell me why (more often than not) when I am cruising and have my turn signal on and hit the horn that my 10A fuse blows? I have led turn signals on the front and the cbr conversion on the back. Both have resistors wired inline. Also, when that blows, my tach and temp guage go...
  18. kevman

    A new horn for the vmax

    Ok everybody knows how sad the OE horn is and how everybody with any sense replaces it with something a lot louder .Check out this site and the video http://www.gizmag.com/screaming-banshee-motorcycle-horn/22994/?utm_source=Gizmag+Subscribers&utm_campaign=83f1ba7401-UA-2235360-4&utm_medium=email...
  19. ninjaneer

    How To: Recondition the Clutch-side Switch Pod

    So I guess it was inevitable that I'd be writing this one up :rofl_200:. But in trying to hunt down the gremlin that's screwing with my taillight mod, I desperately cracked the switch pod apart hoping to find the critter lurking in there. Sad to say, it wasn't, :damn angry: but not a total...
  20. V

    Replaced Stock Horn

    About a month ago, I can close to being smashed by an Tractor Trailer that was making an illegal turn. I laid on my horn, swerved, and avoided certain injury. Obliviously a horn will not prevent accidents, but I felt I needed a much louder horn than stock. I replaced my stock horn with the "...