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  1. Conman

    3D Metal Printer Access- Project Ideas?

    Basically I've been given free and basically unlimited access to a 3D metal printer and can make whatever I want out of aluminum, as long as it's within 28x28x36cm. It's ideal for making things that can't be produced through typical machining. Any sweet I deas for what I should make? I was...
  2. Specs95t

    Looking for tips and ideas on a front fender

    Hi guys, I am following up on my post about my VMax being run over by a 4900 lb ML35 SUV (yes with me on it...). The good news is all is well with me and most of my VMax. Got some insurance money and the mod monkey is securely perched on my back... First thing I need is a front...
  3. Y

    Ideas to remove stripped rotor bolts.

    I was removing my old rotors and one rotor came off easy, and the other one had 3 screws where the allen heads were stripped, and I tried everything I could think of to get them out. Used an impact driver, tried hammering a bigger allen and also a torx bit in there with no luck. Next I tried...
  4. M

    Jack ideas?

    All, Wondering if anyone has a good recommendation for a jack? Something reasonably priced. Not sure what kind since the exhaust runs along the bottom. Thanks. :ummm:
  5. blaxmax

    Looking for ideas.

    Good Old #161 now has 12,000 miles on him (not a her cuz she ain't pretty, you will see below) And after 350 miles on a new set of stock plugs (indexed) they come out looking like this. Stock airbox-Stock carbs all the way except for mains 157.5.--bumped air from 90 to 100...
  6. S

    Broken Carb body...anyone have any ideas

    I put my carbs back on after adjusting the float levels, went to start the bike, and gas was pouring out the right rear carb. I checked the screws and one was very loose. Turns out I must have over tightened it and snapped off the bottom corner of the carb. Anyone have any ideas on a fix? Or a...
  7. VMAX2006

    Need Help.. out of ideas

    Good evening Vmaxers I had a 97 years ago and decided to make the jump again (sold the 97 10 yrs ago). So I found a 2006 with only 4500 miles w/stage 1 kit installed and it was spit shine clean.. everything was, engines, carbs (outside) and pipes. Thought I found a gold mine. So the seller...
  8. vmax2extreme

    Thunder Tshirt Ideas

    Here is the first run for the back of the tshirt. I need to change up some colors to reduce the cost being as is would be too costly for all the screened colors. My goal is to keep the tshirts under $20. If there is interests, I would do limited runs of my prior tshirts which are listed on...
  9. E

    Bag Ideas or options

    Well I love my max, but I need some storage space and these easy off textile bags aren't going to last. I was looking at these...
  10. huskyman510

    Inspirations and ideas

    After breaking my leg in Feb and spending a lot of time in the shed doing this paint job, put everything back together just to see if it looks good and running well.....Ive decided to pull it all apart again and do things I should have done the first time. Looking for some input on finishing...
  11. D

    catch can location and ideas

    I'm looking for ideas on what a guy should do for a catch can. When I get my 1500 together I will need to change my setup and eliminate the vacuum from the air box. The problem I am having is where to mount it. There is nowhere with much free space. Could I run barbs through the air box and...
  12. oz1961

    Run switch faulty, any ideas?

    Yesterday I was riding on the highway and suddenly the bike shut down. I thought it was fuel, but that was okay. checked all the fuses but then I found that the run switch wasnt clicking on properly. I was able to get it to work but it is not clicking on and off. If this has happened to...
  13. Hoove

    Seat Ideas

    So the stock seat just doesn't blend well with the new paint and I'm thinking of having it re covered mostly blue with some white accents. Would anyone else care to share some opinions or ideas? [/IMG]
  14. Karmakatt

    2015: 30th Anniversary... any ideas?? Rumors??

    So.. The 30th is approaching... Anyone have ideas about our favorite MC and what mother Yami has in store??:ummm: More than a paint job I hope!!:punk: KarmaKatt
  15. B

    original wheel ideas

    what have u guys done with the original wheels . would luv to see pics . not long till spring lol
  16. B

    original wheel ideas

    well the max is down for winter boo hoo ! original front end out and polished need some ideas about beautifying my stock wheels. eg polished rims and painted hub . please post pics she is an 03 carbon
  17. desert_max

    Boy did I screw up. Could use some ideas.

    Before you guys blast me, I know I screwed up. Don't know why I was successful on three carbs and I failed on one. What did I do? Several years ago, I removed (3 of the 4) mixture screw plugs in my '94. I was only partially successful on the 4th. Yeah, I now know the proper technique...
  18. KJShover

    Videos and ideas

    As a few of you know, I've been doing the thing for several months. My last video, kind of fell on it's face. I've stalled at just 61 views while the other's have done well over 200 (one over 200 and the other over 500). The following are the videos I have made and put out...
  19. Redbone

    PCW Shock Mount Fastener Ideas

    I'm setting up my 3" over swing arm and I'm looking to see what others have done with securing the PCW shock extension to the pumpkin. It fastens to the axle, shock mount and to the shock. The axle portion is held on with the factory parts, and the shock mounts to the other end, I can put a nut...
  20. P

    wheel conversion ideas help me

    basically i would like to change the stock rear wheel for somethink more meaty or somethink that will help with handleing i would like to know what the cheepest and easest convertion is