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  1. G

    Installing stock exhaust

    Have the engine back in, went easier than I thought. Only tough area was getting the driveshaft to line up with the linkage when installing the swing arm. But a little stuck on the exhaust. Have the mufflers loosely hanging and the right rear pipe on and can’t seem to get the rear left to snake...
  2. K

    Help on installing rear wheel.

    I am installing a 17" wheel , a welded up radial. It is pretty heavy. I can't seem to.get the wheel to engage with the pumpkin. Any advice as it's a bitch to move around. I got the thru but won't extend past the pumpkin as the gears won't align.

    Installing the fan mod that Tim Nash does

    I'm trying to do the fan mod that Tim Nash does. I'm having a problem that I hope someone can help me with. I know that in the molex the fan wire that you have to connect the wire to should come out of the molex connector when you slide a thin object down to push down the clip that is locking...
  4. 1986vmonster

    Best method for installing engine side covers/gaskets

    Hello Fellow VMAX Enthusiasts!! I am pretty much finished installing a 92 engine in my 86 VMAX. Just have to swap out the engine covers to chrome ones I have from the blown engine and I just wanted to see if anyone had any good advice on how to install the gaskets and so forth to do it right...
  5. T

    Installing OEM backrest?

    I found a guy willing to sell the backrest off of his Vmax. Here's the pic he sent me of it pulled off the bike: Is it me or did he pull too much off of the bike? (Minus the actual pad, which he does have.). I was under the impression that all I'd have to do is unbolt the seat, remove the...
  6. C

    Re installing stock airbox

    So I got my used airbox with k&n filter (previous owner removed it and installed chinese crappy pods) . The bike is currently running rich. I want to reinstall the stock airbox and was wondering whether there is an easy way to do that. Any suggestions?
  7. hurleyman77

    Installing V-Boost where there wasn't one...

    (I'd swear I've asked this question before, but I can't find where, so feel free to redirect me) I bought a '94 a couple of years ago and soon discovered that it did not have V-Boost installed at all. It runs great (mostly) so I haven't thought much about it until now. I'm planning to do some...
  8. Miles Long

    Installing that pesky centerstand spring!

    Some folks are able to use a screwdriver to lever it into place, other use coins between the spring coils, to lengthen it prior to installation. I didn't have any luck with either method....perhaps because it was my first attempt at reinstalling a stand, more likely because I'm all thumbs. I...
  9. Mr. Max

    Installing UFO exhaust

    Installing UFO exhaust, carb setup? So I've had this exhaust sitting on self quite a time now, I would like to install it but what I should do to carbs so it wont run too lean? I will buy sean's jet kit at some point, but just haven't got the money for it just now.. What if I just move needles...
  10. SledHead

    Need some advice installing stock cans.

    The PO had drilled out the baffles on my vmax, so I bought another set of cans, and am having trouble installing them. I saw the thread on how to remove the mufflers, but then how do you get the pipes back on? I struggled for hours tonight trying to get the stock mufflers back on my '01. I...
  11. rusty

    Installing Rear fender

    Can I install the rear fender with out the inner brace, If so what can happen:ummm:..............Thanks Rusty:biglaugh:
  12. hijacker

    Installing Raptor Shift Light

    Step by Step instructions to install a Raptor Shift Light on a 1st Gen. It's much easier than I anticipated... 1. Remove seat, faux tank cover and disconnect negative battery cable. 2. Remove the air filter cover and air filter. You may want to stuff some towels into the carb...
  13. K

    HELP,, sudden problem in engin after carb installing

    First of all I?d like to thank you all Vmax friends on the forum ,,, actually , I removed the carb out from the manifold, cleaned the four carbs and replaced the damaged rubber joints between the manifold and the V boost , and replaced the four air/fuel screws , rebuild the manifold, tuned the V...
  14. Vmax Marine

    Installing Drag bar question

    I am putting on a drag bar on my max and I was wondering how to get the stock end caps off:ummm: I am not trying to mess up the set up. I was looking for a "how to" post concerning this but I have not been able to find it so far.
  15. wildweasel_pt

    Installing VBoost on a European model

    Hi guys I have a friend that wants to install VBoost on a European model so he can go get those extra 40hp beyond 6K rpms. Does anyone know if the European model electrical harness allows for installation of the VBoost? ie does it have the wiring and connectors for the controller and all the...
  16. firefly

    Installing 2 inch pivoting risers & their effect

    Thanks to a member here for posting the link below ~ 2weeks ago, I ordered them in the hope of bringing the handle bar closer to me so my elbows bend ~ 80* while sitting comfortably upright. I currently have the genmar universal riser, I wanted to use the stock wishbone clamp with the pivoting...
  17. V

    installing brake pads/pad squealing

    I know there was just a thread on this, but I can't find it for the world. There was a discussion about what to do to prevent/stop disc pad squealing. Someone said they use generic stick-on shims and included a link, some said copper grease where the piston contacts the pad. Can someone...
  18. ghostntheshell

    Installing Marks exhaust

    hey guys. I ordered my Marks exhaust the other day. How hard was the installation? I know with my hindle exhaust the rear was an absolute pain to do.
  19. P

    Questions about Installing COPs

    I just received R1 COPs and harness in the mail today from Ebay. The coils look really clean and the harness is in pretty decent shape as well. However, notice from my picture how short the lines are. Once I pulled all the electrical tape and wire wrap off I found that the red leads from all the...
  20. A

    Installing swing arm... Need help!

    need to install a extended swing arm, not really a mechanic type but willing to try any blogs on here telling how to take off and install a swing arm>