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  1. Eugene Brad

    Scoop inserts, intake covers, and radiator cover

    Wanted to see what kind of interest there may be for some trim pieces. I just took some older trim pieces (scoop inserts, intake cover, and a radiator cover to local shop to get a cad file made of profile and bolt layout. Artwork/ designs are tbd. The guy told me once he has the profile and...
  2. S

    2nd gen air intake mesh and plastic slots?

    Hey there, Does anyone know if its possible to get a replacement mesh and the plastic slots for the air intakes? The guy who owned the motorcycle before me epoxied LED's onto the plastic slots and removed the mesh filters on the outside. This seems to restrict the air a little? And a little...
  3. C

    Have Chrome Carb Intake covers?

    Have Chrome Carb Intake covers?
  4. E

    Aftermarket radiator and intake scoop inserts

    Searching for lightly used aftermarket intake scoop inserts and radiator cover, black or chrome in good shape. Thank you!
  5. E

    Stock intake scoop screens. $50

    Used but in good shape, $40 shipped.
  6. davidon

    Intake boot clamps

    Anyone know the diameter range and width of these clamps?
  7. M


    spare intake for sale $50 plus shipping. I live in Stafford Virginia
  8. lastwhiteman

    intake sweat

    Group, I have 1995 Max with VGas setup and have issues with #2 cylinder metal intake developing sweat on the outside. The bike also seems to load up slightly while accelerating and when cruising at a steady speed of say 65-75mph. Could this be a vacuum or intake leak? :ummm:
  9. texas-ss-tornado

    Intake fittings

    Anybody have any experience with these? Simple install I assume??? :ummm:
  10. S

    Intake scoop project..

    So....following my plan to make my project more 'max-like' as opposed to looking like a vrod....eeeuuuw...I'm creating some custom intake scoops that will actually work. 1st looks very v-rod ish 2nd is the mould taken from...... Pic 3.......inspiration comes from many places....
  11. 0

    Air Intake

    I have an 07 Vmax. I have owned fuel injection bikes for years, but this is my first carbed bike. Everything is stock. I have been told the most inexpensive HP improvement is to let the bike breathe. that i should get rid of the stock airbox. is this the best and least expensive option? By...
  12. Craigster

    Variable runner intake

    It's those boring winter months when folks are dreaming of what they would like to do to their bikes someday. Some are performing maintenance on their bikes. Me? I'm performing maintenance on the dyno. A lightning strike has me doing more work than I'd like. That said, while sorting...
  13. maxrom

    intake bolt leaking

    Hy, -Had to remove the four carburetor intake grumet -There is at least two taped hole communicating with engine oil pass -when rebuilding, two prevent oil leak -Wath stuff should be used in these filet :ummm: Regards
  14. D-Max2012

    Question about Air intake and setup

    Hi Guys, I've been trying to get my 91 running right since I purchased it 2 years ago. The PO just modified shit for just for doing it.. He told me that he used the bike around town. To me, why do performance mods, if your going to just putt around town. Leave the Beast Max alone and get a...
  15. desert_max

    Intake Covers? (and a new face)

    Coupla things: Thing one: For a while, I've kinda been not-too-fond of the plastic intake covers that are, actually stylistic cues that keep the "imaginary airflow" from the scoops going into the cylinders. It may be blasphemous, but I think they're a bit cheesy. After removing them some...
  16. E

    I need to REDUCE air intake

    Hi all: I've asked a version of this question before, but I need to ask it in a different way: Let's assume I cannot do any carb work at all on the bike (in this case, a 1986 Yamaha FZX700 Fazer)...and it currently has the individual K&N filters on it, one for each of the 4 carburetors...
  17. rebeltaz83

    carb intake rubber joints

    was doing the shotgun, or pea shooter on my max..... old school trick of spraying cleaner around intake to check for vacuum leaks, i found all my lowwer boots are cracked....... i could have them from a dealer for about $80 bucks!!!! has anyone ever tried measuring the carbs and going to a auto...
  18. dannymax

    WTB Intake Manifold Chrome 'H''s

    Need both sides
  19. A

    Custom intake

    Hey guys I built a custom intake for my old xj600 it's a single pod filter split using PVC pipe feeding all 4 carbs. I want to build a two intake set up. 1 pod feeding two carbs. My question is is this to much air to feed the carbs if so would doing a single pod into all four carbs be ok...
  20. J

    V Boost intake O rings

    Last year when I did my valve cover gaskets I replaced the O rings between the V Boost intakes and the head. I basically matched what I thought were the correct size o rings but now I see the #1 cylinder has a leak that's running down the cylinder and onto the crank case and think maybe it's the...