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  1. Fire-medic

    I.D early or late model harness

    I got some help from Sean Morley on identifying the early (1985-1989) and late (1990+) model wire harnesses. Here are a couple of pics. The early harness has a white 6-pin connector for the ignition pick-up, but the connector only has 5 wires in it. The early harness also has a large white...
  2. Fire-medic

    late model wire harness

    I need a 1990+ wire harness, the newer, the better. I don't want one that's been modified. If it had the stator wires soldered, that's OK, but would prefer one stock. Thanks.
  3. K

    Cdi icu unit confusion for late gen 1

    I've blown the unit, moisture inside it. Bur when I removed it it is the yellow sticker 85-89 Now I'm confused as the bike is a 1998 so it should be the newer icu in. It looks like it's a spare. My question is should the old Cdi run in a 1998 bike but make it run a bit rough? Or is my...
  4. V

    Clutch slip + late engagement

    Noticed my clutch slipping recently when I really get on it. It's intermittent...which seems odd. Bike only has 6,500 miles on it. Also, the clutch doesn't engage until the lever is almost completely released. Not sure if these issues are related...or if I just need a new clutch. Anyone seen...
  5. J

    2005 VMAX (The late Steve Harris's nice Max) A friend of the family has listed this for us. If you would rather deal with me feel free to call / text / email John Harris 417.388.1486 [email protected] Thanx for looking!
  6. Vmaxiow

    Late clutch bite

    Hi all put a new clutch in the max, now the clutch bites very late, going to replace the fluid as it's very old, the clutch doesn't seem to be slipping, do you think old fluid/air could cause this?
  7. A

    My late brother

    Hi all it is 5 years ago tomorrw that my big brother died ( not a bike accident my i say) but he lived for bikes had loads over the years x7s rds then he moved up to the big stuff z900 gs 1000 after that he got into his goldwings 1000 1100 1200 1500 1800 plus he had a v max which i still have...
  8. dannymax

    WTB Late model (43mm) fork cap bolts/plugs

    The hex heads on both my fork cap bolts were rounded off and a socket would just spin. I had to drill and hacksaw them out! What a PIA! The shrader valves are ok but the cap bolt/plugs are shot. Does anyone have a pair of these for sale?
  9. fmcandrew

    Busa calipers on late model vmax

    Gents, Can 6 pot Busa calipers mount up to a 95 vmax? I know Sean makes an adapter for the early models, but what about the late models? Thanks Frank
  10. RaWarrior

    Late winter ride

    Took the Max out last Sunday when it got up to a balmy 38 degrees and the roads were (mostly) dry. Took my new Hero HD camera along, mounted to the airbox lid to give an "over the handlebars" point of view. Unfortunately due to size limits on photobucket, I can't really upload a HD version, it...
  11. rebar

    EBC vs stock Late model brakes

    Iv got a few questions. My 85 with late model front end needs brake pads. Can someone explain the difference between ebc hh and organic, stock pads please. I dont want more braking power (long story), but Im not sure what pads are installed now. What year did Yamaha upgrade the front...
  12. max_caper

    Late Fall Outings

    I enjoyed the great November weather. My son and I must have logged 1000 kms or more. I posted some pics...please forgive the lack of a VMax in the photos! Blaine
  13. H

    late intro and bike pics

    hey guys ive been a member a for a few months now but never introduced myself and dont post a lot. im a young guy from sc. i've had the v max for about six months now. here are some pictures of my toys. anyone from the upstate sc area? Deals Gap
  14. maleko89

    Ebay: Wave rotors for late model

  15. RagingMain

    Late Model or R1 R/R

    Hey Guys I am hoping someone out there has a late model or R1 r/r they need to get rid off. Mine is only putting out about 6 volts and my last one, aftermarket, fried my TCI and cooked my battery at 19.5 volts. :bang head: Help Please, Thanks in advance Cheers:punk:
  16. maleko89

    Ebay: Late model R/R very well for me. No over heating like early model R/R.
  17. Neil-3446

    I'm Addicted To The Late Night Knife Show!!!

    Am I Crazy??? Been watching the CC (Cutlery Corner) late night for years. Actually got addicted when they had segments on HSN a few years back. They are a Frost affiliate and sell things across several venues. Bought a few dealer specials for resale, but still have all the knives (over...
  18. jon6.0

    Pics of Hayabusa Calipers and late model rotors on a 85

    Here are some pics of Hayabusa calipers, R1 rotors, and Sean Morley adapters on a 85 Vmax. It sucks that one of the rotors I got is warped though. Now I have to take everything back off and get some more rotors.:bang head:
  19. Waylander

    WTB, late model Pickup coils

    Need new ones for my bike as some of you know and hoping to get ones without the cloth wrapping so if anyone has a set or knows someone that does selling them at a decent price please let me know. Email to [email protected] or PM me on here.
  20. S

    how to install Progressive springs in an late model vmax ( 06 ) ??

    anyone know where there's a write up on this on how to do it correctly? or maybee give me a " walk through " on how to do this?