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  1. P

    Voodoo lowering link/ W adjustable Kickstand

    Both Brand new in Box from Voodoo, 2'' Lowering Link and the Black adjustable kickstand , These fit 09 and up Gen 2 Vmax, will sell both for 110 shipped, Like I said new still in box never installed.... thanks
  2. P

    Gen 2 Lowering Link

    Has anyone ever installed a Voodoo Rear Lowering link ? Any tricks to it
  3. H

    Corbin passenger footpeg lowering kit

    I have a like new Corbin passenger footpeg lowering kit for sale. $240 shipped to the lower 48 only.
  4. Traumahawk

    Lowering the front end

    Here is a question for the suspension Guru's out there. I currently have Progressive rear shocks that are 11.5's (instead of the stock 13's). currently running progressive springs in the front with a 1 inch internal lowering kit, and the forks slid up about 1/2 and inch to keep everything...

    A few days thinking about lowering my Vmax

    The last few days I have been looking into lowering my Vmax and after a lot of reading, research and help from Miles, Sean and Rusty. I have decided to not lower my Vmax. The work involved in lowering the Vmax, the unknown problems that always come up when doing any project I have decided to...
  6. 9

    11" rear progressive lowering springs/ NEW 2.5 kerker comp baffle

    The shocks are in good shape all paint is in good condition but they are used part# is in the pics 150$ shipped in the us. I have video of parts installed on the bike . It still drove good and was comfortable with the shocks but I stretch the swing arm so I can't use it now cuz thers too low...
  7. J

    lowering the max

    I am going to lower my 98 max. I did my old 85 max several years ago. Luckily I saved the templates to lower the rear. It took me about a week of trial and error before I got it right. It lowers the rear 3 inches. I will post picks of the "lowering mounts" once I build them and install them on...
  8. E

    Lowering Links and dropped the bike AAGGG

    Well I was a night bike last night at quaker state and as I was leaving there was this guy in front of me who would not move he did a little as I turned to go and BANG down the bike went.:bang head::bang head::bang head: The amazing and good thing is the bike did not get a scratch on it. Just...
  9. Cameron32391

    Corbin lowering pegs.. Not impressed.

    I don't know what I was expecting but for $133 I was expecting something better. They fit fine but the cost is not justified. More like a $40 piece imo.
  10. BigJimi

    Front end lowering kit question

    Can you use Race techs Gold Valve Cartridge Emulators with a Progressive front end lower kit and would there be a difference with them then with out them? Thanks.
  11. L

    How can one tell if a gen 1 has lowering springs/shocks?

  12. S

    85-92 Lowering spring length?

    So I bought the Progressive lowering spring kit (10-1556) for my '89. I also watched Sean's video about fork reassembly where he noted the Progressive springs were 1/4" taller. I measured mine and they were 5/8"-3/4" shorter than the stock springs. I realize Sean was working on the later 43mm...
  13. Mr-Hill87

    Lowering a Gen 2

    Hi everyone I just bought a 2010 VMAX I was wondering about how much it would run me to have it lowered???,, I've heard it wouldn't be cheap. Sent from my SCH-I545 using Tapatalk
  14. R

    Tires and rear end lowering

    HI GUYS I am a newbie to the vmax, have been riding for 56 years. I need to know if there are radial tires available with the stock sizes. ON A different topic I need to find out if what is involved in raising back to stock a REAR end that has been lowered. bought my 02 a couple of months ago...
  15. V

    Vmax Lowering Links

    Hi there: I'm back :biglaugh: So you want to drop your bike 1" or 2" from stock? From now until April 30th we have the VMax lowering link on sale for forum members. 1) Where do I go? http://www.peromotorsports.com/vmax-super-store/ 2) How much is shipping? FREE in the USA. WE will ship...
  16. D

    Lowering Vmax

    Does anyone have any experience with Progressive 412 rear shocks on the vmax? If so, 1. How much does it lower the seat? 2. Does it affect the handling at all? 3. How does it affect the comfort of the ride on the bike? Thanks
  17. T

    1" Lowering springs

    Hello all, Last year I put in new progressive front springs into my Max and my goal for this year is to upgrade my rear shocks. I have decided to go with lower rear shocks which means that I am going to have to lower my front springs. Does anyone know where I can find just the 1"...
  18. P

    Lowering an inch

    Ok easy done with progressive springs and shocks,,, will I need to modify or get a custom kickstand? will the center stand still work? Thanks for the help
  19. Karmakatt

    Lowering RPM's

    Hi guys- A few questions.. Got Jon's 4-2 SlashCuts and what I think is a decent tune. Four Jets have been added and many (23) Dyno runs have put a HUGE grin on my face. I turn heads and even win over guys who hate loud Pipes. When I'm on the Highway however, she f---ken screams like a...
  20. Karmakatt

    BellyPan vs. Lowering

    Isn't one of the reasons to lower your ride to give that certain cool look?? If you add a BellyPan won't you be only mm's off the road?? Doesn't the right Pan give your bike a "lowered" look simply by it's design? I have a few ideas one of which is too lower the rear and possibly the front. But...