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  1. 95spfldmax

    Mark's Exhaust Contact Info

    Looks like this could be my year for an exhaust upgrade! But went to web page and surprisingly didn't find any contact info. Can someone provide this?
  2. Barry barker

    Mark's exhaust can be quiet, sorta.

    Since I was building a lite weight Vmax, the stock exhaust would never do, I needed that 30 pound weight loss. But I also wanted a quiet bike! (Call me old if you must, but i have always liked quiet machines) When I make a run I don't want anyone to know it was me. When discussing the...
  3. greimers

    Rub mark on 170 rear

    I was inspecting my rear tire (170/80/15) and noticed a significant rub mark along the ridge of the tire on the shaft side. I don't remember anything that could have done this. I'm guessing something temporarily got stuck between the tire and the shaft. Is it possible that under load or getting...
  4. Lotsokids

    Happy Name Day - MARK - Apr. 25

    Happy Name Day to all the "Mark"s! As you may know, I live in Hungary. In Europe (and other places) they celebrate "Name Day" for your particular name. I never heard of this until I moved here in 2009. Yes, I'm red-blooded American, and it seems odd to me. A friend had a discussion with a...
  5. VMAX1260

    Mark's chrome system

    i just received my chrome Mark's can's waiting still for the headers . What do you think ?. the can's are ready so what you see will get on my bike. tell me opinions
  6. VMAX1260

    Mark's exhaust bolt type and size ?

    Does anyone can help me by telling what size and what thread does Mark's exhaust cans have for bolting the exhaust tips ? I am sure it is a U.S thread . I need exact numbers so i oreder some new ones
  7. S

    Mark's exhaust

    I am considering a full system from Mark's Performance mostly due to the rave reviews on this forum. I've noticed that most people have the 4 into 2 system. Does anyone have the 4 into 1? Is there any difference in performance or sound? It seems like everyone swears by Mark's so let me know...
  8. Robbie97vmax

    Balancer Shaft Timing

    I split my cases to repair the notorious second gear issue. Since getting all my parts back from Sean today, I started reassembly and came to a snag in the process. My book (clymers) says there is supposed to be a timing mark on the main drive gear on the crank and a mark on the balancer shaft...
  9. bikedave99

    Mark's Exhaust Christmas Special!

    Guys, was just perusing Mark's site and noticed he is running a deal on his exhausts. See below.... not may be the time! **** Christmas Special **** $749.95 plus shipping while supplies last for the stainless steel 4-2 with 14" mufflers "Your wife told me it's OK for you to buy your...
  10. vmax2extreme

    GEN2 Mark slip-ons

    These look pretty nice on the GEN2, anyone have them yet?
  11. ninjaneer

    My Mark's Exhaust

    Well I ordered me a set yesterday. I figured I'd start a thread to document the whole experience from ordering to final tuning. Hopefully, this won't have any "HELP ME" posts, but if it does, then so be it for the betterment of the forum. First off let me tell you that Mr. Mark is one heck...
  12. bazwell

    Anyone got a pic of the crank gear timing mark?

    I can see a timing mark on the balance shaft, but I can't see one on the crank gear. The genuine and aftermarket manual I've got don't have any good pics. There is white paint on one of the teeth. I scraped it off a bit but couldn't see an indent.:ummm:
  13. mckzx9

    Mark's exhaust is on it's way......

    Called Mark today and he said he shipped my exhaust on Tuesday. I ordered a 4-2 black ceramic coated headers and stainless steel cans. I can't wait to install it next week . Steve O I hope you are ready lol... I got the t-boost switch and COP's to install as well. I feel like a kid at Christmas...
  14. SpecOps13

    Real Metal Turn Downs on My Mark's 4-2 This Time

    One had a good laugh at my experimenting with PVC Turn Downs among other things a few weeks back. A good number of you came to my rescue. It was an experiment and was never intended to be permanent. The Wild Ass'd Skull, Top Cover however will eventually become a reality, As It Is...:rofl_200...
  15. cope11

    Mark's or UFO

    How's everyone doing? I am about to pick up my first Vmax next week. She's a 2000 with a 18'' rear wheel with a 180 tire and some other mods. I'll post pics when I get her home. I've been on this forum for a about a week reading everything I can about the Vmax. Sold my sportbike so I could buy...
  16. D

    Marks exhaust

    ordered marks 4in2 ss system with 2.25 openings 12 inch cans and no turndowns it got here tonight. going to take a half day tommorow to put it on any one have any pointers on the install. never had the stock one off not sure where to start
  17. S

    Marks 4 into 1

    I am going to be selling my Mark,s 4 into 1 exhaust. It is in excellent shape. ceramic coated with 14 inch can. I have both end caps open and turn down. 500.00 plus ship.
  18. OCVmax

    Mark's Exhaust...

    ....will be here tomorrow! Can't wait to see it and hear it. Now just have to figure out the best jetting. Do it myself....or Morley's Jet kit??
  19. O

    Soft luggage with Mark's exhaust

    Can I use any soft side bags,( Nelson Riggs, Tourmaster), with a Mark's Performance exhaust? I'm interested in a set up that ties the side bags to a tailbag as a unit, but am concerned with the clearance to the pipes. Any other advice/sugestions much appreciated. Thanks. Jack.
  20. E

    Got Mark's Exhaust and it runs great. Might want to add jet kit or leave alone.

    Is it worth going up to a stage one? What about a Morely jet kit? I wont be doing any other performance mods after this if that makes a difference. Even though 06 Max did an outstanding job setting up the carbs and stuff I still have that itch for a little more power. Thoughts?