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  1. Specs95t

    2001 VMax for sale Albany NY $3500 to forum members -SOLD-

    So I took my wife on a ride down to the Poconos last weekend and found out that it is time for a touring bike. So I just picked up an FJR1300... I have had my VMax for just over a year and have put 5000 plus miles on it. Total mileage is just under 24,000. Mods: Progressive springs and...
  2. redneksoldier

    Eastern ND/Western MN Members?

    I'm currently traveling around the area for work and dragging the Max around with me. I'm located in Grand Forks, ND For the next couple of weeks and will be heading south to Fargo next. HMU if you want to get together and ride. I would like to find some good local ride roads everywhere I go. I...
  3. Traumahawk

    Berkeley Dispensaries to Provide Free Marijuana to Low-Income Members

    Medical marijuana dispensaries in Berkeley will likely soon be required to provide free pot to low-income members and homeless people, according to an ordinance approved by the city council on Tuesday. The city is also looking to approve a fourth dispensary, raising the current limit of three...
  4. V

    Hi VMax Forum Members

    So I'm a day late and a dollar short! Please don't beat me up too hard. But... Let me tell you a bit about us. We started out selling Brembo and Marchesini wheels and it has grown from there. If you are familiar with those brands they are NO slouch products. We are kind of picky on what...
  5. pjmac5

    Thank You VMAX Forum Members

    I recently bought a 2003 VMAX and I got a great deal. The previous owner started changing the carb tuning and I think he just never got her running right again. I buy her cheap and figure Plan A will be to take her to the Yamaha Dealer and have them fix it correctly. Well the Yamaha Dealer...
  6. B

    Denver area members?

    Just seeing if i am alone here in the Denver area. Would be nice to ride with some one other than my relatives and their Hardleys, now and then.:bang head:
  7. PaleDeth

    Members locations

    Is there a way to search members locations? I tried it in the members section but it didn't work. On a side note though, I noticed that when I found one member in the location i was looking for that the last ten visitors to his profile were all from the same general location, so that was kinda...
  8. redneksoldier

    Is this one of our members?

    I was JW because I happen to be in Paul's Valley working all week. HMU if this is your's or you know who's it is.
  9. NHVmaxpower

    met 2 forum members

    Last night I had the pleasure of meeting Frank fmcandrew on here he's doing my powder coating. Today met Steveoooo std354 he came and synched my carbs my wife cooked him lunch then went for quick blast to the highway. Great guys is all I can say and I want to thank both of them. Now we all b ed...
  10. redneksoldier

    Kansas City Members?

    Up in Kansas City working. Staying in Liberty, MO. Going to be here a while, so I was hoping to meet up with some fellow members. Hit me up, my nights and weekends are wide open for riding. Dusty
  11. S

    new members vmax's country of origin?

    Hi, I have just bought my max which is a non v boost model, it was imported in 2001 through a local dealer. I have been trying to find out where it was imported from, the bike is 96 but has a manufactured date of 95 on the tax book and was registered using the frame no: 3UF******** the engine...
  12. C

    Donating members

    I see the donation button on top, but I don't see amounts for 1 year 2 year etc. Is this just a donation directly to the site, or is there another area that gets you the cool donating member badge on your screen name area? Thanks Todd
  13. davidon

    UK members.. may need assistance

    Need to check if these guys are still in business and if they still have these pads. IF yes I may need a UK address to have them mailed to and then foward to me. Can work out details if these are available. These...
  14. Toolman

    Canadian needs US members help/advice

    hey everyone, I have a 1985 max that was last registered in the US. The bike came into Canada several years ago and has has a couple of owners. It was never registered in Canada and I would like to get it registered in my name. the last owner as far as I know was Matthew G. Stacey in S...
  15. redneksoldier

    Tulsa, Oklahoma Area Members

    Just fishing around for members in the Tulsa area that may want to get together and do some riding/wrenching. The winter has blessed us with some very mild temperatures here (not that the cold ever stopped me anyway). Haven't seen any other Max-ers in the area, but I know they are here...
  16. RaWarrior

    New Vmax Owner members please read!

    Did someone ask for a new-owner FAQ? Here at VMF, we love new members, those of you brave enough to welcome a V-max into your garage, and the pet mod-monkeys that tend to nest somewhere between the rear head and fuel tank. We realize new owners are going to have a lot of questions, since the...
  17. C

    This one is for all of you Members of our American Band!

    Happy 4th of July to all of my Fellow American Brothers, Sisters, Mothers , Fathers and fellow Band Members out there in our Great Country! thank the Lord and be thankful for what we have and who we are. We live in the Greastest Country on Earth and I hope you all never Forget that! <iframe...
  18. Redbone

    Colorado Springs, CO. - Any Members Located Near Here?

    I was wondering if any forum members are near here and if so what the riding/ weather is like there at during the Spring/ Summer/ Fall/ Winter seasons? Are the mountains roads as good as they seem in a cage? How does our Vmax run at the 5000+ elevations? TIA
  19. one2dmax

    New Members

    What is the process currently. Lately I had receieved a few emails from guys wondering what it took since they hadn't heard anything back on thier sign up. Sean
  20. 82ndCowboy

    UK Members ???

    Are there any UK members here? Taxes on ciggs is now down right extortion!!! Looking for some one in the UK that may be interested in a little bootlegging.