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  1. Traumahawk

    Power Commander 5 and Mileage

    I have a question about the power commander 5. I have a reflashed ECU, and I have a PCV to go on it, but havent gotten it installed yet, or tuned. I know that the PCV can be used to fine tune the fuel for max HP, but can it also be used to get the best MPG as well? This is on a 2011. Thanks
  2. J

    Low mileage 2007 v max

    2007 vmax with 14xx miles. Gonna need the carbs done. Hasn't been risen in a while. Nice clean low mileage bike that deserves to be rode. Looking for a fair offer for a low mileage bike. Thanks Jay
  3. D

    Fuel Mileage Equals???

    Zero... Ish
  4. Bill Seward

    Highest mileage on your Vmax.

    Let's start a thread where the owners of the "well used" Vmaxes can post how many miles they've got racked up. Doesn't matter if you bought the bike new or used, just total accumulated miles. Lots of people question if a Japanese motorcycle will do the big mileage, this ought to put that...
  5. shane_desselle

    Gas Mileage???

    Anyone have any idea of why my 07 is getting such crappy gas mileage? I'm getting far less than 100 miles before my fuel light comes on. The bike seems to be running fine as far as i can tell but I've only had the bike for a few weeks. It only has 6,500 miles on it. I traded my 06 R1 for it. Any...
  6. C

    Mileage on me880s?

    What kind of mileage are u guys getting? I have 7k on the front, about the same on the back. They still look good, although the front may be starting to cup a little.
  7. snakecharmr

    How do I increase my fuel mileage?

    I've got an 85 with a ton of mods from previous owners. I'm still trying to sort out what all has been done to the bike internally and probably never will. Heres what I do know Stage 7 kit drilled/modded stock exhaust fan only works with toggle switch Apparently it only gets 140kms or...
  8. R

    Gas Mileage

    I usually ride about 10-20 miles at a time and,back and forth to work is 9 miles round trip.I have been getting 30 m.p.g. and wasnt very happy but i love the power so I figure thats the trade off.I went on a 200 mile ride this past weekend and was running anywhere from my surprise...
  9. vmaxrooky

    marks pipes 4 into2 jetting fuel mileage question

    I just bought a 1998 VMAX with Marks 4 into 2 pipes spark plugs seem a little rich does anyone know what the jetting should be? I'm at sea level maybe a 100-200 above it in California. I'm only getting 22MPG that seems a lot low to me for a bike and the last cruise I did I made sure I kept it...
  10. D

    The saga continues-compression done/plug pics

    Before I start... 5300 miles on bike. Sat from '05-'11, when I bought it. It was obviously under a tree or something for a lot of that time. I've been getting 20 mpg for all three tanks of fuel I've put through my max.... I know that's not right. Everything seems to run smoothly, but I don't...
  11. C

    Mileage how much do you put on?

    How much mileage do you put on your bike a year or month etc. Do you ride 6 months, 9 months 3 months etc? So far I have had my max for almost a month and I have put on 1600 miles already. Todd
  12. jwood

    Gas Mileage

    My last tank of fuel when the reserved kicked in was 122 miles... Over 45 mpg! When I run the tboost on at 3000 rpm only getting high 20 to low 30 mpg... :banghead: Sent from my Galaxy Nexus using Tapatalk 2
  13. thundermax

    2005 #502 of 2,000 Gas Mileage

    First calculation of the mileage in my new 2005 vmax, 44.4 miles per gallon! That is mostly cruising on state highways, 55 to 65 MPH. I am pleased with the result on the first check. Has supertrapp exhaust with 8 disk in each side. Factory jetting. New tires.
  14. The Beekeeper

    Thinking fuel mileage............

    was pondering the limited fuel range of the Gen1 and 2 Maxes and got to wondering what stock production gasoline powered street bike ever produced offered the longest range from a full tank of fuel?................................Tom.
  15. E


    Hey folks ,ive been getting really crappy mileage on my my this year,til i read a forum on the a/f screw settings,now i can go twice as far without filling up again!!!! and say goodbye to that unburnt gas smell seeping from my exhaust!!!! be sure to do a carb sync after adjusting the af screws...
  16. F

    VMax fuel mileage

    I know this is going sound a little nuts, but I've checked the mpg on my Max probably half a dozen times. Here's what's weird to me. I often ride around in the area of my home...backroads with lakes, creeks, an orchard here and there...usually running 35 40 mph..tops, stop signs here and there...
  17. M

    Should I check the valves at my mileage?

    My max just turned 20k and as far as I know the valves have never been adjusted. It seems to run like always. Something I have noticed since I bought the bike at 12k miles is that it has always had a slight pop about 3000RPMs. I have always heard it with the kerker 4 into 1 exhaust. Once past...
  18. V

    New Plugs=Worse Mileage?

    I replaced my plugs with stock NKGs. I checked the gap with two different types of gauges. The bike seemed to run better afterwards but the fuel light came on at low 60 miles! The next tank it came on in the low 80s. Previously it had always been high 90s. I'm not riding it really hard or...
  19. D

    Steering lock

    Greetings All. I have an '88 VMax that I unfortunately must park on the streets of NYC. I've just hit 11k miles today, and she's in beautiful stock condition. A few days ago, someone backed into my bike, knocking it down while the steering lock was engaged. Now, it won't lock in position, as...
  20. Thevmaxrider

    Low mileage VMax f/s in Ontario

    Browsing the GP Bikes website and found a low mileage 2001 VMax for sale :