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  1. C

    exhaust model differences

    I am a new member but will be narrowing my search for a gen 1 V-max. I had a 1985 when they came out. Really ENJOYED the bike but circumstances meant it had to be sold but now back and will soon be looking for a nice used model once I narrow my wants list. Question: The 1996 model seems...
  2. Fire-medic

    Harley new model to boost sales is a scrambler!

    Yes, you read that correctly, the newest Harley-Davidson is a bike sure to bring many new owners into the fold. Turning their back on the aging Baby Boomer cruiser-purchasing cohort, H-D has released a stylish scrambler which reportedly will sell for less than $6,500. Given that many of their...
  3. S

    R1 left front caliper for later model forks

    It bolts up directly to a 97 fork. It's rough looking, been sitting for years. No pads. Make an offer + shipping.
  4. Fire-medic

    I.D early or late model harness

    I got some help from Sean Morley on identifying the early (1985-1989) and late (1990+) model wire harnesses. Here are a couple of pics. The early harness has a white 6-pin connector for the ignition pick-up, but the connector only has 5 wires in it. The early harness also has a large white...
  5. Fire-medic

    late model wire harness

    I need a 1990+ wire harness, the newer, the better. I don't want one that's been modified. If it had the stator wires soldered, that's OK, but would prefer one stock. Thanks.
  6. speedcostsmoney

    carb model

    looking for the carb model number or code
  7. 2

    Is it true Yamaha did NOT put Vboost in the 2006 model Vmax?

    Vboost Sent from my SM-N920T using Tapatalk
  8. R

    20th Anniversary model registry

    I used to own a 20th Anniversary Mazda RX-7, and we had a registry for all of the owners so we had an idea of how many were still on the road, where they were, etc. I thought it would be a good idea to do the same for our beloved Max's. I suggest that the format be as follows: Name...
  9. blaxmax

    Best cops for 1985 model

    Can someone tell me the best make and model plugs for doing the cops on a 1985.I prefer to do them myself.
  10. R

    Later model tacho to early model wiring differences

    Hey guys, I've done a fair bit of searching today but can't find anything on the forum on the mods that are required to put a post 93 model tacho assy into an earlier model. I've ascertained there was a colour change of the plug, from white to red, and whilst it is possible to interchange them...
  11. Bill Seward

    New Model?

    Seems like the people at Zazzle - some online TShirt retailer... know something we dont!
  12. dannymax

    P/U coil testing '86 model

    It appears the original Yamaha service manual is wrong about using the orange wire as the common wire for testing the two p/u coil models '85 - '89 (as mentioned by Maleko in a post many moons ago). The black wire is the common. I'm always reluctant to say the manual is wrong but they also...
  13. D

    California Model

    So, yet again living in the great state of California reminds me of why I will stay only as long as I am stationed here. The Vmax is the second bike I have bought, and the second I have found to have certain specific parts added to it because it is was sold/is in California. Aside from...
  14. Traumahawk

    Picked up another Vmax

    I just managed to pick up my other Vmax today. Here are the pics
  15. vmax626

    I`m lookin for, model train stuff in H-O scale

    Hey guys, I just thought I`d ask if any of you guys have any model train stuff in a box in garage or attic , or just layin around ??? I`m getting ready to put together a good sized layout in my garage ( wanna get the grand sons into something innocent and interesting along with having a good...
  16. gamorg02

    early model gen 1 fork cap question

    hey guys- anyone have their early model (41mm) forks apart? Curious what the thread pitch is on the fork caps and how far (depth) the threads go down into the upper tubes. Thanks!
  17. dingy

    Need a later model final drive case

    I am building Hybrid Venture this winter. I am using an electronic dash from a 97 Royal Star that requires the hall effect sensor mounted in the final drive. The VMax final I have does not have the boss on the casting for mounting the sensor. If someone has a case they would part with...
  18. dannymax

    WTB Late model (43mm) fork cap bolts/plugs

    The hex heads on both my fork cap bolts were rounded off and a socket would just spin. I had to drill and hacksaw them out! What a PIA! The shrader valves are ok but the cap bolt/plugs are shot. Does anyone have a pair of these for sale?
  19. fmcandrew

    Busa calipers on late model vmax

    Gents, Can 6 pot Busa calipers mount up to a 95 vmax? I know Sean makes an adapter for the early models, but what about the late models? Thanks Frank
  20. ninjaneer

    Rear shocks: height and model choice

    I've installed a set of Progressive springs and internally lowered the front end an inch. I want to upgrade the rear with a set of Progressives. My first question is: what are the goods and or bads of choosing a pair of 11 or 11.5 inchers, or is it best to level out the bike with 12s? being...