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  1. U

    Maxflow StreetPro 4-2 Exhaust w/ MegZilla Mufflers

    New in box, I bought it a wile back and ended up not using it as my max needed a ton of work and decided against doing it. This is one of the first Megzillas made after the transition form UFO to Star Rider Performance. UFO called it the "John Pandure" exhaust I beleive. Anyways it's big, it's...
  2. L

    Penske shocks/ Two Brothers mufflers

    Hello, I just bought a 92 V Max project bike and it has Penske adjustable rear shocks and two Brothers Mufflers which by looking at the mounting brackets sort of appear may have come as a package setup. I'll post some pictures later. Does anyone have any info or knowledge of a package like that?
  3. S

    Swapping mufflers

    Anybody try putting different mufflers on midpipes? Not really digging the V&H CS One's looks & would love the idea of putting voodoo/maxflow megs on it.

    MissMax looking for a set of mufflers

    If anyone is a member over there can you please tell her I have a set of stock mufflers, "just the cans" no pipes. If she is interested let me know. Thanks Ron
  5. tugla

    Marks mufflers for Gen 2

    As the title says, looking for a set of marks for the gen 2. I know not lots out there but if someone knows of a set for sale thought I'd try one more time. Thanks.

    Gen 2 exhaust mufflers

    I have 2 cans( mufflers ) one come with the gasket the other doesn't, They look good no major marks,or damage shoot me a PM if interested
  7. R

    wanted vmax mufflers

    I would like to get a set of good mufflers. GOT SOME BAFFLE PLATES THANKS
  8. tugla

    Marks mufflers

    Anyone got a set of marks mufflers for a gen 2 for sale. there was a post a guy had a set for sale ,basically new,cant seem to find that post. mark is not making them any more. thanks
  9. M

    Trap slip-on mufflers

    Used but in very good condition supertrapp slip-on mufflers. Comes with two different end caps. $250 plus shipping. I am in Stafford Virginia
  10. Barry barker

    Stock mufflers

    Stock mufflers SOLD Pretty darn nice set of mufflers. If I was going back stock I would keep them. $220.00 shipped in the lower 48 or best offer. 501-520-8211 [email protected] sold
  11. U

    For Sale: Supertrapp Slip-On Mufflers

    ** SOLD** Supertrapp Slip-On Mufflers ** SOLD ** I have a set of Supertrapp slip-on mufflers for sale in black. They each currently have six baffles installed and I have four extra ones as well. They are in nice condition. I am asking $250 plus shipping. If you have any questions please...
  12. dannymax

    Running video-Optimal Carbone X pipe, stock mufflers, 'Gurued' ECU

    Took this short video today, please excuse the dirty's dry as a popcorn fart here and we live on a dirt road. :biglaugh: Had the Nelson Rigg tank bag from my Can Am holds a box of ice cream, what more could I ask? :confused2: If the video stutters on playback...
  13. dmax1

    Anyone with delkevic mufflers notice

    Has anyone who is using deklevic mufflers noticed if there is a performance gain or lost when running baffles versus no baffles?
  14. carnut108

    can you ID these mufflers ?

    Can you guys ID these mufflers. They are 12" long with 2 " openings at each end. They are slip on's. The carbon fiber look is contact tape, they are chrome or stainless under the tape. The reason I want to ID these is to find the correct baffle for them. My plans to replace the entire system...
  15. Traumahawk

    Stock heavy mufflers

    I'm looking to buy some stock mufflers. Like these. Just looking for something cheap to modify. Thanks
  16. redneksoldier

    Got me some Delkevic mufflers

    I have an older UFO system on the '94 and the cans have definitely seen better days. The aluminum has some pretty good gouges and some minor pitting all over. The rivet holes were starting to get wallowed out to the point that they were about to come apart. I planned to replace the older cans...
  17. 1

    Alternate mufflers

    Has anybody ever tried to use import cans on a 1st gen Max? Any idea of how they would sound? I'm looking to do something different but don't know enough about backpressure and how it would affect performance. I'm not looking to gain a bunch of power or re-jet, but I don't want to lose power...
  18. M

    Slash cut mufflers

    I planned on doing this mod and then a car decided to hit me on Friday the 13th and speed the process up for me. The car hit my right side way while cruising home. Crushed the muffler but I managed to save the ends with a little metal massaging. I cut the one good muffler in half and made two...
  19. timscues


    FS; I have a pair of Jardine Slip On Mufflers for a 85-97, They are Aluminum cans with stainless ends. The right side muffler has a dent that is not visable on the inside and there is a dent and scrape on the outer rear edge of the right muffler. They Retailed for $459 new. Selling for $125...
  20. 5

    Stock mufflers,need help identifying

    Picked up a set of stock mufflers in perfect condition,but don,t know what year they came off of.The number on the information stamping says 1UT-1198.On the left muffler it says 1Ut-14711.On the right side is 1UT-14721.Any help would be greatly appreciated.