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  1. S

    2009 number triangle thing?

    where do the triangle number plates come from...anyone? my 2009 is dated 11/08
  2. S

    2009 number triangle thing?

    don't know what to call it, but am i supposed to have that number plate on my 2009?
  3. D-Max2012

    Anyone know this part number??

    Does anyone know this part number? Trying to find replacements, but noticed on does not have it listed.
  4. U

    Serial number of middle gear – over the years

    Hello all, I want to change my leaking middle gear unit from my 85 vmax A friend send me a complete middle gear in a good condition The Yamaha books show the serial number of the MIDDLE GEAR COMP. is different 85-95 is - 26H-W1751-00-00 96-2007 is - 26H-W1751-01-00 The 2003...
  5. dannymax

    '85 low production number 1FK-000407 for sale

    For Sale--Sold- Rare, low production number (#1FK-000407) 1985 Yamaha Vmax1200 Matching numbers 32,700 miles All original, unmolested and complete, bike has been stored for a number of years...
  6. N

    Number 4 Cylinder leaking fuel

    So I bought my bike used and it ran pretty damn well. Then I started tinkering... Actually I did the shot gun method because my bike started running like pooh; loss of power and backfires. So worked better after shotgun method. Then crap again. I noticed fuel filter was full of rust. Crap...
  7. VMAX2006

    Number 2 cylinder spark plug

    Ok.. so after reading many issues on this forum.. the bulk of the issues can be resolved by cleaning the carbs. Now I have cleaned mine thoroughly twice.. every orifice and jet has been cleaned, the float valves were leveled off. I synced my carbs once I put them back on. Now the reason why i...
  8. E

    Need a part number

    Cleaning the bike after a ride yesterday and noticed I was missing the top cap and bolt for the left rear shock. does anyone have access to a parts book that could get me some numbers? Would be much appreciated, don't have access to my computer right now. Thanks
  9. M

    Engine number and frame number DON'T match. Now what?

    Ok so I got buyers goggles yesterday and skipped one of the most basic checks on a vmax, comparing engine and frame number. Checked this morning and they don't match. Questions that remain are how much does that matter? I'm planning on keeping the bike and making it my own so if it reduces...
  10. O

    part number for plastic shroud infront left scoop

    Plastic shroud in front left scoop that covers the throttle cable linkage box and gets screwed in behind the electrical connections. Need the part number, mine is all broken.
  11. K

    Part number

    Does anyone know what the part number is for the panel behind the left scoop that holds the vboost controller and a few other relays. If you have a spare one got sell, will take it. Ship to Florida. Thanks Don
  12. H

    Fuel leaking through breather hole on number 3

    Hello, I have been rejetting my carbies and now they are back together I am getting fuel leaking out of the breather on number 3. I think it is caused by the needle and seat. They are clean and I swapped the needle from 3 to 4 and 3 still leaks. Does this mean the seat is screwed? Is there...
  13. J

    Part number for spindle "taper" damper rod

    I managed to broke one of damper rods "spindle tapers" see attachment photo. I ordered new to my vmax 2003, part #GM-23173-00-00 it looks totally diffrent( see attachment) The part I ordred cannot be the right one, damper rod do not fit in my opinion, the damper rod do not come out enough...
  14. 4

    Need part number

    I need the p/n for the rubber boots between the carbs and vboost. Can't find it on the cache, or at least the right cache for it. Thanks in advance.
  15. G

    Vehicle identification number

    Hey fellows, can anyone tell me if the VIN on my 01 Max is stamped into the frame somewhere. I actually sold the bike and the guy that bought it is trying to get it inspected for registration and they telling him that the sticker on the frame is not good enough. I'm sure it's probably stamped in...
  16. Y

    Rich on cylinder number 4

    Just like that i fouled a plug on cylinder number 4 (front right.) was running fine and is noticably missing at idle, carbs are synced, good fuel. Kind of at a loss. any help would be great. Thanks Jeremy
  17. WVxNitemare

    Help identify part number

    Hey all Been trying to order a new bolt for the left side of my vmax the top one on the Yamaha engine guards but my local dealer can't match a part number... Anyone know the number for that bolt? it screws into the frame... No nut or anything... They ordered three bolt so far and none of them...
  18. texas-ss-tornado

    Low serial number 09 on eBay

    I guess this is #2 built? Anyone know whose got #1???
  19. GREEN light BLITZ

    Oring fix, Kawasaki part number?

    Hey fellas, I took my oil pan off and big surprise my 85 has a blown dread-ring. Does anyone have the part number for the Kawasaki upgrade for that o-ring or what it's called (proper name please) so when the kid behind the parts counter gets lost I can point him in the right direction for me...
  20. W

    Part Number

    I need the yamaha part number for the throttle ( part grip slides on ) For my 87 max, or point me where to buy online, went to put grips on and half of it was busted but now the throttle wont snap back on its own...I dont care for that. There is a bunch on ebay...but none listed...