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  1. mikeinga

    Turn Signal nut

    Quick question tools are 100 miles away I need a wrench to get turn signals off can anyone tell me the nut size so I can go buy a wrench. Sent from my SAMSUNG-SM-N910A using Tapatalk
  2. G

    Axle Nut Size

    Went to take off the rear wheel, and realized I didn't have the correct size socket for the axle nut... I'm wondering what the axle nut size is for the rear wheel, its a non-castlenut version on a 1997.
  3. Fire-medic

    Emeril Legasse nut cracker

    As Emeril says, "take it up a notch, BAM!" Well this fellow is very lucky, and was for about 25 years, because he was using a Chicom hand grenade to crack-open walnuts during that time! How-many times watching WW II movies have you seen combatants throwing the same grenade at each other...
  4. rzwanink

    Nut of midgear/differential broke (pinion gear)

    Guys, Maybe a stupid question. But better asked then left behind in the darkness of my mind :biglaugh: I am from the Netherlands so my English may be a little off. From what I could find on the other topics, it is called my midgear/pinion gear or differential broke (see picture)...
  5. dingy

    Steering nut wrench

    Found a video online this evening showing how to use Steering Head wrench that I sell on an FJR. Sort of cool to come across it. I know Sean Morley also showed it in a video he made a few years ago. About 2:45 into video...
  6. K

    Castle nut size

    So I thought I posted this earlier (my apologies if I did as I'm using the tapatalk app). I need to know what size the castle nut is on the rear axle. Bike bandit doesn't list the size, just the name and that they want 20 bucks for it. Thanks for the help!
  7. K

    Axle nut size??

    Don't ask how, but the castle nut on the rear axle is less than usable after a recent incident........ Just need to know the size of that thing so I can order a new one!! Bike bandit simply lists it as a castle nut for $20. Don't think I need to spend 20 bucks on a nut... Or do I??
  8. fmcandrew

    Muffler flange nut size

    Anyone know off the top of their head the size of the nut welded on the stock muffler flange? Thnx
  9. CrackerRican

    Axle Nut

    Anybody have any ideas what I could do to pretty up rear axle nut, maybe a cover or something
  10. B

    castle nut

    Anyone kknow off hand what the castle nut size is on the rear axle of a 85 model. I'm thinking around 27 or 28, but not sure. Search didn't turn up a size and one of my nephews borrowed my socket set so I got a few missing. Thanks
  11. davidon

    Middle gear nut

    Getting ready to attempt to remove/replace the middle gear nut while everything is in the bike. Need advice on best way to do this. Put bike in gear, not in gear, etc.
  12. davidon

    Staking/Unstaking middle gear nut

    How do you properly unstake the middle gear nut and also restake it? What tools do you use and what procedure? I want to remove and replace that nut in the engine. Also if its done in the engine willing the banging around on the nut cause any unwanted consequences on the tranny?
  13. V

    Size of rear axle nut?

    Does anyone know the socket size of the rear axle nut? It's the one without the cotter pin if that makes a difference. Thanks.
  14. gamorg02

    early model damper holder nut size

    hey i can't find it quick, does anyone know offhand what size jam nuts we need to hold the damper rod on the 85-92 forks? i may not be able to use the impact while the forks are in the bike trick, or it might be modified and just want that option readily available. its just a what, maybe 24"...
  15. jedi-

    Axle nut cover

    1. Hate the OEM fugly nut. 2. Replace the nut with a Nylock nut and use the stainless stealth cover and lock it into position.
  16. S

    What is the method to properly torque ring and head nut.

    I rode a buddys Vmax and I was surprise at just how easy the thing rode. I was tooling around on my bike the other day and decided to check the ring nuts and head nut for correct torque. I noticed that the head nut was loose so I thought maybe ill check the ring nuts too . I tightened the...
  17. davidon

    Steering stem nut

    Anyone know the size/threads of this offhand?
  18. 2fear

    Broke a sweet trying to bust a nut....

    Broke a sweat trying to bust a nut.... Get your mind out of the gutter! I installed my engine guards on my 05 Vmax and the damn frame bolt on the right side was a bear to get off. It looks like they put blue loc-tight on the threads from the factory, so I broke a sweat trying to bust a nut...
  19. GREEN light BLITZ

    Ide give my left nut...

    Ide give my left nut AND my Max in trade for this guys V-Max! Green must be my color,I look good in a shade of envy Im told.
  20. A

    Middle Drive Shaft Nut Snap ???

    Hi everyone, my names Jacob (aka Cobb). I own a Yammie XVS1100 Vstar Classic Cruiser and we 1100 owners have been having a series of failures with the Middle Drive Shaft. The NUT that holds the Uni Joint onto the Middle Drive Shaft (the shaft that exits the motor) suffers a Stress Fracture and...