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  1. C

    Looking for a 4-1 pipe

    Im building up a 3000 mile 2000 max and the jardines on it sound wimpy. Preferably would like a ufo, kerker(with a decent baffle),or voodoo 4-1, open to other suggestions as well. I have about 500 to spend and dont mind small imperfections; it'll be fixed and painted anyways.
  2. cwkerr007

    head pipe diam

    i'm on the fence trying to get details on 4-1 headers i don't want to spend all that money without knowing i'm gaining perf does anyone have the head diam specs on the different brands dragstar,cobra,delv,morley,and any others that might have the larger i.d. pipes any help would be great thanx
  3. S

    Oil pressure slightly higher after oil pipe o-ring replacement.

    Will fixing the bulging o-ring cause a slight increase in pressure across the whole range? Before replacing, pressure would hit 60psi on a cold startup & idle at 2-4 when hot. It's hitting 65 cold & idle is 8 now. It tops out at 65 revving the motor. The fitting for the oil galley plug from...
  4. N

    06 max left side header pipe

    Hello everyone, Bought my first Vmax last night. Did a cannonball run with my oldest boy and a buddy. A little over 10 hours round trip arriving home at 0400hrs and I am the owner of her. I need a left side header pipe. Looks like the one on it got partially smashed loading it by previous...
  5. carrizog60

    custom slipons, link pipe or not?

    hello going to get price for a custom slip-ons, same look as stock. should i ask to make a link pipe or is something that is no worth the work(and price)? what does it affect? thanks
  6. M

    Oil delivery pipe leak

    Finally done with engine rebuild . started the bike and got this leak on front cylinder oil delivery pipe. Was torqued to spec with new gaskets. just wondering[ if I need to simply change gasket or could banjo bolt or oil circuit be an issue?
  7. P

    gas from breather pipe?

    Ok when the bike is running I have gas coming out of the two left hand breather tubes that screw to the top of the air filter. Bearing in mind its not running well Im assuming that this isnt normal. Any suggestions guys?
  8. Barry barker

    engine to stock header pipe connectors/shield

    SOLD engine to stock header pipe connectors/shield Does anyone need these parts? make me an offer. I have 2 connectors I have 1 heat shield SOLD
  9. A

    Header pipe end diameter question

    Anyone knows the exact diameter on header pipe ends as i don't have a caliper in hands? going for custom made slip-ons and i want to buy the correct size pipe.
  10. dannymax

    Running video-Optimal Carbone X pipe, stock mufflers, 'Gurued' ECU

    Took this short video today, please excuse the dirty wheels....it's dry as a popcorn fart here and we live on a dirt road. :biglaugh: Had the Nelson Rigg tank bag from my Can Am Spyder.....it holds a box of ice cream, what more could I ask? :confused2: If the video stutters on playback...
  11. J

    project pipe dream

    A thread was posted with a link to a guy that was on a dirt bike that jumped off a ski jump. He also rode it down a bobsled chute. In many of the shots the bike had 17s with sport bike tires. Supermotard or sumo for short. Several manufacturers make bikes like these that are plated for the...
  12. Hellboy

    header pipe discoloring?

    Hi all, I've installed my new stainless pipes and have noticed that the down pipes are already discoloring for about the first 100-150mm. My old pipes were stainless but in bad shape so I replaced them. The old ones however, were not ever discoloured. Is it the grade of stainless or a sign...
  13. VmaxRider85

    Akro cat delete pipe

    I have my '10 bought it used guy had the bike with it on with no tune, I took it off bc it was unsure if a tune was needed or it's safe?! Please help I miss the sound.. Message me or write back..
  14. scuff

    Carb and Pipe setup suggestions Anyone?

    Ok so I am a new owner of a 94' V-max. I have all the little stuff taken care of now so it's on to bigger things. My bike came to me with Cobra slip on's with stock header and Stage 1 carb setup at least that's what the previous owner said about the carbs. Well the bike doesn't seem to run as...
  15. pjmac5

    VooDoo 4-1 Supertraap & Open Pipe Video

    VooDoo 4-1 Supertrapp & Open Pipe Video I have attached a video with the Megaphone to Supertrapp conversion as well as an open pipe video. The Supertrapp has what sounded like a rattle in the core under heavy acceleration. I have packed the core really tight and really loose. I have run with...
  16. D

    Tank vent pipe question

    Why does the tank vent pipe have such a tiny restrictor hole on the end? I ask because I sort of filled mine up a bit with Red Kote when I was treating tanks. I guess I let it sit the wrong way a little too long, and the excess didn't drip out of there. I've reamed it out with a violin string...
  17. P

    exhaust pipe torque

    Hi, When removing and replacing exhaust pipes is it necessary to torque it to the correct specs or is it ok to just tighten it as hard as possible? Thanks :)
  18. G

    Akrapovic Mid Pipe

    Any of you guys running a Akrapovic mid pipe on your machines ? I have a few people say they were running the mid pipe with stock mufflers and liked the combination , others have said it sounds like crap . I would assume deleting the cat the bike is going to need a power commander or not sure if...
  19. K

    Front Pipe Exhaust Leak

    Hey guys, I've been getting a good bit of pop when cruising at 3-4K rpm. It looks to be an exhaust leak, I could feel air escaping right at the base of the conical muffler section where there is an opening to the rest of the muffle and exhaust system. So I took off the muffler; I can still...
  20. Redbone

    Coolant Pipe Elbow

    I am going to replace my coolant pipe elbow with a Otec piece and wanted to know what all is involved. It looks like the manifold needs to be loosened up or even removed and the old elbow is just held on with O-rings. Am I missing anything more? I was going to change the coolant anyways so the...