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  1. dmax1

    answering post

    After loggimg in on phone and trying to post an answer the sight keeps taking me back to the login page.
  2. P

    post editing?

    I just posted a pic of my new ride and low and behold - I forgot the resize my pic before uploading it. So now I've got a post you have to scroll sideways. (pic is +3000 px) There's bigger problems in life, but... I saw I couldn't edit my post, is there some sort of probation period as a...
  3. Fire-medic

    Laugh at this CL post

    Obviously done to make us all laugh.
  4. Fire-medic

    no adding to my post possible

    Is there something I have to do to be able to add to a post I've already made in a thread? I used to be able to do it, but there was a modify button or something which I no longer see. Thanks.
  5. J

    another fan switch post

    1S4377 2 Male Blade Terminal M16 x 1.5 Open Makes 190f ± 6 Breaks 174f ± 6 (View Image) 1S4378 2 Male Blade Terminal M16 x 1.5 Open Makes 203f ± 6 Breaks 183f ± 6 (View Image) 1S4360 2 Male Blade Terminal M16 x 1.5 Open Makes 203f ± 5 Breaks 194f ± 5 (View Image) 1S4425 2 Male Blade...

    I Posted a OPINION post in the other Vmax forum

    Rather than copy and paste it in here I will just offer you a link if you can to read it and then reply back here in this thread.
  7. SpecOps13

    Litghter Than My Normal Post

    "R Rated"
  8. Q

    Gen II Mods, with stock exhaust_Re Post

    I am attempting to re-post this topic. I have a new, but 2014 model Gen II Vmax. Just bought the bike and paid cash, so mod funds are a bit low for awhile. I have removed the airbox baffle and installed the K&N filter. I also put on the PUIG windscreen (pic is in my gallery). Other...
  9. Itgoes

    Can't open "Gen 2 mods with stock exhaust" post

    Kinda weird.....wanted to respond but post won't open. Never seen that before. :ummm:
  10. TB99Max

    Aftermarket headlight (please post some pics)

    I was thinking of trying to make this work..... Thoughts, opinions welcome
  11. S

    Older Craigslist post in TN

    For openers, somebody had RURNT the look of this bike! But for an 04 with 20k on it, maybe it'd be worth someone else's time to put stock body parts and such back on it and have a decent ride or flip it for a profit?
  12. Fire-medic

    Belgian car graveyard of post WW II cars

    An interesting read, if you like the idea of finding hundreds of old cars, just ripe for the taking, except that they were in Belgium.
  13. C

    Little post accident update

    Well I have been very busy with trying to keep business going and make some decisions I ve been wanting to make, but now all of a sudden forced myself into making them. I wont bore people with details on some of them. But I ve made some rather large financial decisions and I am very glad I...
  14. D

    Post Count Whoring

    I'm just making this thread for my 2400th post. Not a particularly great number, but you guys won't mind.
  15. blaxmax

    Why i post?

    I not only enjoy quick answers to problems but i try to make problems for others as easy as possible to solve. I sent parts to members as far as the UK and australia and i've bought parts from members on this site. I am a senior member and have a lot of knowledge of motorcycles and have raced...
  16. J

    Xmas pic post here!

    Ill start it off. Merry Christmas to my Yamahammer Family..
  17. VMax-Mike

    post your favorite thunder video and pic's

    I like this one alot.
  18. dmax1

    What Happened to my post??????????????

    Posted about my V boost motor not working and now can not find it.:ummm: Should the V boost motor when cycled with the key cause the V boost to open fully and then close. I ask this because mine does not. Is this a bad motor or is there something else I should look for.:confused2:
  19. jagco1

    Vmax craigslist post in MD

    I found this post today on craigslist title vmax scam Any 1 no this bike...
  20. SlowBox

    Post up your other hobbies here

    All right boys, I'm new here but I've been lurking plenty and learning all I can about these Vmaxs we ride. I'm curious about what y'all do when you aren't riding though. I've been mechanically inclined my whole life so bikes and cars have always come naturally to me. I love taking things apart...