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  1. J

    How to put your Vmax on the centerstand-by Jackie Chan

  2. Bill Seward

    Just put in..

    My retirement papers... July 13, but may well be at Thunder if I decide not to go back.:punk:
  3. M

    How many miles did u put on your gen 2 this year?

    Last weekend I was riding.... This weekend there's half a foot of snow!!! I guess it's done for till spring..... The gen 2 saw the most attention in my garage this season. It saw 7200km (4500) mi the gen 1 saw 160km (100) mi and the goldwing went on 1 trip 4000km (2500) mi all in all a good year.
  4. bkuberek

    How to put VMax on center stand?

    Hi there, Is anyone here able to put the vmax on center stand alone? Do you have to be super strong or is there a technic? I don't have anyone to help me with this and I would really like to know how to do it myself. If you have a link to a video that would be awesome. Thanks
  5. 2

    Is it true Yamaha did NOT put Vboost in the 2006 model Vmax?

    Vboost Sent from my SM-N920T using Tapatalk
  6. Falaholic

    How many Amps/Watts does the charging system put out

    Wanted to ask how many amps or watts the charging system is putting out. Also can it be upgraded to something that puts out more?
  7. J

    Has anyone put sportbike subframe/tail on gen 1?

    :rofl_200:I'm looking to put a 1999 TL1000s tail on my gen 1 vmax. Has anyone tryed anything like this. Maybe some do and donts. I know some of you may hate me for this but I found a pic of one and I like the look. I've sourced almost all the TL parts already. Thanks
  8. Bill Seward

    Put the Max to bed today..

    Finished the season with 129,080 miles on the odo. Best thing done to it this season was installing the headlight relays. Best moment of the season was seeing Ian pull into the Day's Inn in Somerset at Thunder. I admit was a wreck waiting for him to get there.. Scariest moment was watching him...
  9. Tommygun4u

    Help! Put in clutch now rock hard lever

    If someone can, please help me. I followed all the directions and bike starts in neutral but I can pull in clutch to try gears. Anyone know why? Thank you
  10. C

    How many miles a year you put on your bike.

    Well I am mapping out my trip and going to ride the Dragon on the way down if the weather is nice enough. If not I ll do it on the way back. Just for me to get down there is around 1475 miles just to get to Florida if I take the shortest route. My side route which I will take most likely...
  11. D

    Anybody put in a different gas cap?

    I'm wondering if anyone has put a sleeved screw-type gas cap in our tank...
  12. S

    1500 finally put together!

    Sorry for no dyno charts at this time, but long story short, I (with the help of Sean of course) finally got my vmax made into a 1500! With the new higher compression pistons, I got the assembly balanced, ported my heads and v-boost manifolds, and used Sean's bigger 5th gear. I started it up...
  13. P

    Help! Did I put the morley jet kit air corrector in the wrong hole??

    Hi, I just installed Morley Jet kit and now it sucks at higher RPMS, I cant even get to 6000 RPM. I did this while i was cleaning my carbs and my new exhaust hasn't arrived yet, so it's still on stock exhaust. The problem is i read CV carb tuning guide and it says if it doesn't pull well my...
  14. A

    Is there any way to put a stock gen 2 rear wheel on a gen 1?

    My cousin just got a gen 2 vmax and has the 240 rear conversion on order. I like the stock rear wheel (6 x 18) which still has the stock tire (200/50R18) and will buy it off him if there is any way to make it fit on my gen 1. I know that to get a 200 on the swing arm needs to be notched. What I...
  15. D

    I want to put my Max on a diet

  16. dingy

    You will either love or hate what I put on my Venture/Max

    Tweetie got a little more pinstripping done this week. 2nd picture is without added VMax (Special Edition) Hope this isn't a crime against VMax's !! Gary
  17. P

    why do people put coil packs on instead of ht leads

    what are the good points and bad points of this mods ?
  18. mattmullins

    so i put on dyna mini coils- re-gap?

    Have the dyna 3000 so i added the dyna dc3-2 coils nice big blue spark, so i took one of the plug wires and put a spark plug in it so i could see the spark held it close to the frame and was jumping around 1/2" that's a pretty good jump . So i figured more gap on the plug stock is 35 thousands...
  19. C

    Mileage how much do you put on?

    How much mileage do you put on your bike a year or month etc. Do you ride 6 months, 9 months 3 months etc? So far I have had my max for almost a month and I have put on 1600 miles already. Todd