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  1. spottedsquirl

    Jetting recommendations?

    Hey everyone, I have an '85 Vmax with a stage 7 jet kit install. Mains are 165. I assume the kit was done to directions. My elevation is 400'. Can anyone recommend jetting for this altitude? Thanks.

    Grip and bar end mirror recommendations

    I'm in the market for for some new grips and bar end mirrors. I'm not a kuryakyn fan. I'm interested in the Driven D3 grip Sean sells. Any other ideas on grips? I like OEM but my left one is toast. I've had some super cheap bar ends from ebay. They've worked surprisingly well. I'd like...
  3. Falaholic

    Need new front tire, recommendations

    Stock rim. Mainly highway riding, so looking more for longevity than performance. What brand and model do you recommend.
  4. caseyjones955

    tent & gear recommendations.

    I plan on doing a bit of touring on the vmax this coming year. I have been going through my camping/bugout bag gear. Until now I have favored mostly military surplus for durability, lack of silly colors and price. Problem is bulk and weight, I have to lighten up over a shoulder injury and...
  5. K

    Exhaust Recommendations for Gen2

    I would like to upgrade my exhaust for my Gen2 Vmax. For aesthetics I want to keep it with 4 out. Any good suggestions? Sent from my iPad using Tapatalk HD
  6. N

    Wheel recommendations

    Hey All, Since I can't seem to get the wheel back that I sent out to be modified to accept a radial, what after-market wheels do you suggest that I look into? Right now, my bike is a hangar queen because the guys who were supposed to modify it won't communicate with me despite calls and...
  7. Conman

    '88 Vmax Rev Limiter Recommendations?

    Hi, I've been researching rev limiters and from what I can tell my options are very slim since my bike is pre-1990. So far my plan is to look for an old Dyna 3000 on ebay. All I'm really looking for is something to keep me from over-revving while accelerating hard or accidentally missing a...
  8. N

    Radial tire brand recommendations

    Hey Guys! Sandy Kosman has my wheel and is going to start working on it this weekend. What tire brand would you suggest? I'm decided to go with a 17" wheel due to the larger selection of tires available versus the 18", so do you have any recommendations? Thanks! Spring WILL...
  9. S

    Factory pro jetting recommendations

    Well, I talked to factory pro about my wot "wet spot" below 3k. They say air correctors tend to make them lumpy in that range. marc's words: "Ok - here's my suggestion. Buy the 1.0 kit. Request 185, 190, 195 main jets (that's with a cleared MAJ) Buy the HDJ emulsion tubes. They atomize...
  10. U

    Windshield recommendations?

    I have one season of riding on my Vmax since acquiring it last Summer. I think I'd like to protect myself a little from the wind during cooler temperatures so I'm looking at windshields. I absolutely don't want a big unattractive shield, but the little "fly" screens don't seem like they could...
  11. theRealDrumBum

    1st Gen Storage Recommendations

    What do you guys do for storage? I am looking for ideas for a semi-permanent storage on the luggage rack (OEM) of my vmax. Preferably something that can be locked - not a big fan of putting something on it, but I need the ability to run errands and pick things up.
  12. Vee4DFW

    Speedo Recommendations

    Howdy folks, I'm looking for something digital to replace my old analog speedo that will bolt in without alot of work. Yes I know I'm lazy but I told myself that from now on all of my bods are going to be bolt-on or something easy for my mechanic to do. Thanks in advance

    Carb jetting/cleaning recommendations and more ?'s

    Hey guys, Lets start off with jetting recommendations: I'm putting in a set of carbs with a morley muscle jet kit and DJ Stg7 needles. I'm looking for a recommendation on jets and needle clip positons and shims (if req'd) to get in the ballpark. My elevation is 1200-2000'. Planning to...
  14. naughtyG

    any recommendations for braided lines?

    I need to replace my front brake lines, so wondered if anyone can recommend a good place to order new ones from. Looking for both good service and hopefully a decent price.. They must be braided, silver in color to match the clutch line, and have to be custom length (106cm / 41 3/4") as I have...
  15. M

    Jacket recommendations

    Greetings, I am looking for a good riding jacket and would appreciate everyones help in making a selection. What I am looking for is a very comfortable jacket that is water proof, has great ventilation with a collar that will protect my neck in cold weather. It could be either leather or...
  16. Jayhawk

    Mark's Pipe recommendations?

    I really like the sound of Mark's Pipe products, and his rep seems to be pretty high from what I can gather. Mark also sounds as if he's pretty flexible and will build you what you want. So, if you were going to order a set of these for your Max, what would you get? Mild (coated) steel...