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  1. jdeitz1979

    Gen1 Back Rest

    Anyone have one they'd like to sell? Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  2. A

    Original back rest for gen 1

    I have a nice backrest that is O.E.M. for sale. I removed it recently. Bike always stored inside garage with bike cover. No rips/tears. $400 plus cost of shipping. I can send pictures. Located in N. Illinois. Call or text me if interested. (815) 739-2818 Sent from my GT-N8013 using Tapatalk
  3. Eugene Brad

    Passenger back rest

    I'm wondering if there is a lower profile back rest that can bolt onto my existing? I'll get a closer pic later but it appears to me the top portion of the back rest could be unbolted and maybe a much shorter, like stock grab bar style could maybe replace it. If so I could swap it on and off...
  4. Bill Seward

    Rest in peace, Adam West.

    Passed yesterday from Leukemia. The original, and best Batman.
  5. A

    1986 sissy bar (back rest)

    Want to sell or trade for the normal one. Don't like this look. Any one interested shot me an offer.
  6. rusty

    Sissy bar back rest

    Here's a great deal if any body is intrested---->
  7. J

    El cheapo back rest LOL

    well, there ya go. Cost of bag- FREE from a Buddy. Cost of Zip Ties $1.99 Cost of Back-Pad $4.99 Ebay It gives me back support & a place for my road goodies. My boy got Creative with a Marker when I wasn't looking , LOL

    Back Rest Reflector

    I was changing my oil today and noticed that the reflector from my back rest is missing. Must have popped off while I was riding ...somewhere. Back of the bike looks crappy when you can see under the seat. Anybody have one or possible know where I should start looking. I believe it is an...
  9. D

    back rest

    Can anyone identify what bike this backrest is from- I asked the owner and he said he does not know and there are no markings anywhere. Thanks.,ext=ext
  10. sdt354

    A great American laid to rest.

    In a couple of hours I'll be leaving to attend the funeral of my step father, Ken. Ken passed away a couple of days ago. He was 96 and lived a full life, spending the last decade with my mom. Ken was a marine that fought at Guadel Canal. He was injured by a mortar and carried a piece of shappnel...
  11. Irtron

    Right steering rest is much further than left

    I noticed that the throttle grip reaches much closer to the faux tank than the clutch grip. Eventually I had to turn the grip to raise the brake lever to move throttle cables away from the faux tank after a few nasty scratches appeared next to the right triple tuning fork. Also I have to move...
  12. frank5079

    back rest and luggage rack

    I got my back rest and rack yesterday after work and got them installed in a few minutes. I love the fit and finish!!! Thanks Dobie!!!
  13. cgswss

    driver back rest

    On one ride I saw Mike with a back rest that came up thru the flip and worked for the driver instead of the passenger. Dose anyone know if these are still available? Christmas is coming and I still haven't got Me anything.
  14. 65fury

    removable back rest questions

    Hey guys, on my new vmax i got a back rest, but im not to keen on the look so i unbolted the backrest part..... but now it also looks kinda funny without it. Does anyone make a grab handle that bolts in place of the backrest piece? Thanks jason
  15. T

    rear back rest delete

    Does anybody know if there is a backrest delete piece available? I was hoping somebody has had to machine some over the years. I wanted to be able to throw this piece in when I wasn't needing to accomadate an extra rider. Also, can anybody tell me what all I'm missing to put a rear seat and...
  16. Buster Hymen

    Rest In Peace -- my brother

    The effects of severe MS claimed the life of my older brother today at the age of 50. My brother, Bruce, has battled MS for the last 20 years. I witnessed this disease destroy a life through gradual steps of numbed extremities and difficulty in walking to confined to a wheelchair to being placed...
  17. 2fear

    I have a few drivers back rest coming.

    I'm in the process of making some drivers back rest for the Vmax stock seat to help give our backs a rest on those long riding days. It is quick and easy to install and remove and doesn't look to bad on the bike either, that's what I was trying to accomplish. I will have only 7 of them and they...
  18. maxcruiser

    Using frame slider/engine guards as foot rest?

    I'm looking at taking the stock Yamaha engine guards off and changing them for a set of Cycle One Off's frame sliders/engine guards. Questions I have for anybody that has them, first how long are they? and two, can they comfortably be used for...
  19. warbeast

    Back rest parts

    Does anyone here happen to have the bottom portion of a backrest available for sale or trade for a grab bar? I am looking for the rail parts only and not the backrest. Any help is greatly appreciated. Thad
  20. 2fear

    H.A.C back rest.

    I sold my factory back rest on eBay and just ordered the H.A.C removeable back rest. I read all the post and it sounded like what I wanted, so I took the $300 plunge today. Next up, is a shift light.