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  1. J

    Single Carburetor--in dire need

    Hey everyone, I had the misfortune of accidentally dropping my carbs when taking them out of the bike---broke a corner off of the body and the top cover. Does anyone possibly know where I can buy a body and top or does anyone have one??? I checked ebay but couldn't find a thing...
  2. rebeltaz83

    Vw single barrel carb conversion?? Wonder if it's...
  3. R

    Looking for a single carb.

    It looks like the A/f mixture drew monster latched onto my VMAX :( . I tried drilling and extruding it out with no luck. I'm hoping someone has a single stock carb they would like to get rid of cheap that has good A/F mixture port.
  4. Fire-medic

    lane 'cutters' and 'zippers': merging into a single lane from two

    We all have experienced the person who runs up on the right (or the left, if traffic has to merge to the right) and crams his way (or her way) into the single lane. This article...
  5. TB99Max

    Single black supertrapp

    I am looking for a single black supertrapp. The exhaust that is on there now is in my opinion nasty looking! It's a two brothers carbon muffler. I guess I will buy new if I have to but figured I'd check here first. I prefer a low mount, kind of low profile look. Thanks guys
  6. S

    Single shock conversion

    Just I have the 4-2-1 that will make the bikes rear quite wide...and having seen a few bikes with just a shock on one side I got thinking. :ummm: As I have the fjr1300 swingarm (monoshock, and therefore deisgned for only being supported at the front)..could I run a single heavy...
  7. V

    single seat conversion

    what is the name of this rear end and where to buy ? thx
  8. wildweasel_pt

    Single side vmax front

    I tried to look around for the thread that had a single side front for a vmax but i didn't find it. I did find the manufacturer of that setup along with other pics of another vmax as well. Here they go...
  9. F

    Single seat conversion

    Is it possible to do this cheaply? I am guessing it's not a simple matter of taking off the back seat off? I eventually plan on getting a new back fender but would like to avoid that expense for a bit. Would a custom new seat be needed?
  10. T

    Two pickup ign to single

    I have an older two ign pickup bike. If I put in a newer engine with a single pickup and I have the wire harness and black box will all other electrics plug up to the newer harness? Thanks Jim
  11. Noxx72

    Single disc in front?

    Here's a question you don't hear every day. With the stock Max being notoriously short on stopping power, you might think I'm daft but I'm considering dropping to a single rotor when I upgrade my rims because, well, if you spend 2K+ on rims, you'd like to SEE them. Has anyone run a single up...
  12. ghostntheshell

    Hindle Single 4in1 stage 1?

    What's the recomendation when it comes to installing a 4in1 Hindle? What do I need to do to the carbs? Will a stage 1 kit help? Is this what I will need? ________ vapormatic vaporizer
  13. Heretic

    Mad Max 8 inch stretch / 300mm / single shock

    Here are some pictures of a local Max owner's new setup that I thought you all would like to see. He never visits this site, even though I tell him to. It is a Mad Max 8 inch stretched swingarm with 300mm rear tire and a single shock setup that he fabbed himself. He originally had the 300mm but...
  14. S

    syncing carbs with a single port vacume gauge

    Is there a way to sync my carbs with a single port vacume gauge? I know it will be a pain to go from carb to carb but is this possible. also what is the easyest way to adjust the 3 adjustment screws for the carbs? Thanks...
  15. R

    330 tyre - single shock

    Found on, a new development by one of the forum members
  16. G

    Single carb backfire

    Hi guys, i have been a vmax owner for 20 years, and i have this odd problem i can not tune out, i hope some one out here has had the same issue and resolved it. When my 88 is up to operating temp i have a single carburetor that pops or back fires intermitently. Usually when i am idling and give...
  17. MagnaVMax

    Single Sided Swingarm

    Is there a single sided swing arm made for the max or do you have to do a bunch of fabricating to fit one on to a max? I absolutely love the look of them and was wandering what it would take to put one on?