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  1. J

    Lazy speedometer head

    Its not the cable "new" its not the drive gear "new". My speedo is lazy "slow at catching up to speed" but reads accurate on stable cruising speed. I'm guessing there is no quick fix for this. Something in the head isn't working proper. Time for a new speedo ??? worked 100% in the fall...
  2. J

    Speedometer needed

    Need a speedometer and cable for an 85 VMax. Previous owner failed to inform me he had kinked the cable and tried straightening it out just before I bought it. On way home speedo started making LOTS of noise and quit working. Sent from my SM-N900P using Tapatalk
  3. SpecOps13

    Need a speedometer cable and sheath???

    I was backing the bikes out of their spots today for their weekly ride and the speedometer cable caught on the forward controls of the bike beside it. Twisted the cable 90 degrees. So when I got on the interstate I looked down to see the speedo was reading 00.00 MPH. I'm sure I could get one...
  4. S

    Speedometer wines - Loudly

    Hi, I just noticed my speedometer wines loudly. It comes and goes, but mainly comes. Is there any fix for this. It is very loud, almost where you think something is really wrong. Thank you
  5. C

    Speedometer graphics

    Does anyone out there know who or where to get a a new background for the speedometer on a factory unit ? Mine is old and kinda faded and I'd like to find one that's possibly got a Carbon Fiber look to it ? Also can it be disassembled to replace the background? ? I tried searching around...
  6. T

    gen 1 speedometer

    I need a speedometer for my 85 or someone to fix mine . Do the speedometer from other bikes fit . i don't think they would go up to 155.
  7. Traumahawk

    Speedhut GPS speedometer

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  8. O

    Can't figure out what the heck is wrong with speedometer

    Bought an 86 last week and the speedometer/tach doesn't work- lights up, though. I drill spin the cable and the speedo mph works. So I assume the problem has to be the speedo drive on front wheel. Have extra one, so I replace it. Nothing appears to be damaged. Still doesn't work. SOMEBODY...
  9. F

    Speedometer Correction

    Has anyone figured out how to get the speedometer to read correctly when changing front tire sizes without going to a digital unit?
  10. E

    Speedometer calibration

    My speedo reads highl by about 8 km/hr at 100 km/hr. The bike is a 2012, completely stock. Is there a way to adjust or recalibrate this?
  11. W

    Speedometer Question

    I've never looked into aftermarket speedos - do you guys have an idea whether this part will be compatible with the Vmax? http://www.ebay.com/itm/360895880224? Are speedometers universal? Thanks!
  12. CrackerRican

    Speedometer stop working

    Just installed new batt & R1 R/R & took it for a ride, checking on the charging system & all is well now. Noticed the needle on the speedometer started bouncing & just went to 0 mph. Anybody have any suggestion before I tear into it
  13. dtoebaert-5311

    mini speedometer / odometer?

    Hi! I finally decided to move the giant tach to the center of the cowl, and want to get rid of the large speedometer. I`d simply kick it out but that would leave me without the odometer, which is a bit tricky on a vmax with its huge fuel tank :rofl_200:. So, does anyone know of a gen1 compatible...
  14. jwood

    GPS Speedometer

    Has anyone replaced the factory speedometer with a gps speedometer? If so which one, how did it mount up, photos? Sent by the Verizon 4G Data Network
  15. SFCMcGan

    Speedometer light out!

    I searched to no avail.... anyone know how to change the speedo back light? Mine is cooked.
  16. HyperPete

    Speedo error with 130/60R18 on front?

    I installed the new 18" wheels and tires, and now the speedo seems to be way off. (No way am I going as fast as it reads!) Can anyone help me to determine the percentage of error I am getting, and how to resolve it, running a 130/60R18 up front? Thank you in advance!
  17. KJShover

    Speedometer Options under $120

    $52.98 + free shipping here. Multi-function: Speedometer (magnetic pickup) Tachometer Odometer Fuel level Clock Fit for: 4 stroke motorcycle disc-brake front tire 17 Inch tires (default as 17", if your tire is 10", 12", 13", 18", 19", 20", or 21", please contact us before bidding)...
  18. R


    Will a basic old one from a Suz, KAW.Honda (Example.. http://www.ebay.com/itm/271125474374?ssPageName=STRK:MEWAX:IT&_trksid=p3984.m1423.l2649 work.?? ...outside of mounting issues,,,,the lil 1/2 dollar one that came w/ my 94 is kinda feeble... thanks
  19. U

    digital speedometer

    Hello Do you have any experience with this part? http://www.digital-speedos.co.uk/rx2n-10k-vmax-edition-148-p.asp It?s a digital speedometer, has a lot of function, shift light ETC? looks cool This model was made specific for a vmax But still I have several question that I did not...
  20. naughtyG

    Please help me if you can..

    ..I desperately need to find a speedometer for my 2000 Vmax, but it MUST be in kilometers/hour, not mph. I just found out that my bike is still not going through Australian 'compliance' because of this silly speedo. Apparently they've ordered it over 3 weeks ago from an Australian company that...