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  1. Fire-medic

    AMC/Jeep El Camino-Ranchero style vehicle

    Ever see one? Evidently, AMC in the early 1970's decided to investigate building one. They chose an AMC Hornet as the basis, and built two prototypes. One used the OHV inline-6 cyl that served Rambler/AMC/Jeep so-long. Another prototype was the 360 cubic inch AMC V-8 Hornet based vehicle. The...
  2. F

    85 Front Wheel vs Later Style

    Can't seem to find an answer to this, but is there any functional difference in the factory front wheels? I like the way the 85's look, but I wouldn't want one if it is heavier or weaker.
  3. Zeus36

    Wanted: Older style Craftsman or Stanley screwdrivers

    I've been looking at upgrading my screwdriver set. If anyone has a set of these: I will swap you a new set of Craftsman screwdrivers. If anyone has this style Stanley Workmaster screwdrivers, I would like to buy them:
  4. J

    COPS & new style brackets

    Hello, I recently just bought these COPS from Jon Harris on here. They're still in the shape(new)that I got them in. There's nothing wrong with them, I've just decided to keep my factory coils/wires. I also have the newest style of brackets to use with these. I paid $132 for the COPS and $60 for...
  5. J

    Looking for new style COPS brackets

    Hello, does anybody have any of these still available? I'm looking to buy a full set for my '06 vmax. Please let me know. Thanks, Jamie. Sent from my SM-N920T using Tapatalk
  6. J

    New style COPS brackets

    Hello, I would like to purchase a complete set of these for my '06 vmax. Please let me know if these are still available. Thanks, Jamie. Sent from my SM-N920T using Tapatalk
  7. K

    shift style

    my kz won't shift if there is pressure on lever before clutch is pulled. I read that a vmax needs a couple pounds of pressure, before pulling clutch ???

    Cartridge style oil filter change

    A while back I saw a video Sean made about how the cartridge style filter set up should be. I cannot find it and it's time for me to do my first gen 1 oil change. Would someone please direct me to that link. Thank You
  9. G

    UFO early style muffler endcaps

    Hi, i have the UFO 4-2 exhaust, the earlier style before they switched to megaphone style.... mine has the 2.5" opening endcaps, too loud for me. i see that they now sell the SBD end caps on their website, does anyone know if they will fit my mufflers? i have asked UFO 3 or 4 times over the last...
  10. Fire-medic

    Small engine-big on style + 1960 era bikes from catalogs

    Built by an Argentinean, a 210 cc Gilera, his first custom effort. I think it demonstrates you don't need 1000 cc+ to make an interesting bike. From the side, you don't have a good sense of the narrow nature of the bike, but the rear view shows it off. I like the girder, a Sachs, and the...
  11. Gargoyle

    Ventura's for sale… (if the wrong name the Vmax style touring bike)

    I believe thats the correct name for them. The touring bikes that have a few similar parts to v max's I believe? Anyway if so…. I have a customer of mine with an 83 and an 84. Both have trans issues… One has 2nd but it's "weak" the other is missing 4th and 5th. He is selling the pair for...
  12. J

    Gary's(dingy) 4 gauge wire set and the UB12220 style battery

    Gary's wire set is no fun putting will also need a new crankcase gasket #2 (3JP-15461-01). So here is what I have done this week. replace starter clutch. $50 (thank you Steve G), 3 bolts $2.40, Loctite Red $7 Wire loom $10 crimp fix. $0 4 gauge wire set $50 new UB12220 style battery $45...
  13. dingy

    New style Harbor Freight lift warning

    Below is a thread on the Harbor Freight lift that was on Venture site. The link attached shows the differences between the old & current lifts. Gary It appears that the supplier of the lift has changed. The original lift is part number 68892. The new lift is part number 69904. The new lift...
  14. Bill Seward

    New style R/R!

    I just checked There is one of the new style OEM units with the separate ground wire left there. About 64.00 with shipping... Just a heads up in case anyone wants one..
  15. E

    Old Style Corbin Fuel Extension Help

    Hi everyone, I recently bought a 2005 with the old (flap) style corbin seat and I'd like to put together the fuel extension mod. The bike is about 250 miles away and I won't be picking it up for 2 weeks; I'd like to order what I need before getting the bike. I just wanted some info from those...
  16. outlaws justice

    Total Control Vmax style!

    If anyone wants to learn to put the max through the corners I am setting up my schedule for the year and I am teaching at some sites all over the place. I am scheduled to Teach in: Toronto Ontario Georgetown Kentucky Nashville Tenneessee Maryland and maybe Virgina You can find more...
  17. S

    K&N 'stock style' air filter question

    I'm going to use the above as it will work with the intake I am using. Is it best to use a dynojet kit with it or the morley jet kit ? I'll be running a full custom exhaust.
  18. maxcruiser

    Gen2 style scoop inserts

    I recently bought a set of Gen2 style scoops and have been looking across the net for insert/grills with not much luck. They need to be 3" diameter. let me know if anybody has come across them
  19. C

    Woodward Cruise Vmax Style..... Made this for my uncle who couldn't make the last few cruises and wont be making anymore most likely. Todd
  20. ilkka

    Sidecar bike Ferrari style

    I am beginning to believe that there is no limit what a handyman can do, fortunately! :clapping: