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  1. R

    best air filter system

    I have a 1985 Yamaha Vmax 1200 and wonder what others use for their air filter system. Is stock the best? Thank you
  2. racerboy

    Charging System

    Good morning everybody, My bike is 11 yrs old now, so Im going to replace all the electrical components to prevent any future issues. Starter / relay, voltage Reg/rect., generator, already relocated the R/R to the tail piece of the grab handle, in fact, looks good there. My thoughts are...
  3. Fire-medic

    Redbone better check the heat system

    I just saw that the Upper Peninsula ("the UP") is getting a big load of snow, which is also impacting the state of MN as-well. The report: Snowfall totals from tonight through Sunday will pile up to 8" to 12" for the higher elevations of the Keweenaw Peninsula, Ontonagon and Gogebic...
  4. F

    WTB riders rh peg and rear brake system and other bits

    missing Riders right hand peg and career to frame and rear brake system (caliper hose master and peddle ) all so after full exhaust system oh 1991 V Max but wait for it the hardest part in New Zealand
  5. blyoth

    UFO Quadzilla full exhaust system -SOLD-

    I bought a 2004 VMax with just over 2000 original miles. It had this UFO system on it and I was told this is the only bike it has ever been on. I did not notice any dents or dings. I did see some minor scratches. It is a sweet sounding system but I will warn you that it is plenty loud. If loud...
  6. J

    sound system on a Max ? oh ya.....

    How do you install a sound system on a Max ??? You don't.! You buy an "Ultimate Ears Boom box". LOL I got this cool device from my wife as a 25th Anniversary present. Its loud, durable, water proof & Blue tooth compatible. I can run it from my phone with SiriusXM Satellite music, or plug in my...

    woulld like to get some advice on a com system for my helmet

    I bought a Sena SMH-A0304 Helmet Clamp Kit for Earbuds with Boom and Wired Microphones for SMH10 Bluetooth Headset. when I was looking at this the one I thought I was buying has speakers that would fit into the speaker cut outs in my helmet. When I got it today I realized that I just bought the...
  8. A

    Want a full system? Read this:

    If you have a stock gen 1, but want a full 4-2 system with Stage 7 jetting, let me know. My system is currently not identified but some think it may be a Holeshot or UFO. It has 2" headers and slip ons that sound downright mean. My bike sounds amazing and has incredible power but I take long...
  9. byle05

    Handle bar/Direction lock system

    Hi all! First of all to announce myself as this is my first post on the forum :) I am byle from Spain but currently living on The Netherlands and I just bought a VMAX from 1997 to enjoy touring (whenever it doesn't rain :) ) So the aim of posting here is that I was trying to lock the...
  10. Redbone

    Interesting New Smart Helmet System

    Video, communication, safety for the solo rider and records telemetry of your riding. I give you the Mohawk Smart Helmet Kit - does it all! Discuss.
  11. D-Max2012

    Tire Pressure Monitoring System on Chrysler - Dodge vehicles

    Hi Guys, Has anyone have issues with these TPMS (Tire Pressure Monitoring System) on their Chrysler or Dodge cars / trucks / minivans? For 2 weeks, I'm seeing one of my tires going low. I went to check the pressure and noticed the valve stem has broken. Examining it more closely, I see that...
  12. SpecOps13

    New Security System Idea

    New Security System I've disconnected my expensive monitored home alarm system and quit the silly Neighborhood Watch. I bought Syrian and Iranian flags on eBay and raised them in the front yard. One at each corner of the yard, plus a black ISIS flag in the middle. Now, the Anchorage...
  13. Falaholic

    How many Amps/Watts does the charging system put out

    Wanted to ask how many amps or watts the charging system is putting out. Also can it be upgraded to something that puts out more?
  14. Shuriken

    Coolant reservoir not resupplying system

    Howdy, I had to flush the cooling system/radiator etc. I went to refill and noticed that the reservoir was clear full and the coolant isn't being drawn back into the system. I expected a lower system coolant level to cause a drawback of coolant but that doesn't seem to be happening. What...
  15. P

    Voodoo full dual system dyno

    i would like to buy one of these full voodoo dual slash cut setups but was wondering if anyone knows or has dynoed there max after the install and has real hp gain numbers?
  16. Hellboy

    cooling system rust

    Hi Guys, I'm a bit worried. I've been chasing coolant leaks for a while. I've just pulled the hose from the fill area down to the right rear cylinder just by the spark plug due to a new leak at the base of the hose that was seeping into the spark plug recess. I found that both ends the metal...
  17. B

    Oil Contamination to Cooling System?

    I flushed the cooling system yesterday.. pic 1 of the excess sludge is after letting it sit and ooze for a few hours. Pic 2 is today, about 18 hours later. I saw a little of that oily line mixed in with the iced coffee sludge inside the jacket drain holes, wiped/soaked up enough with some...
  18. VMAX1260

    Mark's chrome system

    i just received my chrome Mark's can's waiting still for the headers . What do you think ?. the can's are ready so what you see will get on my bike. tell me opinions
  19. S

    cooling system

    Had this info sent to me....looking for second opinions...... "Yeah, the you prolly know, the Max runs pretty hot on a hot day, the rad capacity is right at the limit in the heat.Don’t know if you know this but one of the contributors to the ‘hot’ temps is the fact that the...
  20. L

    Fuel System Cleaning

    I just sent my '04s carbs off for a professional cleaning, pretty sure sitting too long with ethanol was the culprit, bike's been a paperweight for a few years now. What is the best way to clean the rest of the fuel system to ensure I'm not going to re-gunk them as soon as I bolt 'em back on?