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  1. Lotsokids

    Therapy - Taking a Ride

    I have a lot to do today, but after all the recent tragedy in my life, I'm going riding on the old faithful V-Max. It's a nice day, and a lot of other bikers are out. I need to show them who's king. :biglaugh: Y'all know it's therapeutic!
  2. Zeus36

    Vmax taking turns on a track

    Forward to around the 53 second mark in the video to see a Second Gen VMAX with a skilled rider taking some curves on a track. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=jIHk3-Mz8_I
  3. C

    Taking the most powerful production bike and making more power.....

    So today's technology is awesome. 2012 ZX14 Pipe and reflash only by Brock. 219 rwhp and 128 ft lbs of torque.... It awesome to see the horsepower wars back! Lets see Yamaha offer 250 rwhp for the gen 2 from the factory. How cool would that be? Its amazing that adding a pipe and flash only...
  4. VMax-Mike

    taking a ride to hell Michigan

    Taking a ride to hell Michigan tomorrow if anyone wants to meet up let me know I'm meeting another guy with A busa at the Shell station in Adrian at 9 a.m. and taking a scenic route to hell Michigan I will be back in Adrian Michigan by 5 p.m.
  5. C

    Nags Head NC info - worth taking bike?

    Going to Nags Head for the 1st week of April. Thinking of taking the bike in case I need theropy. Any good roads in that area to ride?
  6. N

    Taking off the restrictors on the sliders

    hi All Can someone tell me if I remove the restrictors on the carb sliders will it make any difference to the performance and will I have to change anything else I don't want to mess around for now with buying vboost bits I have read somewhere that by removing the blocks alone will give the...
  7. C

    So my clutch is taking a dump....

    Looking at the DD mod and PCW's , Barnett etc..... I am just afraid since I am not easy on the bike, that I would lose a gear, blow a driveshaft etc. if I got with the DD setup. I love the sound of second gear power wheelies etc..... I am all about the power, but I am also all about being...
  8. VMax-Mike

    Anyone taking a vmax to sturgis bike weak

    I might go and was woundering if any other vmaxer's would be going.
  9. Fire-medic

    Why I am taking up drinking

    After a lot of thought, I have decided to take up drinking. Instead of trying to explain my decision, I firmly believe that "a picture is worth a thousand words." http://www.sun-sentinel.com/elsentinel/sfl-sofia-vergara-through-the-years-20111109,0,2774388.photogallery Who wants to join...
  10. O

    taking off a tire

    Can one, by him or her self, take the tire off the alloy by simple use of their hands and tools found in the home? Or does it require a proper specialist machine??
  11. RagingMain

    Taking the Plunge

    Finally proposed to my girl friend of two years. It was at the Charity Event for her son. She had no idea it was coming Wedding is in Aug. Doing it when my kids are out for the summer. We are keeping it low key, just a few friends and family. Times are tough. Will post up some pics from...
  12. R

    taking off carbs..pics

    well...its a reall crapy day here today ,and the forcast for the long weekend looks grim,..sooo i am going to yank the carbs off and see whats what. I am interested in seeing whst the floats tell me. Pics comming right up...........heading to the shop.
  13. Jdk203

    Thinking about taking the bike to a shop

    I've been wanting to work on the bike and get it running a little better ever since I got it. Unfortunately I never really get time to work on it. What time I do get is in the garage after the kids are in bed and I cant run it. So I'm thinking about breaking down and taking it into a shop. I...
  14. A

    taking off front wheel

    I have to take off my front wheel, I got the front of the bike up on two jacks (lifting from the engine guards) Tire touches the ground when handle bars are straight, but not when I cut the wheel. Wondering if there is any technique to taking off the front tire, I know with hydraulic disc...
  15. Builder

    taking vmax on unpaved roads

    Ok ok I know its not an excellent idea. Im going to Newfoundland from Toronto. I will have to pass about 1200km of well maintained gravel/dirt roads. I recently installed Metzeler ME880 rear and Lasertec front. I'm looking for the best tire that I can have on those dirt roads. I have...
  16. gunrunner

    Taking Speedo apart .

    The other day the tripmeter knob broke off in my hand but everything still works . I want to take my speedo apart tp see if i can fix it . Is it easy to get in to and has anyone had theirs apart ? :ummm:
  17. M

    Taking care of your SPLINE

    Having worked at a dealership and changed many rear tires on shaft driven bikes it was clear to me that proper lubrication of the splines is a maintainence item that is often over looked by owners. Everytime that rear wheel comes off the splines should be greased. This goes for the...
  18. Buck8154

    Taking it to the nines

    Does anyone have a link to the March 1987 Cycle world article "Takin' it to the nines"?
  19. imfixinmopars

    taking out the "y"???

    i have a stock max,1995,w/4-2 holeshot ,and the jet kit from walker.what other simple mods w/ help the bike? is taking out the y helpful? is this the aircleaner top? how about the t-boost thing? thx
  20. Robbarrie

    Taking off the stock grips and end caps

    Was wondering the best way to get off the old stock grips. Sure, I could cut them off, BUT I don't want to wreck them. Anybuddy, figure out or know of any tricks to do this....? Soak in hot water ? Use a heat gun ? Please let me know if ya do. By the way my search option doesn't work. I...