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    Tapa Talk Issues

    I've been experiencing some issues with TT lately. 1. Photos: Sometimes randomly work. Someone will post a few photos and I can see them fine on my desktop but see nothing on TT. 2. Posts: I typically view posts under the TIMELINE tab. Recently it shows "No Results"
  2. M

    Buying 20 yr old bike? Pulling the trigger tomorrow, talk me down

    Hello good folks, thanks so much for the advice so far. I mentioned in a previous thread that I've previously owned a 1981 CB750K and a 2002 Kawi concours 1000. The knowledge is worth something I'm sure; I know how to take care of vintage bikes...
  3. W

    Talk me into / out of it!

    Hi gang, I joined the forum today. I've been thinking about buying a (new) VMAX and I figured I'd come ask the "experts" (VMAX owners). So that you can talk me into (or out of) buying one. To put it in context, I think You should understand who I am and how I ride: I currently own a Honda...
  4. vmax2extreme

    Talk of new VENTURE?

    I've heard of talk of a new Venture tourer that might use the vmax engine?
  5. Traumahawk

    The $20,000 Road RACiNG ❱❱ 2riders Trash talk in Facebook turns into street race

    This was amazing to watch.
  6. H

    talk me out of buying.....

    So someone talk me out of buying a voodoo 4-2. I love the look of my cobras but hate the HP loss. Thoughts?
  7. Lotsokids

    V-Max vs. GSX-R 1000 Trash Talk

    So a guy at work and I are debating who's bike is quicker in the 1/4 mile. We plan to settle this on May 1 at a drag race here in Hungary. I've looked at his specs and it's not looking good for me. He's about 30 pounds lighter than me and his bike is rated at 160 HP, and my V-Max is 146 HP. Of...
  8. C

    Just needed someone to talk to....

    Well my Max is at my local mechanic/restorer since April. The only things he had to do is install an alarm, new rear shocks, fix a leaky front fork and install a lip spoiler. All in all 2-3 days worth of work...and I am exaggerating. Forward two months and I still don't have my bike. The...
  9. Kronx

    Chillihead Talk

    I love hot and spicy food. I'm always trying out different hot sauces. I came across one today that I'm in love with the flavor: CaJohn's Bourbon Infused Chipolte Habanero Hot Sauce Not too spicy at all, but man...
  10. E

    Showing my newb here. Let's talk under cut gears

    So the search function is not working on my device because I search for undercut gears and get nothing. What exactly is getting done to the gears and why? Sorry for asking but I'm vmax shopping and trying to learn all I can.
  11. Traumahawk

    Talk about entitlement

    Teen Honor Student Sues Parents for Cash, College Tuition It’s a new twist on the classic “he said, she said” case. Rachel Canning, a New Jersey high school honor student, is suing her parents for abandonment, demanding they provide financial support and pay for her college tuition and...
  12. Nielsen

    Turtle Beach Talk Back Cable to PS4

    Is it possible that a forum-member in UK can order 2 of these cables and resend to me in Denmark ? (I can pay with paypal) I'll get the Turtle Beach PX5 headset as christmasgift from my wife :eusa_dance:, and have a plan to buy a PS4 next year :o)...
  13. gamorg02

    Too much political talk

    It seems that some members are getting annoyed at the amount of political talk on the forum. I put an anonymous poll above. Please vote and let me know how you feel of the current state of affairs at your favourite thanks guys
  14. D

    Can you talk me out of a full exhaust and stage 7 kit?

  15. H

    Let's talk insurance.

    Alright... So I am 25 years old, single and have a perfect driving record. I'm currently paying $70 per month for full coverage insurance on my 2006 vmax. I just called to get a quote to see what its going to take to up the coverage to cover $10,000 worth of custom work recently done to it...
  16. RaWarrior

    Talk about a "crotch rocket"

    The redesigned-for-'12 Kawasaki ZX-14R. And by "rocket", Kawasaki claims it can pull the same acceleration as the space shuttle lifting off. Now the fastest thing out there with a tag holder. This bike puts out 197hp and 120 ft/lbs of torque on a dyno, Kawasaki claims with the bike's designed...
  17. mattness

    talk to me about APR interest/financing

    does anyone know how the math is figured on APR interest/financing.. i got a car loan for roughly 15,000 at 3.95% interest (so for the sake of math we'll say 4%) my interest varies monthly between 28ish to 35ish depending on how many days are in the month so well say 30 dollars (times) 60...
  18. flatslide

    Let's talk swing arms

    Will a kind soul offer to me a quick dose of swing arm knowlegge? How will bracing a stock one compare to whatever the benefit of one 3" longer than stock? Is it like, install a frame brace, mod your swing arm, and you won't wobble anytime soon? You have a swing arm extended 3" because?????
  19. mattness

    you know you talk about your vmax too much when..

    everything, literally everything, that you got for christmas, is for your VMAX. shift light(chrome housing blue LEDs) my gf hates my max but she bought me that lol crash bars(dont know the brand but on the sides they have a big V) i think my dad bought these for himself lol radiator cover(say...
  20. KJShover

    Talk about a load of crap.

    From the newsfeed section, This moron needs to stay off bikes period.:404: Man Sues Moto-Shop For Being "Forced to Utilize the Front Brakes" By Gabe Ets-Hokin "Don't use them front brakes, son," is what Beaumont, Texas' Daryl L. James' daddy must have said to him when he was a tot. That...