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  1. CaptainKyle

    85 frame with title

    85 frame with clean open TN title one of the tabs for the center stand has been cut off. I do have it & can weld it back on if wanted. This is for the care frame no wiring etc. $ 200 plus shipping or I can deliver it to Thunder. PLease email not PM [email protected]
  2. I

    Frame with title, can be damaged one

    Hi, I am located in Europe and have a '06 Vmax with less than 6000 miles on the clock. It is a pity to say, but have document issues and the local authorities decided to remove my bike's registration. Anyway, I need preferably a damaged frame hopefully from similar year of production like my...
  3. Badassmachinist

    Salvage title

    I should Iintroduce myself first, I'm new to the forum. I haven't bought a bike yet, but I'm looking. I found a 2006 with 5600 miles for$3000, only catch is it's a salvage title. It's been inspected and has plates .anything I should look out for when I look at it. Obviously it should drive...
  4. Regular Guy

    Rebuilt Title Bikes

    Hey guys, I have a chance to buy a bike for the wife for a fairly good deal but it's a rebuilt title bike. The damage the bike had has been all repaired with new Yamaha parts. It'll save me about half of what a new one would cost but I just have reservations I suppose. Thoughts?
  5. I

    frame with title and plates from Europe

    I am in a need for a cheap frame with title / documents preferable from Europe since I am located in Sofia, Bulgaria. My bike is 2006, but would consider any year. Crashed, damaged frames for cheap is the best option for me. Prefer them from Europe otherwise I need to pay a lot for shipping and...
  6. M

    ISO Straight frame, no title needed.

    Got some damage to my frame that I may not be able to repair for my chaindrive bobber/dragbike project. I am willing to use my clean title and vin. I just need a straight main frame title not important.
  7. Fire-medic

    Miles Long beware of this interloper, your title is at stake

    Our favorite handsome member has competition! http://news.yahoo.com/zimbabwes-mr-ugly-pageant-turns-ugly-132740418.html
  8. marsmax85

    salvaged title good idea to buy or not

  9. davidon

    Rebuilt Title?

    Can someone further explain a rebuilt title? Does this mean it was a salvage bike at one point? Anything to be leery of?
  10. Warp12

    - Vehicle Title Search for Dad's Old Bike?? -

    This is probably a super-duper-longshot. I figured someone here might be pretty familiar with title searches on vehicles, so I thought I would ask. I wonder if it would somehow be possible to find out the VIN # of the first V-Max that my father bought in 1985? I don't have the VIN, but of...
  11. Gargoyle

    Playing with a intro title for the Hooligans

    No idea what I am doing yet but I made this today and figured I'd share it for some feedback. http://youtu.be/OWWmsCs7N5E
  12. kozy

    Salvage title cars in Arizona

    Hey all, throwing out a new thread to gauge personal opinions..... The state of Arizona is one of the few states nationwide that brands a title as salvage automatically when a vehicle is stolen. I don't agree with it, especially since there could be minimal or no damage in the theft (i.e. my...
  13. IrocZ

    When did the VMax loose its title?

    What year and what bike took the fastest production motorcycle title away from the vmax? Just curious.
  14. E

    Know where to buy frame with clear title

    Hi I'm looking for a straight frame with a clear title. I know it doesn't matter a lot, but something from the mid 90's or later would be great. Please call me if you have any ideas 864-505-8000 Eric.
  15. kozy

    Salvage title cars

    My wife and i are looking to buy a Dodge Ram, so needless to say I have been scouring Craigslist and AutoTrader. I have noticed an influx of salvage-titled vehicles for sale out here. I came across one that seemed to be a good deal. Talked to the guy and found out that the truck was stolen by...
  16. lankeeyankee

    What is your job title

    Ok sitting here at work on my 22nd hour I am sick of my office and the PC. I worked 23 hours Thursday into Friday and now I am going nuts. Very boring I worked hmm 7 mins so far in this shift. Which brings me to the question..... What is it you do for a living? I am an Currencey Automation...
  17. M

    Parting complete 85 VMAX Good motor + clean title

    I've got an 85 complete all apart.I do have lots of doubles like front wheel,forks,carbs,cases in near new shape. Let me know what you need.