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  1. CaptainKyle

    New toy

    I bought this 93 GTS today I bought it to resell but I am really trying to figure out a way to keep it. I always like them. I already have it sold if I cant keep it.
  2. CaptainKyle

    Hess toy trucks -SOLD-

    Hess collectible toy trucks 40 bucks firm for all 4 plus shipping and pay pal fees . That is a heck of a deal.
  3. CaptainKyle

    Toy soldiers

    Just wondering if there were any toy soldier collectors here. We have a huge collection we are going to be getting rid of. I have done some research & know there just not run of the mill plastic toy soldiers. I am going to do some more digging but I figured some one here might know something...
  4. C

    Vmax Decals.... bought a new toy....

    Bought a Vinyl cutter the other day. So I thought I would practice a little.... $1 small decals $2.50 large decals $5 chrome large decals. Shipping is $1 usps mail, unlimited stickers I ll offer more soon. Email me [email protected] Thanks Todd
  5. donnelly317

    new exhaust for new toy??? What do you guys think of this exhaust?? I didn't know when i bought this bike I could sound like my max!!! the guy took two car exhaust tips...
  6. R

    New Toy...

    Well, the weather here is shaping up, so to celebrate I brought home a new ride. '06 Honda ST1300a. It sounds like a sewing machine compared to the Max, but hey, it is what it is! This will be for the wife and I to tour on this year. Looking forward to some hill country. Can't wait for the new...
  7. VMax-Mike

    New to me bugout toy

    I will post better pics later. can anyone tell me what it is. only 4100 of them in usa.
  8. you2low

    My New Toy

    I Took a lil road trip Saturday well me and my girl did..:biglaugh: well it was fun and crazy lil Adventure:rofl_200: Left Saturday about 2am in the morning and got back Saturday night around 11:30 PM. we went to knoxville TN I drove down and let her sleep cause I knew she was going to drive...
  9. timscues

    Toy Haulers

    We are looking to buy a med. size toy hauler has anyone used a dutchman victory lane 24rsv. looking for input. thanks
  10. Thevmaxrider

    Hydro dipped toy

    Well, I wanted to post up a pic of one of my airsoft weapons that I hydro dipped desert camo. It came out pretty good. Working on some other projects and then on to getting Toxic's body panels done.
  11. Heretic

    New Toy!

    I raced R/C cars 20 some odd years ago and decided to get a new Traxxas Stampede VXL. What a hoot!
  12. 2stangs69-91

    Well I am now a traitor.. lol new toy

    I am going to try to keep my Vmax but I might have to sell it.:bang head: pressure from Wife. I love the retro kit on this bike and it flies and I can actually stop it and turn it lol, Its a 2007 FZ1 with a lower front sprocket a retro kit installed and some other stuff.
  13. ninjaneer

    2012 Brevard ABATE Chapter Toy Run

    i'm all set :punk:. The route: Florida Today article:
  14. S

    I'm back...with a new toy...

    Bought for me by my gorgeous girlie......luv me long time :banana:
  15. jbretthorton

    Got a new toy!!

    I bought a lowsided 03 R1 from a friend in SC.. The damage was purly cosmetic, clean title, low miles (7800) runs like new!!! All stock with the exception of the exhaust midpipe and can (that I shortened) Totally different ride than ol'red (2010 VMax) Power delivery is WAY different, you have...
  16. dmax1

    New toy

    I have picked up a 95 virago 535 with new tires and battery 11000 on odometer for $1000 ( no pics yet). I had to ride it home last night and found out how weak the headlight is. My question is can I use the Silverstar Ultra 9003 h4 bulb in the headlight assembly to brighten things up without out...
  17. CaptainKyle

    New toy

    Well I picked up this 96 today it needs a little cleaning & it has a rod bearing making a little noise. It has a 1500 PCW tourmaser with JE 13:1 pistons web cams corrillo rods 39mm flatsides, dynamag wheels,progressive springs & ricors, radial master cylinders aftermarket rotors. This thing has...
  18. CaptainKyle

    Tampa Toy run

    Well its a little late posting but this is a nice toy run I am heading on tomorrow Brett& Tracy are going to.
  19. ninjaneer

    Toy Run

    All set to do ABATE's Annual Toy Run tomorrow.
  20. RaWarrior

    ANOTHER toy to fiddle with...

    A Honda Odyssey. No...not the pedestrian vehicle preferred by soccer moms across the country, the cool 80's buggy. I'd kind of had my eye on one for a while, but because they're quasi rare and an off road toy(so they got beat on a lot), people that have ones in decent shape usually want stupid...