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  1. J

    oil weight for Vmax ?

    I have been using AMZOIL 10-40 in my 98 max. A few I have made a run to the big City,...it is 90 miles away and the highway is new & double lane with very few curves. You can really get smoking. Most traffic is zooming along at 75mph with others going faster. I have done this trip at 100 to 115...
  2. C

    Front to Back weight

    I did a search and couldn't find anything, so I thought I'd post a thread instead. I do apologize if there is a thread already. I purchased a pick up the other day, a 2004 F150 FX4 with a 5.5' box, and I'd like to use it to haul my V-Max when we take our long trips. (With the wife, the dog...
  3. tinman22

    Engine weight

    does anybody know offhand what a stock complete motor weighs minus starter and vboost. I'm trying to calculate shipping and I'm afraid my fat butt and the Max's fat motor would break my wife's skinny butt scale.
  4. S

    Frame weight

    Please could someone tell me the weight of a max frame less the lower removable frame rail ? I might be able to bring one back with me from the uk. Thanks.
  5. Falaholic

    Recommend me a weight and brand full Syn Diff oil

    Bike is strictly Southern. Wanted to see what members here recommended on brand and weight for a fully syn diff oil.
  6. CaptainKyle

    Carrozzeria weight

    Can some one give me the approximate weight of a rear Carrozzeria with a 180 & a wave rotor on it & also just a front Carrozzeria with no tire or rotors ? Trying to get a close shipping quote but the wheels are still on the bike
  7. T

    Gen 2 weight

    I am on the fence on purchasing a Gen 2 VMAX. I've watched several youtube videos of your average Joe taking them for a demo ride and listening to their reactions. Most seem to agree the power is amazing but the bike feels very heavy and is hard to turn at slow speeds. for the owners who have...
  8. rdbul

    Weight of Engine

    Anyone know how much a Gen1 engine weights with fluids? I have a neck/ fork project about to start and want to be able to simulate the weight at the welders shop with the motor removed to verify my geometry.
  9. C

    I need to lose some weight....

    This run is swb above! I weigh 120 out of leathers my bike is all stock swb I just put a 39t in rear foot shifting all I have is a pc and a full brocks it only has 2k miles on it strapped in front and lowered in the rear no weight added and has not been flashed!! Pretty much hey factory...
  10. N

    Draining front fork oil and filling with heavier weight... How to? Advise?

    Hey guys I want to increase my damping in my front fork, so can you explain how to drain and fill the forks? What's the best weight oil to use? Thanks! PS I already have the progress of shocks in the back
  11. Blurr

    Frame weight

    I waded through 11pages of threads some hundreds of post, but no joy. I'm wondering if anyone knows what the stock frame with swing arm weighs?
  12. G

    Weight Shaving

    I know removing the center-stand and swapping out the rear fender to one that doesn't use the metal bracket are a couple easy ways to shed some lbs, but are there some other easy ways of cutting weight (I'm not going to start eating at Subway)? I know the Carr wheels are a lot lighter, but...
  13. NHVmaxpower

    How much weight is to much?

    :ummm:I just had my wheels high speed ballanced the front was 3/4 oz thats fine but the rear took 3.5 oz's is this ok ?should the shop have broken the beed & tried to turn the tire on the wheel?:bang head:
  14. Traumahawk

    What weight of oil.....

    LOL...definitely don?t want to get into the infamous "oil thread", but what weight of oil do yall recommend? I am currently running 10-40, but with Oklahoma summers getting up routinely over 100, I wonder if I should go to 20-50? I have always been told that once you go up in weight, you can?t...
  15. medicineman843

    weight break down from stock exhaust

    Coverter 20.8 lbs heat shields 2 lbs left and right muffler 9.2 32 lb weight reduction. if anyone wanted to know how much weight lost. new exhaust is half that. vance hines CS ONE
  16. S

    rear stock rim weight

    Could anyone tell me what the weight of a stock rear rim would be. thanks steiny.
  17. H

    Power to Weight ratio questions.

    Given the same P:W ratio, will a light bike leave the line faster? Take a 700 pound bike/rider with 100 hp (7:1) vs a 450 pound bike/rider with 65 hp (7:1) ... which one leaves the line first? Given for the sake of argument that "power" is just that ... total power. Let's pretend the...
  18. mabdcmb@yahoo.com

    Weight of parts/pieces

    It would be great if anyone knew the actual weight of some common parts and compiled them for a reference. For instance, everyone says you lose a ton of weight removing the stock exhaust. Anyone know how much it actually weighs? Stock wheels in full trim? Inner fender and tail light PER...
  19. T

    Factory backrest/rack weight limit

    Hi Guys, Does anyone know the weight carrying capacity of the factory backrest/rack? I will be going on a road trip in a few weeks and I have a rather large tourmaster bag that loops over the backrest and rests on the rack. The bulk of the weight will obviously be on the rack. I'm sure I could...
  20. U

    fork oil weight

    I'm going with Progressive springs and lowered 2", and I see a lot of guys use 15w oil. Is this a necessity to compensate for being lowered? I ask cause I don't want the ride to be real firm, and I weigh next to nothing, (about 155 lbs WITH gear) Should I stick with 10w? Any suggestions...