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  1. OKCVmax

    Dark Amethyst body work

    Hey all. I've been searching high and low for Dark Amethyst body work, haven't had any luck yet. I don't even need the full set, just one good piece that has enough "clean" paint that I can get it matched down at the paint shop. That's the color I want my bike but if it ain't the toughest color...
  2. CaptainKyle

    Art work

    My Buddy always continues to amaze me. I painted this tank & painted the emblem & letters on it. I sent it to him & he made it come alive with his free hand pin striping.
  3. K

    Temp gauge doesnt work

    Any ideas where to start looking? Not sure if gauge in cluster is bad or some sensor somewhere. I am always overheating so need to know the temps. Or can I hook up another temp gauge?
  4. Fire-medic

    buy a cool car for not much $, vehicles need work

    If you live close to Detroit, I'd be looking at what this guy has, to see about picking up a project: Ron Dauzet, a Michigan man whose...
  5. M

    Wondering if this Lift would work on my Gen2

    Found this while shopping around and it looks like a pretty good deal, as I need to take my wheels off and get new shoes on my Vmax 1700. In the mean time, is it possible to gently raise my bike for an oil change with a floor jack and a piece of rubber under that cat, or will that destroy...
  6. D

    Front left turn signals wont work

    My front left turn signals won't work on my '96 (one mounted on fork, one in the mirror). I just got this bike and I'm not familiar with the max's wiring; where should I start in diagnosing this? Everything looks hooked up too.
  7. S

    Will these work ?

    Due to my carbon airbox not fitting stock frame I wondered if my twin xjr filters would work ok ? Dont see why not myself..have to use catchcan for breather pupe but thats about it.
  8. Lotsokids

    Tough Day at Work

    Today at work I was backing up a cargo van to connect to a piece of equipment at work. My co-worker waved me to back up, but he had his hand between the tow bar and the van. Well, his hand got crushed between the van and tow bar. Both his thumb and middle finger were broken and very messed up...
  9. P

    Pump won't work

    Hello, I have been looking through the forums for a while now trying to find a fix for my fuel pump. I bought a new pump, thinking my old one went bad, but it was not the issue. Whenever I turn the ignition on, i can hear the (vboost?) working, but the usually ticking of the pump had...
  10. M

    How things work . . .

    Any questions?
  11. tothemax93

    Don't have to work tomorrow

    The problem is here's why. A little tough to work on the road :bang head:
  12. jims94vmx

    Anyone do aluminum cnc work

    I have been loving the C-14 I bought but still miss my max! Funny how some new folks joining the COG (concours owners group) are fellow vmax riders also! My question is the bike is great except the slight lean on the riding position. This link shows a great handlebar pullback riser that quite...
  13. huskyman510

    still cant work it out, help

    Ok so Ive checked all wiring to everything, my indicators still either blink flat out or stay on. I have a aftermarket acerbis headlight which when its off indicators stay on, low beam extremely fast flash rate. High beam on very fast flash rate. Engine running indicators will only flash...
  14. CaptainKyle

    Bad work

    Just a little work from a local shop that I warn people about all the time. This is a Transmission drain plug on a soft tail . I don't think I have ever seen a plug this cross threaded . It is probably only in half way . I guess they just stuck it up in there with a socket & turned it until it...
  15. M

    Well that's one way to find out fuel light and reserve don't work.

    Just hanging out on a country road waiting for the wife to bring me fuel. PO told me fuel light was dim but didn't say that the fuel light just didn't work AT ALL and neither does the reserve switch.
  16. B

    List of motor work that can be done in frame

    Hi I was just wondering if there is a list of things that can be done to the motor while it is in the frame.I have to change a con rod and can't find out if it can be done with the engine in the frame and if there is a procedure on here for doing it.thanks
  17. henrysgmc

    86 Vmax needs work

    I took this in on trade and no longer have the time to play with it. The bike did run last year before the oringinal owner put it away. He started to take the carbs apart and gave up. After looking it over the carbs need to be totally redone and the clutch slave unit also needs to be redone...
  18. tothemax93

    Will work for bubble gum

    Took My Vmax out for a little ride yesterday. I've been playing with the carbs a bit, and I didn't like how the bike ran at cruising speed. Just not smooth. I decided to bump the needles from 3 to 3 1/2 clip. I got home and wrangled my 12 yr old into helping me. I had him do most of the job...
  19. rebeltaz83

    possible engine work?? or heads changed??

    owned my vmax for a year now, and just noticed the bottom half, and the valve covers are a shiny black great looking paint, and the heads seem to be dull with spots missing paint, is this common as the heads get the hottest, or is this a sign of some possible major engine work that has been done...
  20. N

    Beautiful Work by Sandy Kosman

    Got my wheel back from Sandy Kosman who modified it to accept a radial. The welds are "flawless", according to Norm at Rochester Motorsports. Norm is mounting Michelin Pilot Road 4's with a 180/55/17 on the rear. He thinks that a 190 MIGHT fit but based on his measurements of the wheel and...