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  1. C

    Happy Birthday Bking Mike

    You rotten crusty turd! Todd
  2. you2low

    Magazine Article comparing the Vmax,Busa,B-king,,etc

    took this from the starvmax site being trying to find the article online or the magazine .. So I recently bought an issue of RAPID magazine and found an article featuring the VMAX, BMW K1300, Honda VFR 1200, Suzuki B-King, Hayabusa, and FJR 1300. The idea was to go on a 666km journey and back...
  3. texas-ss-tornado

    New B-King

    Well, it finally happened. I have been waiting patiently for a used 2nd generation VMAX to come around for 10K or less. That was just a magic number I pulled out of a hat, but I was NOT going to lay out 18K for a new one, just wasn't going to do it, it's the principle of the thing more than...
  4. Jayhawk

    BKing 200+ mph

    Still read a BK board, and saw this posted today. The user has a turbo BK, and got a chance to wind it up in the UK: This guy is getting over 500hp out of his BK. I can't fathom the wind blast at that speed. Yikes.
  5. Jayhawk

    Well done B-King

    Customized. Crashed. Re-customized. Very nice guy on a B-King site just posted pics of his re-done BKing. Thought it was cool, and you guys might enjoy a peek.
  6. max_caper

    '09 B-King vs '09 Vmax

    Motorcyclist (March 2009 issue) magazine did a comparo of the'09 B-King vs '09 Vmax and gave a slight edge to the new Vmax. The article was objective with the specs, 1/4 mile times and dyno results which mostly favoured the B-king but overall the reviewers were more impressed with the audacity...
  7. Jayhawk

    B-King meets Smart Car

    B-King motor inside. Hilarity ensues. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=VhwHSx5YKpY
  8. C

    Motorcyclist test of v-max vs. B-king

    1/4 mile times: V-max 10.41 @ 137.4 mph; b-king 10.13 @ 139.31 mph high gear 60 - 80 mph: V-max 2.66 seconds; b-king 2.49 seconds price: V-max $17,990; b-king $12,899 ouch!
  9. Dirtystinknape

    Twin turbo B-King?

    I haven't made up my mind if I like these things yet but this one looks like a monster. This beast may be old hat to some of you guy's but I figured it was worth sharing.... http://www.sportbikes.net/forums/florida/392398-twin-turbo-b-king.html
  10. M

    March Motor Cyclist Magizine V-Max vs B-King

    Got my March Copy today. Article is entitled: ABSOLUTE POWER Star V-Max VS. Suzuki B-King Seems like a pretty fair comparison though I have some questions about their horse power data. Maybe their test bike is not broken in yet 166.9 @8750 rpm Corrected 1/4 mile times: B-King 10.13...
  11. Jayhawk

    Buell's B-King ripoff

    Note to our friends at Harley Davidson. If you're going to steal something from the B-King, don't steal the looks! Engine - yes. Brakes - yes. Suspension/frame design - yes. Looks? No. Linkage
  12. Jayhawk

    First B-King exhaust that's made me drool...

    Many of these things, to me, have sort of sounded like a hot-rodded Civic, but this one has a deeper growl. They sell it and provide a PCIII map that gets the FI tuning pretty close. http://youtube.com/watch?v=tDaUBLB-I50 This pipe's made for an '08 Hayabusa, but at least one guy has...
  13. Rusty McNeil

    B-King again....

    I just talked to a guy out here at my plant that is a sponsored racer, professionally, for points, he runs full built stretched Turbo Busa's whatever class that is.... So he is a failry credible source.... He told me a buddy of his bought a B-king, stretched the swingarm (these guys...
  14. Jayhawk

    Can't give the BKing away?

    Did a bad thing, today. Stopped in at a Suzuki dealer in Dallas just to put eyes on a BKing. Chatting with the dealer (had two on the floor), he indicated that he can't move one. He said it's kind of a niche bike (much like our VMaxs), stuck between the cruiser market and the sport bike...
  15. Rusty McNeil


    I went and looked at one, sat on it and made some Vroom-vroom noises when I was at Yamaha buying some riding pants. First one I've seen in real life. I like it! Alot! It's so ugly it's beautiful, kinda like the Max was years ago. By the way. the dealer, who also sells Yamaha...
  16. Lew L

    The new Suzuki B-King... Thoughts?

    Suzi's B-king has just what you want----- Toooooo bad it's: 1.Tooooooo UGLY 2. Toooooo heavy 3. Toooooo WIDE 4. Toooooo UGLY BTW: Say Latheboy------- you wouldn't spent some time in the "shop" would ya????
  17. ROB06

    suzuki b-king

    wonder where they came up w/ this idea:hmmm:
  18. B

    have you seen a b-king ?

    i was thinking when suzuki releases the new b-king in the states this summer ,yamaha has a threshold moment to introduce the second gen. vmax to show the buying public .
  19. Buster Hymen

    B-King now official

    It is to be released next summer (without the supercharger) http://www.suzukibking.co.uk/
  20. firefly

    the B-king is now a reality

    Suzuki B-king 1300cc fuel injection and lots of torque! also take a look at this ducati ________ TW200