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  1. xantonin

    ABS light on

    Well, I just got this bike and didn't notice the ABS light wasn't supposed to stay on all the time. I downloaded the service manual and will be browsing it, but wanted to see if anyone had experience first. Any suggestions on where to start on troubleshooting ABS issues? Thanks.
  2. The Chicken Man

    Looking for Advice for Changing Brake Fluid

    Hello everyone, I am looking to change the brake fluid on my Vmax. My bike is a 2009, and while I do like to keep the bike as original as possible, my brake fluid is looking a little too original. I've noticed slight brake dragging too which I'm thinking may be related. So my question for you...
  3. vmax_detroit

    Gen 1 Shorty Levers

    Spoke to someone last year here in the forum that sells Gen 1 shorty levers. Can y’all remind who that is? He said he was getting some in, but I haven’t heard from him. Hoping for red levers with black attachment. Thank you for this forum!!!!
  4. Stigmata

    brake calipers upgrade

    Has anyone used the 4 piston Harrison brake calipers for the early 85-92 V max, front and back? Just wondering the difference compared to oem stock. I'm interested in the Harrison because you can use the stock rotors and brackets. Thanks
  5. C

    Rotor question with aftermarket wheels

    Hey guys! Quick question, a search yielded no solid answer. I have a 2003 Vmax. It has a 17" Dymag rear wheel, and an 18" Dymag front. Will these wheels still use stock style rotors? Do I need to order anything special, or just rotors for an 03 Vmax? Rear rotor is looking slim, and I'm...
  6. P

    Brakes, suspension and other stuff

    Hi there I'm new in this forum and just bought vmax from 1985 in a very bad condition so will have disamble all, but the engin is about only 30k. Previously I owned Honda Sabre v65 which was very similar. So I need help regarding front and possibly rear brake change and also what to do in front...
  7. A

    Brakes Please Help!

    I have a 92 VMAX 1200 and I'm looking for front and back brakes. I'm told EBC are the better brakes to go for but cant seem to find the model that I need. Also I have 2 rotors in the front so I need 2 sets for the front? Bare with me I'm new to this bike and this forum. Thanks in advance.
  8. Y

    Pulsating brakes after replacing pads and rotors.

    So about a week ago I did some work to my 97 vmax. Rebuilt the forks (new seals, bushings, fluid, Progressive springs). New wheel bearings. New front brake pads and rotors. I had a problem getting 3 of the rotor bolts out, and ended up welding a nut to the bolt to get them out. I'm...

    Front brakes

    I need some advice. I jumped on my bike this morning and my front brake lever went right to the grip. The brakes are working but obviously something is wrong. All stock except for stainless lines. The master is full and the fluid looks great. No leaks or wet spots and they were working fine...
  10. Biker Dash

    Front brakes catchy

    Having a minor issue with Woona that could easily turn into a disaster. The front brake lever feels like it is catching, which makes it difficult to have proper control over the use of my front brakes. Any thoughts on where it could be causing...
  11. A

    Brake replacements

    Hello fellow VMAX'ers. Im new to the forum and still searching my way through the labyrinth of great information. Im certain my question is answered within the forum a thousand times ... but bare with me please. Im interested in a replacement front brake assembly for the oem assembly. Looking...
  12. F

    Lights dim when using turn signals or brakes.

    When I use the turn signals or brakes should the instrument lights, speedometer light, and headlight dim? I recently noticed this while riding one night (I don't normally ride at night) and it doesn't seem right. All the signals flash at their normal speed and the brake light works as it...
  13. P

    need different brakes

    I must not be using the search feature right because I didn't get many hits on "brakes". My 86 accelerates a lot better than it stops. I know I would feel better if it had as much stopping power as GO power. I know I have seen posts on the matter but can't seem to find them now. My...
  14. A

    Brakes stuck on

    Hi all i have a 1986 max which has been stood for a good while i have had the carbs sorted ( thanks h at extrap ) now it seems the front brakes have stuck on i can push the bike but need arms like arnie..i was wondering can they be servicedin anyway or can i buy some recons i want to spend as...
  15. northjax

    High polished side covers and disk brakes

    Max is getting a over haul....engine bars, wheels, levers, side kickstand, and rear hand hold all getting powder coated gloss black...carbs rebuilt, new shoes and brakes...she be ready to be back on the road eating up the Harley's..they try so hard too.
  16. V

    bleed valve for brakes and clutch

    hi for my first post i have a great question, does someone know the sizes of all the bleed valves on our vmaxes (rear , front and clutch) ? i saw this what do you thonk about it ? thanks for your help
  17. snakecharmr


    Just wondering what year brakes are compatible? I have an 85 and need all new brakes front and rear. Looking on evilbay and most list from 86 up.. Was there a change and am I going to have a hard time finding what I need? Sorry for all the newbie questions, just trying to figure it all...
  18. gleno

    Mster cylinders on all models '85 to '07

    Can anyone tell me if the brake and clutch master cylinders are the same for all model 1985 through to 2007:ummm: Were there any changes between countries:ummm:
  19. K

    rear brakes

    what would be the top choices for rear rotors and pads
  20. 92max

    Morley's 320mm Busa Brakes for 85-92

    First attempt at a how to. Try not to judge. Sean supplied the new laser cut bracket for his 320mm set up. Decided to go with a single brake up front, which turns out is MORE than plenty! really only took about an hour or so to knock out, once I figured out where to grind. some grinding on the...