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  1. radley

    Vmax vs Busa

    Hey guys, I have an '85 Vmax that needs some serious TLC, and I'll do it, cuz the bike isn't worth much, but now much does one spend to keep this thing healthy enough to enjoy every summer? Aside from the VMax, I want a Busa. Has anyone ridden one? I'd like something for longer rides, comfort...
  2. P

    Busa calipers, 14MM master, & OE engine guards w/hwy pegs.

    Perfect condition caliper off a one owner bike with 20K. $45 shipped (Cont US) Calipers with unknown miles and some scratches. I would probably rebuild before using, but that's me. $45 for the pair shipped (Cont US). Honda 919 14MM master cylinder with adjustable lever in...
  3. C

    Busa inverted forks on a Vmax

    Hey guys so the journey continues towards making the Vmax a modern machine...one of my front shocks is almost gone so there are now two possibilities. Either I rebuild the shocks or (according to my main man and mechanic) slap a pair of Busa inverted forks on the old Vmax. It so happens that I...
  4. you2low

    Magazine Article comparing the Vmax,Busa,B-king,,etc

    took this from the starvmax site being trying to find the article online or the magazine .. So I recently bought an issue of RAPID magazine and found an article featuring the VMAX, BMW K1300, Honda VFR 1200, Suzuki B-King, Hayabusa, and FJR 1300. The idea was to go on a 666km journey and back...
  5. texas-ss-tornado

    Weird Busa!

    Strangest thing I've ever seen, I can't even fathom in my head how this works, or why? What would be the point???? Just another way to validate the saying, "just because it CAN be done, doesn't mean it SHOULD be done." http://minneapolis.craigslist.org/hnp/mcy/4288125683.html
  6. S

    Took a busa for a squirt

    And was impressed. Except for the riding position ( which suits high speed) the package was awesome. Best top gear roll-on that I've ridden. :eusa_dance: Also the best pacman run I've had in a while. Has anyone compared a 2nd gen vmax to the latest busa or 14?:punk:
  7. Fire-medic

    Drag 'Busa

    Here's a motor being worked-on at a friend's shop, a 'Busa. You should see the chassis it's going into!
  8. 92max

    Morley's 320mm Busa Brakes for 85-92

    First attempt at a how to. Try not to judge. Sean supplied the new laser cut bracket for his 320mm set up. Decided to go with a single brake up front, which turns out is MORE than plenty! really only took about an hour or so to knock out, once I figured out where to grind. some grinding on the...
  9. C

    Busa first track run VERY DISAPPOINTING

    Made my first runs. Bike was running really bad the day before. But seemed to clear up Sunday morning, so I loaded it up and headed out. My first pass the air shifter hung up. Came back to the pits and the air preasure gauge was broke. So I just filled it up and hoped it was full enough next...
  10. O

    Busa brake upgrade, what now with the speedo cable?

    Anyone have any input as to options to get rid of or relocate the speedo cable when going to the Tokico calipers? I have a stock speedo currently and without going to something digital/electronic I am not if I have any option to clean that up a bit. Thanks!
  11. 44 magnum

    92 'busa front brake upgrade

    An enormous THANK YOU to Sean and Garrett for helping me source the calipers, pads and Arashi rotors for this little gem. -
  12. BJ44V

    Busa vs. TL1000 calipers

    I have been looking over eBay and it would appear that TL1000 and Hayabusa calipers are the same? I Googled it a little but came up empty. Anyone have any idea if this is true. I would prefer the TL1000 calipers since they are already black. Thanks for the help.
  13. fmcandrew

    Busa calipers on late model vmax

    Gents, Can 6 pot Busa calipers mount up to a 95 vmax? I know Sean makes an adapter for the early models, but what about the late models? Thanks Frank
  14. A

    Want to build triple tree for Busa Forks

    Hi. I just picked up an 86 Vmax for $1600 which is rough cosmetically but is sound mechanically (for the most part). The front end is in bad shape with broke brake lever, leaking shocks, paper thin rotors, etc. I want to replace the front end with one off of a Hayabusa. They are on eBay for...
  15. bazwell

    Ghost Rider turbo Busa up for grabs!

    You know you want it! Only ridden to church on Sundays. :biglaugh: 25 Euro's for a ticket to win it. http://www.ghostridermovie.net/666/lottery-hayabusa-turbo-500hp#wpcf7-f4-p479-o1
  16. B

    Busa Brake Conversion Completed

    Just wanted to throw up a few pics of my finished Busa brake conversion. Front rotors and caliper install went well. The back one took a little extra work, but even then it wasn't all that bad. Actually it would have went a bit easier if I had looked at the pic Sean sent me (found it after I had...
  17. 4gasem

    Bill Warner (Wild Brothers) Record Setting Run

    I believe Bill Warner is one of the brothers behind Wild Brothers where a lot of Vmax guys get their parts. Check him out! This is STUPID FAST!!! Oh and a record! http://www.autoblog.com/2011/07/20/watch-bill-warners-record-setting-311-mph-motorcycle-run/#continued Way to go Bill!
  18. B

    Busa rear brake and brake line questions

    Does anyone know the correct brake line lenght for the rear brake line if you are mounting Busa brake on the rear? The stock one I ordered (braided) looks to be at least 4" short. Ok, second question. Has anyone here mounted a Busa brake on the rear yet? I thought I read a thread somewheres on...
  19. medicineman843

    busa R1 upgrade...

    Just got busa 6 pot calipers an r1 rotors just put on today. They are feeling a little weak. I ran the stock lines and they feel worse than my stock brakes. I bought some new galfer clutch and front brake lines to put on. Is this my problem or is there air in the line?
  20. S

    Guess who has busa calipers

    I DO For the awesome price of 40 shipped. Gotta loooooove ebay. ----- I decided to upgrade the brakes, I swear it feels like my 74 CB360 that had drums stopped better than this thing.