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  1. H

    Oil Change Help

    Hello all, First time poster here. I have a pretty dumb question, and I'll be honest, I'm a bit embarrassed to ask it. I'm a pretty competent wrench, and have restored quite a few bikes over the years, but this is my first time getting my hands dirty on a VMax. I'm helping out a friend who...
  2. 93max

    Fork spring only change

    Is it nessasary to remove the forks to do this? From watching Seans video, it "looks" like you could remove cap, remove nut then remove the spacer/washer and then the spring on the bike? I understand to get the correct oil level/height the forks have to be removed. I also realize that a...
  3. Lotsokids

    Valve Cover Gasket Change - Step By Step

    Step 1: Buy a rope Step 2: Hang yourself Actually, just pull the engine out. It might be easier. The inner cover bolts could only be accessed with an allen wrench. 1/4 turns at a time all the way out. Then the timing chain pulled the new gasket off when I tried to install the cover over...

    simple oil change question on my 2015 gen 2 vmax

    Hi Guys, Still having a self battle about selling vs keeping my Gen 2 Vmax. I thought I would change the oil and to be honest it is in winter storage and I didn't even look at it last summer to see if it was just like the gen 1's to do oil changes. It's been awhile since I owned my last...
  5. J

    Oil change interval

    What is the best interval (miles) to change my oil? Moderate driving.
  6. Kenreesesr

    Oil And Filter change

    Sadly, I only put 80 miles on my Vmax last summer. Hopefully that will change. The season is upon us. Do I change the oil and filter?

    Cartridge style oil filter change

    A while back I saw a video Sean made about how the cartridge style filter set up should be. I cannot find it and it's time for me to do my first gen 1 oil change. Would someone please direct me to that link. Thank You
  8. A

    cant change gear

    hello, so i have a question because i read hole section on clutch and got lost. i have a problem that my clutch doesnt work properly. i cant change gears it gets stuck while motorcycle is cold. after some time it gets better but still changing gears is really hard, so my season is over and im...
  9. Diablo

    Tail light change

    Quick edit, I just noticed there is a user mods section, this might have been better in that thread rather than here as in fabrication terms it was a simple task in reality. Still, its done and posted here now. I Hated the original tail light with a vengeance. One of the first changes to the...
  10. TB99Max

    Want to change out 2 bros exhaust

    I currently have a full two bros C-series exhaust with carbon muffler. I bought the bike with it and i am not a fan of the muffler at all! I am wondering what my options are if any to change out the muffler and leave the rest. I prefer something black in color and small. I dont like the dirt...
  11. twistedmax

    Cool change

    Well it time for a change,a cool change. I've wanted to build a car for years and the Gen two is so wide it's starting to hurt my old bones , So it's up for sale. Yes I'm going to ask to much so if it sells fine if not that's ok too . I also have one of my gen Is for sale with the proceeds...
  12. D

    How to change seating position?

    I find myself putting my feet on the rear pegs on the highway and I have even considered clip ons for the bars. I miss the fit of the CBR I used to have as I find it very hard to keep my back straight on the Vmax, it always wants to curl and I want my knees bent more and my feet further back...
  13. D

    2012 with 475 miles been sitting... oil change??

    I have a 2012 vmax with about 475 miles on it. I bought it a few years ago and it had to sit in a nice garage for a while because I was not around to ride it. The battery still has enough juice to start it but I am concerned about the oil. It is the original crank case oil and it's old at this...
  14. D

    clunky gear change

    hi i have a 2006 and im having problems with clunky gear changes. if i push the engine hard it seems a lot smoother changing gear but when im in town just going steady its very clunky when i am up and down the gears the bike has done 20,000 mils .i have bled the clutch and also put the bike on...
  15. Born2Ride

    slave cylinder clutch change

    Hello, around almost an year ago when I bought my Vmax, when I got home with the motorcycle I noticed a small beautiful oil leak dripping from the pan, as you can see in the picture. I noticed that it leaked only after use for like 2 hours. I noticed also that the clutch master cylinder fluid...
  16. Joken

    Went to Change Final Drive and this is what i found...

    Well i bought a vmax a couple months ago The PO didn't really know much about the bike other than it had 17" rims....I never even drove it yet as it is winter here in Canada, While it was laid up i thought i would do some changes to make it more mine.. :) Anyway i thought i would change the...
  17. J

    85 oil change, first step

    So, I am planning on changing the oil in my new bike just to be safe before the winter season, I have a pic of what I think is the drain plug, can you guys let me know if I've got the right part? :) Just want to make sure before I go cranking on it. Joe
  18. P

    How do you change your rear shocks?

    Hi, I've just gotten myself a pair of 444's. Is the centerstand enough to jack up the rear to replace the shocks? I'm thinking that the rear part might collapse if I remove both OEM shocks. Anyone with experience?' Thanks!
  19. Mr. Max

    Low speed wobble after rear tire change

    I changed my worn out metzeler 880 to michelin commander II and now bike "wobbles" around 40-45mph, it feels like its up and down movement? I can take my hands of the bars when it occurs. I think it made this sometimes with old tire too, but now it is all the time at that speed. Lower or higher...
  20. VMax-Mike

    How Not To Change A 17 Tooth Sprocket

    OPPS :ummm: