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  1. T

    Stumble at high RPM, popping, and cool header

    Hello all, Well I finally started to troubleshoot my 85' Max (29,000 miles) and could use some advice. It was great a year ago when I bought it, now it gradually got to this point. Bike is completely stock except drilled muffs. It hesitates at WOT. (when i'm expecting the boost to kick in...
  2. Fire-medic

    buy a cool car for not much $, vehicles need work

    If you live close to Detroit, I'd be looking at what this guy has, to see about picking up a project: Ron Dauzet, a Michigan man whose...
  3. Bill Seward

    This is cool!

    The guy took a Honda 450 cylinder head and barrels and grafted them to a Honda 305 crankcase, and then made it fit in the frame. Beautiful job! If this is Photoshopped, someone did a really good job on the photo. The carbs are 450 carbs, and sit level. If it's real, that itself took some work...
  4. Kronx

    Very cool National Anthem rendition

    Hockey games are the best.
  5. Itgoes

    Last Chance on a Set of Very Cool Wheels -SOLD-

    I had these for sale on the post on the 85' I parted out. I'm offering them here again before they go on Ebay. I love these wheels......I wish I had a Gen 1 to put them on! They are made by Ego Trip who was a premier wheel manufacture back in the day. 18" front and rear. Not sure of the rear...
  6. V

    These are cool... wireless brake lights
  7. Kronx

    Totally Pointless, but cool DIY coffee table...

    I'm about as handy as a paper can opener, but I do admire cool DIY projects. Even the ones that are just done for the hell of it like this one.
  8. caseyjones955

    Cool looking RK

    I'm no HD guy but this is about the best looking RK I have ever seen. I found it appealing and just thought I would share the article.
  9. Fire-medic

    cool old ads from the '70's

    If you've been around awhile, you may recall these companies, and their products. Cool to look at this stuff.
  10. Kronx

    Cool Homemade Computer Desk

    Neat Idea. Love when people get creative: Link to a whole photo series of the build.
  11. Kronx

    Space Nerd Cool

    Sometimes I get sick of technology... sick of people staring at their phones... sick of social media... but then I'm reminded how cool it can be too... here I am able to work from home while we get hit with an ice storm and while I'm on a conference call I have a live feed watching astronauts...

    Cool Gen2

    Was browsing the net a bit today and came across this Gen 2. Very Nice IMO!
  13. Kronx

    Cool background music

    I'm not sure how many of you use music streaming services like Pandora or Spotify or the like, but the biggest thing I appreciate about those services is it introduces me to new bands I wouldn't have heard of otherwise. For those of you who do you use these services, I'm sure you've probably...

    Cool app that tells you where gas stations without ethanol

    There is a cool app that is called "pure gas" that takes your current location and tells you the stations closest to you that carry gas without ethanol. I thought there were none close to me so I always used gas with ethanol on my Gen 1's Now that I found this app, I will mention tfr from...
  15. KJShover

    Looks pretty cool
  16. Traumahawk

    Just something cool

    Here is something that I came across today, and for what it is....its a pretty good buy. We've all seen bikes and cars for twice the money, and not nearly as cool. So, thought I'd share. Not bad for 100K
  17. dannymax

    Uber cool light show!

    One of my favorite things of all time....watching this light show!
  18. redneksoldier

    pretty cool bike..

    Check this one out. I'm betting that the price will be up there in the "elite" range. Still pretty cool though.
  19. twistedmax

    Cool change

    Well it time for a change,a cool change. I've wanted to build a car for years and the Gen two is so wide it's starting to hurt my old bones , So it's up for sale. Yes I'm going to ask to much so if it sells fine if not that's ok too . I also have one of my gen Is for sale with the proceeds...
  20. C

    Soloshot..... check this out really cool. Little expensive to just play with. But would be really cool. Might still be cheaper to...