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  1. Zeus36

    BMW has revealed a self driving motorcycle that can even park itself.

    On YouTube: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=TVG8mXsGSjw
  2. frank5079

    Motorcyclist recovering after driving off a 250-foot cliff

    I've ridden through a good number of canyon roads in SoCal, Angeles Crest, San Francisquito Canyon, Soledad Canyon, and so on, but I can honestly say that never rode faster than the posted speed limit or my abilities. I think that this guy obviously pushed beyond his ability to ride...
  3. Conman

    Driving Abroad- Shipping, Insurance, Etc.

    This summer I'll be in Germany for 3 months. I'm looking to bring my Stratoliner with me and was wondering if anyone here has done this before. I'm planning to fly it with air Canada's "bring your bike" program out of Toronto. Looks like it'll be about $2k round trip for the bike and I'm still...
  4. Barry barker

    Driving to Sean's place tomorrow

    Time flys when your in the middle of a build! I leave Friday to pick up the engine and wheels for my new to me 97 build. All most forgot, and a new Muscle seat! Way to go Sean!
  5. Fire-medic

    Bad driving compilation

    I think these car cams were from Russia. What drivers! https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=KugIx3ycBng They must buy the video footage, what crazy drivers these people are! Notice the equipment failures and aggressive driving. :confused2: Another, the police are your friends...
  6. Fire-medic

    driving and parking manners

    Russian advocates for civility in driving and parking take an unusual position. http://www.vocativ.com/video/world/russia/stopxam-videos/
  7. C

    ebay seller driving me nuts

    So I was toying with the idea of buying a belly pan for the Vmax. I know they do not cost a lot of money but after a complete rebuilt, new shocks, new gear and new everything I was running out of cash. I noticed an auction for a used belly pan. Seller had it on his motorcycle. I looked at the...
  8. ninjaneer

    My Richard Petty Driving Experience

    So I've had this on my bucket list for a while, but never could find the time or coin. My childhood-buddy's dad, a Ret. USAF Colonel, had this on his bucket list as well and took advantage of an RPDE deal that allowed military vets to invite a second person at half-price, so that he could share...
  9. timscues

    LED Driving lights

    Is anyone running any led driving lights, thing about adding a set to my engine guards how many watts with the charging system handle??
  10. Rusty McNeil

    Driving sucks

    I left Houston Saturday at 3:40 Central and got to Bakersfield California Sunday 1:50 Pacific to return to a project after the holidays. 1691 miles, 24 hours 10 minutes, didn't stop for anything but gas, Averaged 70MPH overall and 76mph moving. That was after getting up Saturday at 7:00 to...
  11. J

    oil leak when driving

    Hey all, I'm noticing a small oil leak, where it comes from i have no idea so here is some info. :bang head: let the bike just sit, no oil to be seen. Drive the bike for 15-30 mins you will notice oil slowly building up somewhere up under the "fake" tank, it runs down on the choke arm, and out...
  12. R

    Please give me your opinion on driving light location

    I want to add driving lights, but don't want to alter the style, etc. I am considering 2 options: See yellow marks on pic. A) a single horizontal LED strip ( Or a rectangular fog type) under the main headlight, somehow attached to the headlight bracket. B) adding two bullet...
  13. jagco1

    Motorcycle crash lady driving on the phone

    Something for all of us that drive to see and remember. Please put the cell phones down while operating a motor-vehicle. This could be you or you love one's! The Honda crotch rocket rider was traveling at approximately 85 mph. The VW driver was talking on a cell phone when she pulled out from a...
  14. ridinnoshiftin

    ER Doctor Driving

    Here is a video clip of an ER doctor driving under the influence. The elderly man in the car she hit was very lucky. http://gma.yahoo.com/doctor-arrested-dui-charges-065430896--abc-news-topstories.html Todd
  15. SpecOps13

    Wow, This is Insane Driving. :-))))))

    This is a Gotta Watch... http://www.youtube.com/watch_popup?v=4TshFWSsrn8&vq=medium#t=35
  16. SpecOps13

    This is what can happen while texting and driving

    Ouch!!!!!!! http://www.vidvir.com/watch/gFb Oh Well People have been warned.......
  17. VmaxRider85

    driving in cold and makes funny noise

    hey vmaxers was riding my 85 tonight and it does this sometimes when its cold im riding along and all of a sudden in makes a weird noise from the air box. it sounds like a diaphram is stuck.. i ripped it apart. is there anything to look for or anything else to look at to see what the...
  18. Fire-medic

    L.E.D. driving lights

    http://www.webbikeworld.com/lights/clearwater-krista-led-lights/ Impressive output and low current draw. Variable output via rheostat (supplied) & comes w/on-off switch. Major drawback is the light dispersal, they do not have a top cut-off to prevent glare to oncoming traffic. haven't gone...
  19. medicineman843

    Glenda ClearWater LED Driving lights

    Just ordered a set of Glenda lights from pashnit.com has a sale for 425 shipped. Originally 500. Will take pictures when done
  20. Lotsokids

    Driving in Hungary

    Well, I've been in Hungary for over 1 month now, and I'm trying to get used to the different driving procedures. I thought you might enjoy learning how different it is here than, let's say... Seattle. 1. You MUST drive with your headlights on - it's the law. The first week I was here it was so...