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  1. F

    '89 Vmax for sale w/ many extra hard parts, South Texas, $4,800 OBO (was mine)

    Believe the current owner is more of a GoldWing man, as he has his eye on two of them! Sold this bike to him a few months back, told him I'd post it up to help him sell it. Currently has an early-model front wheel and late-model rear wheel, both painted graphite or black, with new Shenko tires...
  2. putin

    extra air filters makes any difference?

    I want to remove those 4 chrome round caps on the sides of a bike and attach there round external air filters ( sometimes one can see such on harleys). Does it make any difference on riding/starting/ fuel economy? Or just cosmetic thing?
  3. M

    Extra Fuel Tank

    Looking for an extra fuel tank to extend my range ! or any good ideas of how to adapt another tank . thanks Daz
  4. D

    My '01 -- $4.5k with all my extra stuff

    Anybody want to come get my '01? I know it's not the right season-- well, it's always the season in Texas... There's a Goldwing in Dallas I want. I'll probably end up keeping the project bike if this one sells. Here's what it's got. It's got carbon tins on it now, but you can have those or...
  5. Traumahawk

    Say aye if your guilty.....

    How many people here buy parts that they don't need now, but MIGHT need in the future, or stuff that is such a good deal.....you just cant pass it up? I've had the bike now for a little bit over 2 years, I have a couple of extra air boxes, and extra wiring harness, extra scoops, and extra rear...
  6. C

    **NEW** 'Tour-Star' (1.3 Gallon / 6 litre) Extra Fuel Tank © Exactrep 2013

    Yet Another New Handcrafted Design by Exactrep © 2013. Quickly fitted / detachable (same as original dummy cover, 7 screws). All hand rolled steel (ie: new steel surface is formed on top of an original top cover to create fuel cavity), complete with aerospace lockable fuel cap, and quick...
  7. M

    1985 VMax with a ton of extra parts

    We've decided to sell all of our motorcycles to get into a side by side. I'm sure we will have bikes again but just changing hobbies for a while. 1985 VMax. 16k miles The bad: Bike has been stored in the basement since the mid 90's when it started popping out of second gear. The typical...
  8. texas-ss-tornado

    Extra port? WTH?

    OK, so I'm rebuilding a set of VMAX carbs. Actually, I have two sets, one that I'm rebuilding, and one I'm using for parts. Here's what's confusing me. One of the carb bodies has an "extra" port with the remnants of a rubber hose coming off the end of it, and I don't see this port on my 98...
  9. VMax-Mike

    Free no extra charge

    Keep your eye on the cookie. I told them about it tueday night and the girl said the farm up the street is the cause and nothing we can do. I told the manager and she siad she would take care of it. Wednesday i stoped in and did this vidio. I will talk with health department on monday...
  10. D

    Extra fuel filter

    Can I put an extra fuel filter after my fuel pump and before the carb inlet? I think a tiny speck of something has blown out of my fuel pump and clogged my pilot jet in carb #1 (It makes no vacuum until about 2500 rpm). This is extremely frustrating, as I thought things were going to be ok when...
  11. D

    Extra Hardware

    Any only familiar with this extra stuff under my left scoop? Says maxboost on it. Sent from my Galaxy Nexus using Tapatalk
  12. jester 42

    Extra large (tall) leather jacket

    I'm looking for a new extra large leather jacket. No problem finding one of those.............. BUT, I need (extra long) length in the sleeves of the jacket. Any companies you'd suggest I should check out? Jester 42:ummm:
  13. tothemax93

    want some extra money for mods

    Two word "scrap metal". I do road constuction, and when we do bridge demo, there is a tremondous amount of scrap metal. I've been taking in loads of bridge beams, rail and such to the local yard (niagara falls). Right now the price for metal is $200.00 a ton. Some of the loads I took in were...
  14. K

    anyone got any extra stock blinkers that gotta go?

    I know this is the wrong place to post this, but I figured it'd be answered quicker here. I just smashed a bird thru my left front turn signal and wondered if any of ya that have done mods want to get rid of your stock front left signal, or both to keep it simple. I'd be interested...
  15. Firewrench

    Extra vacum port?

    I've got an extra vacum port on the left front carb, over the throttle cable plate, under the vacum chamber cover, points down and back about 45 degrees. No hose for it that I can see. Nothing said about it in the manual. 1985 model. Should I just cap it or what? :ummm: Thanks
  16. Firewrench

    Extra? Part, What is it?

    I don't know where this goes. I've looked all through the manual and find no mention of it. It has no paint so I think it's an internal part but ?????:ummm:
  17. B

    how many of us have an extra engine?

    hello all ,i just wanted to ask how many owners of the vmax has an extra engine laying around?. i for one have an extra engine from a 98 with the rod bearing starting to knock, the previous owner herd the knock and took the bike to the dealer.the service mechanic dropped the pan ,removed the big...
  18. davidon

    Who had extra Turn sig bracket?

    Someone posted a pic of this recently..still got it?
  19. gleno

    How much extra lighting can a V-max handle?

    I know there are some good Sparkies out there that can give me some clues on this topic. Input is greatly appreciated. I have decided to add some extra driving lights to the V-max. Small form factor projector beams are the way I want to go. Two Xenon Gas Discharge Projectors from Hella (55w) or...
  20. D

    Why did I get extra diaphram springs?

    After not riding for about 15 years, I just bought a 2000 Vmax with a Stage One jet kit and a UFO 4-2 Canister exhaust setup. I was given the stock parts and with them I received 4 - 6" long springs that I determined are diaphram springs. Why would I get extras? Are these changed as part of a...