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  1. Joken

    Factory Windshield + 1986 Flywheel and pick ups

    Hi I have a Vmax small windshield for sale and also the flywheel (rotor) and pick ups from a 1986 vmax Windshield = $100 plus shipping and pp fees Rotor and pick ups = best offer, will take pictures if there is any interest
  2. N

    Flywheel Removal Help Please.....

    Hi All, new here, trying to desperately remove the flywheel on my '05 to access the starter-clutch issue. I have tried 3- different HD interior pullers and a hammer and even a torch on the center-shaft collar and NOTHING. I have beat it so hard I am afraid I am going to damage the shaft, any...
  3. D

    Flywheel bolt size 12m 1.25 ??

    I am replacing my starter clutch ..its off but I did not use the cone on the puller and I messed up the first couple of threads on the crank nose and my bolt wouldn't start to thread. I measures the flywheel bolt threads with a gage and i'm sure it is 12m 1.25 is this correct? Also can I...
  4. N

    Flywheel cover won't come off

    Anyone have any tips on getting the left side flywheel cover off of my '91? I've removed all eleven bolts but no luck so far. I'm trying to replace the starter clutch using the instructions found here.
  5. Biker Dash

    Flywheel removal

    I need to know what size wrench I would need for the flywheel. I know the nut is 19mm, but what of the hex portion of the flywheel? It's definitely bigger than 27mm. And the channel locks I got just do not provide the needed leverage or grip.
  6. Toolman

    v Max flywheel

    how can I tell what year Max a flywheel is for?
  7. jagco1

    Stator and flywheel ?

    I had intermittent problem with charge at idle man. I just found the problem my stator wiring at the rubber boot that fits in the motor cover wiring was expose. I had this problem for over a year. Man I went through 4 r/r 3 battery's man changing wiring out to pulling the wiring harness on the...
  8. R

    Flywheel bolt oil wire

    Am fixing the starter clutch on my '90 and when I removed the flywheel bolt the oil wire that was supposed to be there wasn't there. I didn't lose it, it just wasn't there. I would like to replace it but cannot find one anywhere. Anybody know where to get one? Thanks!
  9. B

    Flywheel bolt size

    Anyone know the bolt thread size for the holes in the flywheel? The unused ones so I can attach my puller. Russ
  10. davidon

    Flywheel differences

    What are the differences between the actual flywheels (early vs late models). If i have the early electronics why can't the late model flywheel be used?
  11. motomick76

    Flywheel Ruined?

    So it crappy here in OK and decide to R&R my flywheel as the starter clutch bolts are loose. Upon the flywheel coming off I dropped it and there is a dent on the inside edge of flywheel. Is it ok if the stainless on inside is a bit beat up, or is it shot? Can you replace the Stainless on...
  12. 5

    flywheel bolts broke

    hi guys need some infor, my starter bolts broke and tried to get the stator off but, mangiled it up a bit. so my question is what yamaha motorcycle can i buy a used stator for my 93 1200cc vmax. so I can search on ebay of if anybody has 1 for sale here thx. :ummm:
  13. sdt354

    Flywheel Removal

    I was ready for a fight and brought the heavy artillery. My large lead hammer and turbo torch. I wanted to take the flywheel off of the now trashed crankshaft from the 85. I used my harmonic balance puller and 3 bolts I was lucky to have around. I think the secret is heat, and whacking the bolt...
  14. naughtyG

    Fly wheel puller for Australian Vmaxers

    Well, as promised Steve (jedi) has sent me the community fly wheel puller, which I am now holding and is available on loan to all Australian Vmax forum members. If you need to remove your fly wheel (and all who tried know how much of a SOB that is!) contact me here via PM or email...
  15. C

    Lightening flywheel

    Has anyone lightened a flywheel on their bike and if so how much weight did you remove and how did the motor respond rpm wise? I ve done this on bikes in the past and I know this motor has plenty of low end grunt and mid range power, so I am curious to how it reacted with a lightened...
  16. O

    New Vmax owner - Pulling flywheel ;/

    I bought this vmax last week and started to hear the starter slipping and bag of rocks noise began. I didn't hear this when i bought it. I know the question and subject has been beat to death, but mine won't budge. I rented the Harmonic puller from advance and used thick, strong washers. I got...
  17. Miles Long

    Flywheel sleeve - flywheel puller

    First off, this is a previous question of mine - Starter clutch bolts - tack welding? I may have to replace my stator - I'm going thru all the fault finding processes currently - but for now I have no questions about that procedure. My question is about the...
  18. L

    Flywheel puller

    Hi, So I've decided its time to tackle the can of bolts problem which has started to present itself on my 92 Max with 18k on the clock by pulling the flywheel and retightening, lockseal and peen the starter clutch bolts. The bike is only able to be started now by cracking the throttle during...
  19. alorio1

    Is my flywheel normal ??

    Besides the dirt and rust on flywheel, I have a gap between inner circle of magnets. This came off a 85 Vmax which had an engine failure. Is this normal ?
  20. 3

    Flywheel removal

    I recently found myself having to pull the flywheel off my 86 Vmax so I thought I should share my experience with other members who've never done that job. After breaking my generic harmonic balancer puller I used a 7 ton capacity 3-jaw puller to finally get it off. I've never came so close to...