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  1. PresaCan

    Gurued 2017 VMAX Finally Complete

    I am so happy that a member “Itgoes” connected me with Tim Nash (GURUEDGEAR). Anyone contemplating doing the reflash through Mr. Nash, DO IT. My VMAX now is like a new machine with gobs of power added. Starting October of 2018 we (my mechanic, shop owners and Tim) worked together modifying my...
  2. cwkerr007

    kerker or hindle exhaust

    i have a 97 looking for a full system have supertrapp slip ons dont care for them if you run the baffle it blows right on your shocks and brake i cant believe they sell it like that
  3. M

    Hindle Competition

    I've been searching high and low for a Hindle Competition pipe, they quit making them sometime ago. Anyone know of someone that might have one or willing to part with? It says Hindle on the pipe and right below it says competition. The sound to me doesn't sound like any of the hindles today.
  4. liptoss

    Anyone using a Hindle?

    Wondering if anyone can give me a suggestion or two, so I know I'm on the right track. I bought a Hindle set up about 4 years back, with an 18" Carbon Fibre with stealth baffle, and a 14" Carbon Fibre Super Sport baffle, both with the now discontinued spigot tip. I also purchased a DynoJet...
  5. T

    Corrosion on front Hindle pipes

    I have a 4 into 1 Hindle. The front two pipes even though they looked like originaly coted are starting to corrode, Also some back near the aluminum muffler. Can these be recoated?
  6. D

    Seal on Hindle Rear Pipes

    So things are going way better with my screwy bike. Now I'm just trying to figure out how to get the stupid rear pipes on this Hindle 4-1 to seal. This is not a small leak we're talking about here. It's actually blowing the weird exhaust tape around that I put on them to try to seal it up...
  7. D

    Hindle install #$%!?

    I gave up for the night, but is there some trick to getting this old hindle pipe on? The rears are super easy, then the fronts are impossible... Or the fronts are OK and the rears are impossible. Everything is loose, and no springs are on. What am I missing?
  8. D

    Hindle with everything else stock?

    So I'm (probably) trying to pick up the hindle that's in the for sale section because it's cheap and close. I've been reading the stock carb setup thread looking and have seen lots of you have Sean's jet kit/airbox mod with a hindle. Is it reasonable to run a hindle 4-1 with stock carbs and some...
  9. B

    Hindle can

    I have a Hindle old style big pipe, I took the can off to look at repacking it. Has anyone done one of these? No rivets on this one, looks like I might have to go from one end inside and try and drive one of the caps off.:ummm: If anything the end in the second picture would maybe pop off.
  10. Saint

    Hindle evolution

    So I've been running a full hindle system I picked up used for the summer. I like the deep rumble at idle and low rpm, however, it seems to get a bit raspy at 5k rpm and up. I haven't run into any other vmaxes so I can only compare to my stock setup before. Could it just be the packing has worn...
  11. Warp12

    - Hindle Header Types? -

    Hindle lists two different headers. One is a "race" header, the other is not. Both seem to be 4/1 designs. One allows for the high pipe, one does not. My question is, does anyone know the differences in header design? Any pics? I did do a forum search, but did not find the information. Any...
  12. T

    Different slip-on for Hindle 4-1

    What options do I have available? I have an 86 with a Hindle 4-1 with a plain looking aluminum(maybe ti??) can. I will be keeping the 4-1 full system but would like a better looking can. It looks like the first place to separate is at the collector. ?? This is not my bike but the system is...
  13. midmoraider

    Hindle 4-1 value?

    Hey all, I am thinking about getting a Mark's 4-2 exhaust. I currently have a hindle 4-1 titanium can exhaust that the po put on. It's about 4-5 years old and in good shape, although the pipes could stand to be polished. What is the hindle worth? Thanks. You can see the exhaust in my album.
  14. dlcrays

    hindle exhaust

    If anyone has some photos of a gen 1 - hindle 4 into 2 exhaust off the cycle or in some manner that shows the rear cylinder tubes please send them to Darren at [email protected] thanks!
  15. 3

    Hindle exhaust system

    I just bought a '86 with a Hindle 4 into 1 exhaust system on it and I was wondering if anybody else a set-up like that and what tuning it took if any to get the most outta it. It sounds great but I had to address a segment problem so I havn't been able to ride it and the guy I bought it from...
  16. ghostntheshell

    Is this the elusive BIG PIPE hindle?

    OK. My friends dad has two max's. An 87 and an 85. Long story short, the 85 used to belong to a buddy of his. Through whatever events transpired, he now owns it... When I was looking to buy a Vmax, I took a look at his 85 - as he plans on selling it. It has a NOS set up on it, drag bars, a...
  17. ghostntheshell

    marks 4-2 exhaust vs hindle 4-2-1

    Hey there guys. Got a question. Not sure if I will have the definitive answer I'm looking for: Which exhaust will provide the most power. I know this is a classic exhaust question and will boil down to a lot of different opinions. I would prefer an answer backed by dyno. I think I recall a...
  18. MDoe8

    Trade my full hindle for your full system?

    I'm looking to get rid of my full Hindle 4-1 for something different, Marks dual exhaust preferably. I'm really looking for a different sound, something more big blockish. The Hindle sounds great, makes great power, and is very lightweight, just isn't my style. It also utilizes the stock...
  19. ghostntheshell

    Motorcycle jack w/ low hindle...

    Just thought of something... I have the Hindle pipes and they sit rather low. Is this going to affect jacking up the bike on the motorcycle jack?? ________ mary jane
  20. ghostntheshell

    Removed my Hindle today...

    Well. I removed my hindle today. Started with the front two pieces. Very easy. The rear? Not too bad - but the rear left was diffucult. Took a lot of manipulation and a little bit of cursing :P I was going to sand it down and re-coat it myself with a spray bomb (I know everyone says it'll just...