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  1. Mag6

    Installing tall touring windshield

    I am having trouble properly installing the tall touring windshield from Poland (no jokes;). Has anyone installed one of these? The screws for the top two brackets don’t quite seem to reach into side of the speedometer. ??
  2. J

    Fatmax belly pan install.

  3. Hijinx1812

    WR rearset install manual

    Hey guys, Does anyone have or have access to a pdf of the wr rearset install manual? I want to install them but don’t know what size bolts and spacers go where! Thanks
  4. J

    progressive springs on bike install

    Thank you Sean for the help... tools: pvc saw long wire w/ hook(coat hanger) ATF DEX 3 1qt large Hypo for suction oil fork oil. 22 mm socket jack stands jack wood block funnel lots of towels(for me...I got messy) ratchet strap info: OEM fluid level while compressed: 6.5 inches from top new...
  5. V-Four

    Questions - Progressive fork spring install- please

    Hi gang..couple questions bout the progressive fork spring install (1" lower.) Watches the Morley vids several times and plan to follow it. Im 'relatively ' mechanically inclined..yet still , im having trouble wrapping my head around how they actually work. Im hearing talk of adding...
  6. Regular Guy

    New Rectifier/Regualtor Install

    I didn't want to hijack Shawn's thread about Starter relay relocating and his install of his R/R so I decided to make my own thread. I opted to press the easy button and just put my new R/R under the back part of the seat where the little tool pouch would go if I had one. I just seemed easier...
  7. D-Max2012

    Stock Muffler removal / Install

    Does anyone know of a video on removal / replacement of the stock muffler system, or is it one of those things that's so basic, no video is needed?? There are plenty of videos out there on replaced mufflers, and its new sound..
  8. dmax1

    kuryakyn iso grip install

    I have just purchased the iso style grips. I was reading the installation procedure when it said to use the glue included to install them. Really! Do you really need the glue to hold these grips on :ummm: What if you ever have to take them off. Any other grip I have put on I have never had to...
  9. maleko89

    Lower steering bearing install

    What does everyone used to install the bearing on the steering shaft? I was thinking about getting some pipe but I'm open to suggestions. Cheers. Sent from my SM-G920P using Tapatalk
  10. DJ89MAX

    Progressive rear shocks purchase & install

    Purchased a set of the 412 series Progressive HD shocks to lower the rear end an inch and level out the bike since the front end had the Furber Fix done on the front years ago. They look decent. Gonna test run it tomorrow.
  11. HyperPete

    Itching to install my new exhaust - Question(s)

    Greetings! I already know the correct way to do this, but I'd like input on the INCORRECT way. I just received my new to me Kerker 4-2-1 exhaust for my '99. I am itching to install it BEFORE I get the jets for it. I have an untrimmed K&N filter in the stock airbox. The previous owner...
  12. Vincent Maxwell Ribaldry

    UFO 4-2 slash cut install questions.

    Just got a used 4-2, UFO slash cut system . Besides keeping everything loose while installing it, is their anything else I need to do that isn't obvious. Haven't taken the stock headers off yet. Bike doesn't have a center stand. Do I lose the stock heat shields when reassembling? Came with...
  13. fmcandrew

    Holeshot install question

    Hey guys...was installing my new to me (used) holeshot exhaust and it appears that the stock header flange bolts might be too short. I say might because when I look at the pics on the Holeshot Performance site it appears that the stock bolts are used and that the flanges don't even come close...
  14. D

    Hindle install #$%!?

    I gave up for the night, but is there some trick to getting this old hindle pipe on? The rears are super easy, then the fronts are impossible... Or the fronts are OK and the rears are impossible. Everything is loose, and no springs are on. What am I missing?
  15. leecifer

    progressive spring install then fork seal leaking

    Hi I have a fork seal leak after I installed progressive springs and was wondering if I did something wrong or if just a coincidence? I pulled forks out completely so I could measure the fork oil but did not change the synthetic power steering fluid I was using for fork oil. I measured down from...
  16. you2low

    Voodoo Exhaust Install and Changes

    Ok so I ordered the Voodoo system for my Gen2 last week I already had the cat eliminator pipes on it with stock mufflers But For $399 what the hell lets try it out.. the voodoo system eliminates the converter and gives you dual mufflers its made pretty good all the welds all look good and the...
  17. AEmedic

    Carb Install - Seating?

    I am re-installing my carbs and I guess I didn't pay close enough attention when I took them off. When I am seating the carbs, how far do they need to be inserted in the intake boots to be fully seated? When I look under the carbs there appears to be a gap between the main carb body and the top...
  18. R

    Fuel level gauge / indicator. How to install?

    Hi, My fuel reserve light doesn't work. (The bulb works, it turns on and then off when I start the bike). But many times I'm running empty without even knowing. So, I would love to get one of these installed on my vmax. A fuel level gauge/indicator...
  19. J

    Keep on Blowing Fuses with D/Lights Install

    Howide, I am trying to inststal some Kury Silver Bullets. They have one power wire coming out of it. Grounded thru the metal housing. I am mounting them on the Forks. I keep on blowing fuses. Has anyone been down this road? Or any advice would be highly helpful. Jack
  20. texas-ss-tornado

    Problem with idle after Factory Pro install

    Just put a Factory Pro stage 1 jet kit on my VMAX, 4 into 1 Kerker, I went with the 152.5 mains, needles 2 clicks from the top. Throttle response is good, are these the correct settings?