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  1. Fire-medic

    Esquire magazine: Clint and Scott Eastwood

    No great Truths of Life revealed here, but an interesting and good read just the same. It's obvious from how they relate to each other that they love each other, and saying that about two men, when one of them is Clint Eastwood, is to be expected, as they're father and son...
  2. vmax2extreme

    Vboost magazine revival?

    THE VMOA WANTS TO HEAR FROM YOU!!! TO VBOOST OR NOT TO VBOOST? Many people have expressed interests in the VBOOST magazine. We would like to hear from YOU, the vmax owners, if you would have interests of bringing the VBOOST magazine back alive as an online readers edition for a...
  3. DMAN999

    30 Years of the Vmax Magazine Article

    Motorcycle Sport & Leisure 30 Years of Vmax article: Mirror link:
  4. Miles Long

    New magazine!

  5. 1st Shirt Maxer

    Article in Rider magazine

    So, I just read an article in rider magazine where they compare a 2014 vmax to a Ducati diavalle. The only bad thing they had to say about the Gen 2 is the terrible gas mileage it gets. I love my 2001 but if I can swing it, I will own a gen 2 after I return stateside. I mean 178 hp at the wheels...
  6. you2low

    Magazine Article comparing the Vmax,Busa,B-king,,etc

    took this from the starvmax site being trying to find the article online or the magazine .. So I recently bought an issue of RAPID magazine and found an article featuring the VMAX, BMW K1300, Honda VFR 1200, Suzuki B-King, Hayabusa, and FJR 1300. The idea was to go on a 666km journey and back...
  7. tothemax93

    Cool magazine

    I've had this magazine since 1987. I've lost a few times in moves, and such, but I recently found it again. It features The 85 zl 900 which I owned at the time. They have an 85 buyers guide, and A few articles on the "new" Vmax. By far my favorite magazine. This magazine would fit nicely with...
  8. alorio1

    65 years of Hot Rod Magazine
  9. vmax2extreme

    VBOOST Magazine Online

    I have made available the 7 latest VBOOST Magazines online at our website. Free free to come and enjoy the readings....
  10. W

    Final Edition OF the VBoost Magazine

    To all members of the VMOA and friends; In line with the decision of the board of directors that the summer, 2013, edition of the VBoost Magazine will be digital and the last issue published, I thought I would give you all an opportunity to have your last word, a farewell if you will. I have...
  11. W

    Summer 2013 VBoost Magazine

    21 Days until the submission deadline for the summer edition.... that does not mean you have to wait 21 days to submit an article and photos... it just means you have up to July 15th, 2013 to send in your article! For those of you who attended "Thunder In The Valley" you have plenty of time to...
  12. W

    Summer 2013 VBoost Magazine

    As editor of the VBoost Magazine I would like to announce that the Officers of the VMOA have given their permission to once again open up the submission of articles to ALL VMax owners! The submission deadline for the summer 2013 edition is July 15th. As stated All VMax owners can submit...
  13. vmax2extreme

    VBOOST MAGAZINE Open to public?

    Please take a minute to read this forum thread linked below and preview the VBoost Magazine for free. We need your thoughts after reading: Many thanks for your assistance..
  14. Fire-medic

    Esquire magazine and the American auto industry

    I just got my Oct. copy of Esquire. I've been reading it for nearly 50 years, hey, I had 3 older brothers, and a father who like to read, too! I am approaching SS age, still got about a half-dozen to go... . I've been reading "Car and Driver" since it was called "Sports Cars Illustrated," the...
  15. iatrosb

    Motorcyclist magazine Vmax vs diavel

    FYI...The new issue (November issue) of motorcyclist magazine has a gen 2 max vs the diavel in a head to head comparison.
  16. Fire-medic

    classic mcy magazine article

    Yesterday I decided to pull-out an old magazine I haven't read in probably close to 25 years. It is a 'special' publication to me because it has two of my current bukes in it. It's "bike," a U.K. publication from Feb. 1987. The feature article is about the recently-released 1987 FZR 1000...
  17. Blackjack

    Motorcycle Magazine Advice???

    I currently do not subscribe to any bike magazines, so I wanted to know if there is any recommendation that is popular to this forum for consideration. :confused2:
  18. Nobody

    V-boost magazine

    :th_flipthebird: I just burned my new V-BOOST MAGAZINE, What crap!
  19. 4gasem

    Stuff for Nathan (4WARND)

    Hey Guys, As some of you know a good friend of mine and former member here has been stricken down with a brain tumor and is having a tough go at it. I have a CRAP ton of bike and car magazines and am hoping to find some more from all of you great people to send to him. See this thread for...
  20. Ridin Dirty

    When will first magazine covers appear?

    And what will the headlines say. I'm thinking the headlines will say something like "Holy crap!" I can't wait to get the first reviews.