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  1. N

    Air Leak? Inlet Manifold

    Hi guys, I've been going over the Max recently, trying to get it running right... It was running great a few weeks ago after doing the shotgun, then a week later decided it didn't want to play, so checked all electric connections, coils etc and all good. I have a decent idle now BUT the revs...
  2. G

    Chrome Carb Inlet Manifold Cover

    What is correct sized tool for removing Carb Inlet Manifold Cover screws ?
  3. P

    oil coming out of my back left inlet manifold

    Right guys need help :ummm: i have been doing winter maintenance/ paint job i was splitting the inlet off my bike and oil started to weep from the back left outer bolt on the manifold is this normal ?
  4. dannymax

    WTB Intake Manifold Chrome 'H''s

    Need both sides
  5. C

    Can't align front downpipes back on the manifold

    Hi all, I've bought a fantastic 98 Vmax that had some nice looking, but too loud for my taste, aftermarket exhaust pipes. I've replaced these for the stock exhaust, but in order to do so, I have also remove the front downpipes. Now everything is back together, but I can't quite get a tight...
  6. V

    Manifold Cover Screws

    Hey guys, I was wondering if you could tell me the OEM Yamaha part number on the screws that hold the intake manifold covers on? I need to sync my carbs and two of the scews are on so tight I am going to ruin them to get them off and I'd like to have some new ones on hand. Thanks fellas
  7. dekberg

    Intake Manifold bolt question.

    Had to take the intake manifold off to replace the rubber boots that connect them. As some of you may know there is two different bolt sizes that attach the manifolds to the engine. Well, pretty sure the guy that owned the bike before me botched the bolt placement. (only had one short bolt out...
  8. ninjaneer

    How To: V-Boost Intake Manifold Assembly Remove/Install

    As part of my crankcase breather housing job, I had to remove the carburetors and V-Boost intake manifold assembly (VIMA). I found what I needed as far as removing the carb rack on the forum, but as far as I could tell, the forum lacked a How-To for removing the VIMA. So here goes: First...
  9. dannymax

    Intake manifold bolt--torque spec

    I can't find this torque spec anywhere....does anyone know what it is? Thanks
  10. Diablotin

    Manifold rubbers replacement

    I got a set from PinWall Cycle Parts a month ago. They did look pretty good at first, better than the current ones. After mounting them I noticed an issue while synchronizing and setting up the carbs. After removing the carbs I noticed they were now cracked. So back to the old one which I...
  11. rebar

    4 barrel manifold setup

    Anyone have input on this set up? Having a round air cleaner between your knees would look good imo.
  12. pumacorp

    ufo vgas carbs need manifold gaskets and throttle cables

    Anyone know where I can get the manifold gaskets and the throttle cables other than from UFO???
  13. K

    Oil in vboost manifold bolt holes.

    Is it normal for oil to come out of the vboost manifold bolt holes? I had the max on the center stand and replaced the rubber boots on the vboost. When I took the vboost manifolds off, oil oozed out of the outer bolt holes on the left front cylynder and the right rear cylinder. I saw what...
  14. gunrunner

    Removing H manifold covers

    I went to balance my carbs 1st time since ive had it and right side H manifold covers no prob removing but the left side is like they are glued . What would be the easiest way , have tried pliers and no luck ?:ummm:
  15. luv2ride

    Intake Manifold bolts have oil on them

    I've been chasin odd carburetor issues and ordered new rubbers (all new boots as they are cracked) and o-rings (under the intake manifolds) and noticed oil coming out of the intake bolt holes. Most of them are minimal and some not at all BUT the right rear upper is full of oil. When I wipe it...
  16. 1

    carb meet manifold / oily intake boots

    both rear rubber boots where carbs connect to manifold seem to be damp with oil cant see oil anywhere else except for on the clamps holding boots on...just cleaned out the breather catch incase that had anything to do with it....any ideas ...can cracked boot cause this problem...if you want...
  17. gleno

    Replacing Rubber manifold joints on carbs and V-boost

    Over time the rubber tubes that hold the carbs and V-boost together and form part of the inlet manifolds age, crack and leak air. Yamaha originals are expensive but there does not seem to be anything remarkable about this tubing. No special fittings or fixtures With the variety of after-market...
  18. vmaxinID

    Intake Manifold

    As I am about to attach the intake manifold I have noticed two of the holes in the engine are weeping oil, front left and rear right. Are these the only two holes I need to seal up or do I need to do all six?